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Non-League Clubs
Note that this page is no longer being updated. Links were accurate on the date reviewed, but may not be online any longer, or may have been superseded by newer websites. No responsibilty is taken by Ciderspace, follow the links at your own risk.

Accrington Stanley; Aldershot Town; Burton Albion; Cambridge United; Dagenham & Redbridge; Exeter City; Farnborough Town; Forest Green Rovers; Gravesend & Northfleet; Halifax Town; Hereford United; Leigh RMI; Margate; Morecambe; Northwich Victoria; Scarborough; Stevenage Borough; Tamworth; Telford United; Woking; York City

Accrington Stanley

Accrington Stanley Official
Neat, tidy and informative official site that takes care of the business in an unobtrusive kind of way. Looks to be regularly updated and puts many bigger club's official sites to shame. Includes a register-to-post forum. RECOMMENDED.

Accrington Stanley Mad
Better than your average MAD site inasmuch that it looks like it's being updated by a supporter of the team in question, which always helps (but doesn't always happen!). Still a MAD site when all's said and done though.
'An Accrington Stanley Photographic Album' it says on the homepage - and that is exactly what this site is, with photos from matches over the last couple of seasons.

Accrington Stanley History
As the name suggests, a website dedicated to the history of ASFC, concentrating in particular on the former Football League version of the club which went out of existence in 1962.

[JM 7-5-03]

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Aldershot Town

Aldershot Town Official
Aldershot's official website looks good superficially - but hasn't been updated since March '03 at the time of writing. Tut-tut.

This is much more like it. Slick, well-designed unofficial site packed full of good content. In contrast to the official site, this non-Shot will be returning off and on to visit. RECOMMENDED.

Aldershot FC (1926-1992)
Archive site concentrating on the Shots previous life as a Football League club. Worth a browse, especially if you're interested in the Shots previous life as a Football League club. Why am I repeating myself? I said, why am I repeating myself?

The Borg Pitch Project
Fanzine-style unofficial site, updated intermittently. Well, not updated at all since the Devil Borg got the boot.
Tribute site to the legend that is Shot fullback Jason Chewins. No, I've never heard of him either.

[JM 07-5-03]

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Official Barnet FC Website
PTV site which means you have to register to look at anything - we didn't bother.

Barnet Football Club Supporters' Association
Well put together site for the - guess who? - BFC Supporters Association. Updated regularly with news and views, plus a history of the club and info on the Supporters Association.

Barnet FC History
Site dedicated to the history of BFC, as is obvious from the title. Duh!

Barnet Fan Club of Norway
What is it about obscure English football clubs that attracts such devotion from our Scandinavian friends? I mean, are there 'Trondheim FC Fan Club of England' websites around? I somehow doubt it.....

Barnet Mad
The Bees very own MAD site and they're welcome to it.
The owner stopped updating this site in September 2001. It is still available as an archive, and the forum is still open though little used now.

BFC Unofficial
At the time of writing consists of one page with the following message: "This website has been taken offline but will be relanched [sic] in the coming days, sorry for any inconvinence [sic] this may have caused." Hey, no worries!

The Conference
Barnet fan-site masquerading as a general Conference site but you can't pull the wool over our eyes. Sorry, I'm trying not to mention sheep or their by-products, bah. A basic Barnet site then, but as it contains an mp3 of Led Zeppelin doing 'Sick Again' (amongst others) it gets a very definite RECOMMENDED (from me if no-one else).

[JM 7-5-03]

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Burton Albion

Brewers Net
As good as most unofficial websites get. Contains all the usual news, views and info you would want, and leaves the stats, match reports and player profiles for the official site. Features the excellent Burton Pub Guide and a message board. A few years ago produced an indispensible Rough Guide to the DML - any chance of a similar guide to the Conference fellas? All this and the webmaster, Mootch, is a Hawkwind fan! RECOMMENDED.

Burton Albion Official
Newish official site, does all those things that the longer established Brewers Net doesn't do and does them well.

Clough The Magic Dragon
The Burton fanzine gets an online presence via the MAD stable of sites.

Burton Albion Supporters Online
Website detailing the activities of the BUFC suporters team. Pop-up hell - you have been warned.

[JM 7-5-03]

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Cambridge United

Cambridge United Official
PTV site, registration required.
[JM 12-7-04]

Cambridge's site. News stories seem fairly up to date and topical but most other articles seem to date from a couple of seasons ago. Ah, isn't it ever thus?
[JM 12-7-04]

Cambridge Fans United
Online vehicle for the CUFC Supporters Trust. Includes news, reports and opinion as well as detailing the Trust's activities. Worth a browse.
[JM 12-7-04]

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Dagenham and Redbridge

Dagenham & Redbridge F.C. - The unofficial site
Used to be THE Daggers site, but has fallen into disuse now. Shame, but is still worth a browse for anyone interested in the Daggers in particular or has a love of football in general.

Dagenham & Redbridge Official
Neat and tidy official site with all the info one would expect or require.
That rare thing - a non-league site that's still running. That rarer thing still - a site that's worth visiting.

Dagenham & Redbridge Mad
Standard MAD site. Crap.

[JM 11-5-03]

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Exeter City

Exeter City Official
Standard PTV site - you have to register to access anything, we didn't bother.

Excellent independent site, packed with good content. Includes registration-only forum. THE Exeter website. RECOMMENDED

ECFC Supporters' Trust
As it says in the title, the Independent Supporters Trust website - looks destined to become an important bookmark in Exeter supporters favourites list.

Exeter Exiles
Originally set up for London-based Grecians, now claims the, er, entire world as it's base. Cant fault the ambition.
Typical fare, regularly updated.

Exeter City Mad
MAD site, you know what to expect.

[JM 11-5-03]

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Farnborough Town

Farnborough Town on the Web
The original FTFC website, begun in 1998, is still with us - features include a useful visitor's guide to Farnborough plus a widely used message board. Match reports are incorporated onto the news page, so be prepared to do some scrolling to find the one you want... Aside from that this is a topical site, updated regularly and well worth a visit.

Farnborough Town Official Website
'The club with the right attitude' says the banner at the top, except when it comes to updating its own website apparently as the smiling face of Graham Westley proves. There's nothing happening here, look away.

PTW... etc is a 9-letter acronym for 'Probably The Worst Farnborough Town Website In The World'. Should be done under the false advertising laws then, as clearly that accolade goes to the former Westley Advertiser, a.k.a. the Official Site. Appears to have run out of steam last March.

Farnborough Town Heaven
Another basic fan site, appears to have stopped updating from April 2001.

Panther Studio
Fan site with photos from what appear to be most of Farnborough's games. Anti-Westley, so obviously alright with us!

Not to be confused with the footy.mad sites of similar name, this is one of those 'build your own website in 10,000 easy steps' efforts. It's very flashy and crashed my version of IE6 twice in ten minutes.

Boro View
This basic fan site is yin to FTFC Mad's yan - as plain and simple as FTFC Mad is flashy and complicated.

[JM 11-5-03]

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Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green online
The official FGR site brought to you via Brewersnet. All the info you would expect from an official site and more - puts many bigger club's official sites to shame in fact. RECOMMENDED.

Forest Green
Excellent independent site, the bastard offspring of the merger of two very good FGR sites, 'On Top Of The Mountain' and 'Paranormal In The West Country'. Currently undergoing a makeover for the summer but is certain to be RECOMMENDED.

The Badger's Sett
Quirky site run by a fat bloke called Badger. As if! Doesn't seem to have been updated for ages unfortunately. Put it this way: Kiderminster [sic] and Altringham [sic] are still listed as Conference clubs.

Forest Green Rovers Mad
One of the MAD stable. Say no more.

[JM 11-05-03]

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Gravesend and Northfleet

The Fleet
Official site, with all the usual info and stats one would expect. Includes a fans forum. If you to find want a Gravesend website, then this is all there is.
[JM 11-5-03]

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Halifax Town

Halifax Town FC Official Website
PTV site. Shay babes or no Shay babes, we didn't bother registering.

Halifax Town Supporters Trust
As the name implies, the website for the HTFC Supporters Trust. Worth a visit despite the lack of babes on the site.

Halifax Town Disabled Supporters Club
Info for disabled fans going to The Shay.

Halifax Town Mad
From the MAD stable, appears to be regularly updated. No babes.
Halifax's site. No babes, now defunct
A site. No babes, now defunct

Shaymen Online
As this time last year, no content there when visited

[JM 11-5-03]

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Hereford United

The Official Hereford Utd Website
The flashy Java menu looks cool at first but soon begins to annoy rather than assist. All in all there's rather too much content that's out-of-date or simply not available.

Stat-driven unofficial site.

Hereford United On-Line
Gateway site pointing to the Independent Supporters Association, Hereford Lottery, Official Site, and last but not least the Talking Bull fanzine.
News, views and stats. All in all the best Hereford site online at the moment.

This Is Hereford United Football Club
New unofficial site brought to you courtesy of the Hereford Times. As you'd expect contains items from the newspaper relating to the club, including match reports and news.

Bulls Online Supporters Association
Website of BOLSA, formed to raise money for the cash-strapped club.

[JM 11-5-03]

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Leigh RMI

Leigh RMI Official Railwaymen
A rare thing - a site that's part of the MAD network that's also the club in question's official site. Given the limitations imposed by the format it does a decent enough job for the Leythers fans.

Unoficial RMI Online
Part of the sportsnetwork stable, updated regularly.

Leigh RMI On The Web
Nice looking unofficial site, not been updated for over a year.

Leigh RMI FC
Basic fan site, not updated anytime recently.

[JM 11-5-02]

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Official Margate FC Website
Visually impressive site, chock-a-block with stats and info. Thoroughly RECOMMENDED.

Unofficial Margate FC Website
Margate's original independent site. Still very much worth a visit, but just starting to suffer in comparison with the new improved official site these days.

Jeff Trice's Margate FC History Website
The ambition of the site is to provide details of every player to turn out for Margate since the 1950s. Also features things like old Margate programmes for sale, quizes of a Gateish nature, and so on.

Margate Mad
Standard MAD site. Crap.

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Morecambe FC Official Website
A basic official site with basic information but there's not a great deal here to persuade the casual visitor to return, though I daresay Shrimps fans will find reasons to visit.

More Morecambe F.C.
Keith Fitton's site is defunct now except for the main Morecambe forum and the rather good prediction competition.

More Footy - A Morecambe FC Supporter's Site
The site is now mainly a vehicle for photos and some video clips from MFC's matches.

Official Morecambe Supporters Club
More photos, not too much in the way of info if we're going to be critical.

Derbyshire Reds Homepage
Still essential reading for all Derbyshire-based Morecambe fans, which will be a lot of people, obviously. What makes this site different is the betting section, concentrating on Conference football only. Worth a look if you like a punt, whatever your team. The site has also become the new home for the Gazzetta De La Shrimp fanzine's online presence.

One of the stable which means in looks it's similar to sites, and yes, this is a bad thing. On the plus side it's evident the site owner is a genuine fan which does help.

Christies Reds
Tidy unofficial site with basic info therein.

[JM 11-5-03]

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Northwich Victoria

Northwich Victoria F.C.
Tidy, understated, but easily navigable official website - the chances are that if you want to find some specific info on the Vic's you'll find it here and with the minimum of fuss. Includes most of what you would expect from an official site except for online sales, but includes a fans forum. Includes extracts from the excellent Drill Fielder magazine and the equally excellent Pub 'n' Grub Guide to Northwich. RECOMMENDED

The Drill Field Den
This site has closed down - which is a pity because we liked it. The guide to good beer in the area has been moved to the Official Site (above), so all is not lost.

Vics Mad
Standard MAD site.

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Scarborough FC Official
Scarborough's official site is back online after something of a chequered recent history. Offers news, match reports, an online shop as well as the usual player profiles, stats etc. In the recent past this site has tended to have been updated intermittently at best, not at all at worst - it remains to be seen if it's current activity will be maintained.

The Surfing Seadog
After a long break, the site is now being updated regularly again with basic info. Also hosts the main Scarborough forum.

Scarborough FC Supporters Group, Stockholm
Obligatory Scandinavian supporters website, boasting 4 full members of the SFCSG. Unless you're one of those members or one of the 4 honarary members, or the 2 associate members, then this website won't hold a great deal to interest you.

Seadogs Online
Better than average MAD site.

Boro Banter
Newish fan site, not updated since the beginning of the '02-'03 season.

No Battle No Victory
Unofficial site with basic info, not updated since Feb '03.

[JM 11-5-03]

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Shrewsbury Town

Shrewsbury Town Official
PTV site, you have to register to enter so we didn't bother.

Shrewsbury's site - one of the better examples of the genre, includes Shrewsbury ISA pages. Traditionally most rivals sites seem to fall by the wayside when the club concerned drops out of the league - time will tell as to whether this one and Exeter's equivalent do the the same.

Shrewsbury Town Mad
Typical MAD site.

Shrews Online
Good looking independent site with lots of good info, unfortunately not updated since August '02.

Swedish Branch
Scandinavian Shrews supporters site. Splendid.

[JM 11-5-03]

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Stevenage Borough

Stevenage Borough Official
The official Boro site has been tidied up and is much better for it. Spurious sections have been junked, links going where they shouldn't go removed and neglected sections updated. As usual the news service is kept updated regularly and match reports are of a good standard, and as usual there are no links whatsoever to other Conference websites. Club shop pages are promised.

New independent site with all the features the Boro fan could possibly want. Could do with being a little more critical of events at Broadmoor Way and a little less verging on the sycophantic and they will need to keep a beady eye on Fuhrer Westley's activities, but otherwise it's RECOMMENDED.

Stevenage Borough web pages
Three websites for the price of one:
First up is 'Boing Boing Boro Boro', the online version of the Boro fanzine of the same name; followed by 'The Unendorsed Stevenage Borough Website', a mainly photo-based site which has now stopped being updated, the photos in question going directly on to the official site; thirdly 'DRWR' which feature profiles on some well-known (in Stevenage, presumably) Boro fans.

Unofficial fan site, not updated since July 2001.

[JM 11-5-03]

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Tamworth FC Official
Neat, understated official site which does the business and what more do you want than that?

Four Bleats To The Baah!
Online vehicle for the fanzine of the same name. The webmaster is threatening to close the site unless more help transpires and because of his "personal dislike of the Conference"...!

[JM 11-5-03]

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Telford United

Independent TUFC Website
Visually impressive unofficial site. Easy to navigate, the site is updated regularly though some of it's content would seem more suited to an official site (not meant as a criticism!). Someone's got to do it seeing as the official site has disappeared off the face of the earth.

Die Hard Telford Fans
A single page website at present, but who knows what mighty oaks from little acorns grow? Eh?

[JM 11-5-03]

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Cardsweb - The Independent Woking FC Site
Excellent independent site, with all the features one would want from an independent site. Written by fans for fans it says on the front - and this time the boast is true. The standards that most other unofficial sites aspire to are found here. RECOMMENDED.

Woking FC Official Website
One of the better official Conference websites these days. Regularly updated, the site contains all one would expect on an official website including an online club shop.

KRE On The Net
Basic fan site, recently had a makeover. Some sections still being upgraded.

Woking FC Zone
Unofficial fan site, updated whenever school field trips allow.
[JM 01-06-02]

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York City

York City Official
PTV site, registration required to view.

Red and Blue Net
Looks the dogs whatsits, but unfortunately hasn't been updated for over a season. Still some good archived material here to browse.

York City Supporters Trust
Neat, easily navigable website. All the info Supporters Trust members will need is found here.
Fairly typical site. Regularly updated.

York City South
Website dedicated to exiled fans in London and the south - irregularly updated.

Ruth's York City Photo Diary
Site with a simple brief, namely to provide photos and reports from every one of York's games and nothing else. It's simple and it's effective.

Ginner's Left Foot
Online site of the independent fanzine Ginners Left Foot. Who is/was Ginner anyway? Go here to find out (probably).

[JM 14-8-03]

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