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18 March 2009 : Leeds United Man Of The Match Result
Trying to find a suitable Man of the Match after a defeat is never easy. After a 4-0 defeat, even if it was against Leeds United, that becomes even harder. With what was Yeovil Town's record Football League defeat (to be 'bettered' just days later at Brighton) obviously few players shone on the night.

Central midfield pair Lee Peltier and Jonathan Worthington were two that did come in for praise. But once again it was left-winger Andy Welsh who took the plaudits with yet another Man of the Match performance. Is Welshy planning on letting anyone else have a go? Full results are as usual shown below:

1 Andy Welsh 60 (4)
2 Jonathan Worthington 32 (2)
3 Lee Peltier 28 (2)
4 Craig Alcock 22 (1)
5 Aidan Downes 16 (1)
6 Terrell Forbes 12 (0)
7 Gary Roberts 10 (1)
8 Nathan Jones 4 (0)
9 Danny Schofield 2 (0)
9 Josh Wagenaar 2 (0)
9 Aaron Brown 2 (0)


Performance: 3.38
Entertainment: 5.38


Don't forget you still have a late chance to submit your Man of the Match vote if you were at the away match at Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday. Place your vote ASAP if you've not done so already.

Link: Brighton vs Yeovil Town : Man of the Match Voting Form.

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