Restructure Option B

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Details of Proposals for Restructure
Proposal B

Proposal B New Conference with Two Regional Divisions

Details of Proposals for Restructure : Proposal C


In this option, the Conference would increase its clubs to 44 and these would be allocated geographically in a Conference North and Conference South. The additional 22 clubs would be invited to join using various criteria, such as playing standards and ground grading.


Promotion / Relegation

3 clubs would be relegated from each Conference division. This would mean that the 1st placed club, The Champions, of the feeder leagues would be promoted.

The 2nd promotional place could be decided by a play-off within that league.

Next step

Here the same situation would occur as in Proposal A with the existing three feeder leagues re-aligning boundaries. They would also move clubs from their 1st divisions into their Premier divisions to make the number of clubs 22. This would, as in Proposal A, mean some clubs transferring from the current Isthmian League into the Southern League and vice-versa.



  • Reduces the financial pressures due to travelling on existing Conference clubs
  • 22 clubs promoted to Conference status
  • Re-organisation of boundaries in the south
  • No reduction in status of clubs
  • Introduction of play-offs



  • The existing Conference becomes a regional league
  • No national division at the pinnacle of The National League System
  • Standards of existing Conference may reduce
  • Increased pressure of ground grading on additional clubs

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