Gravesend vs Yeovil Town
Nationwide Conference

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Venue: Stonebridge Road
Sat 4th January 2003, 3pm kick-off.


Nationwide Conference :
Gravesend and Northfleet 2-4 Yeovil Town

Att: 1,404

Referee: Mr A Marriner (Coventry)

Yeovil: Gavin Williams (78 mins, foul)
Gravesend: None

Line up : (3-4-1-2)

1. Chris Weale

2. Adam Lockwood

26. Jimmy Aggrey

5. Colin Pluck

10. Nick Crittenden

6. Darren Way

8. Lee Johnson

11. Michael McIndoe

20. Gavin Williams

25. Kirk Jackson

16. Andy Lindegaard

Substitutes: 14. Roy O'Brien (sub 90 for Kirk Jackson), 17. Tom White, 18. Kim Grant, 22. Steven Collis, 24. Abdelhalim El Kholti (sub 65 for Colin Pluck)

Gravesend and Northfleet: 12. Paul Wilkerson 2. Matt Lee 4. Nick Burton 9. Craig Wilkins 3. Justin Skinner 5. Aaron Barnett 17. Jimmy Strouts 15. Danny Lye 11. Jimmy Jackson 18. Liam Hatch 25. Louie Evans
Subs : 1. Jamie Turner (GK) 21. Jamie Coyle (sub 2 mins for Nick Burton) 8. Robert Owen 24. Tostao Kwashi (sub 59 mins for Matt Lee) 26. Kevin Budge (sub 46 mins for Danny Lye)

Scorers: Jimmy Jackson (1 min, 1-0), Kirk Jackson (13 mins, 1-1), Andy Lindegaard (35 mins, 1-2), Andy Lindegaard (57 mins, 1-3), Kevin Budge (62 mins, 2-3), Andy Lindegaard (90 mins, 2-4)

Report coming soon.

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