Restructure Option D

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Details of Proposals for Restructure
Proposal D

Proposal D A Three-feeder system with re-aligned boundaries

Details of Proposals for Restructure : Proposal C

In this system, there would be a geographical re-organisation of the boundaries between the Isthmian League and Southern League. This would mean that some clubs currently in the western or northern extremities of the Isthmian League would move into the Southern League and clubs in the eastern extremities of the Southern League would move into the Isthmian League.

Promotion and Relegation

Promotion and relegation would work in the same way as present. At the end of each season, the promoted and relegated clubs would be placed in the most sensible geographical leagues the creation of feeder pools.



  • All of the current existing leagues would be retained at their current level
  • All clubs would remain at their current step
  • All leagues retain current level and status
  • Numbers of clubs in current leagues remains unchanged
  • Geographical anomalies are addressed



  • Inability of leagues to agree on boundary changes
  • Some clubs would have to travel a great deal further than at present
  • No opportunity to introduce play-offs
  • Major changes and movement of clubs would occur at each level

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