Ciderspace News Page : Barker Out On Loan
13 March 2007 : Barker Out On Loan
Danny Barker has gone out on loan to Tiverton Town of the Southern League Premier Division (which now goes by some ridiculous sponsorship name we simply can't be bothered to acknowledge or remember).

The Tivvy Official Site reports that the loan deal is an "open ended" one. What that's supposed to entail exactly is anyone's guess, but presumably in practice means up to the end of the season unless either club decides to terminate it earlier.

Danny played in a 0-0 draw tonight versus a Bath City who currently find themselves at the top of the table, and perhaps heading for........... er, more regional football. Speaking just before the game Tivvy manager Martyn Rogers told the Exeter Express and Echo that he had picked up on Barker following a recommendation by Yeovil Town's goalkeeping coach:

"Danny Barker comes following a recommendation from Len Bond and will go straight into the side in place of Sam Hutchings."

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