Ciderspace News Page : Thomas A Loan At Cheats
5 January 2007 : Thomas A Loan At Cheats
Forgive and forget, eh? Er, no. If yesterday we felt a bit queasy at the thought of Daniel Webb joining that Graham Westley plonker at Rushden and Diamonds (below, 4th January) today we're feeling positively nauseous at the news of Bradley Thomas being under the tutelage of serial cheat and convicted criminal Evans. Mr Cheat only escaped a custodial sentence because the judge felt it unfair to imprison him while his ex-chairman was escaping a two year incarceration purely on "health" grounds.

Thomas has today gone out on loan until 10th February at the club that only got into the Football League through its cheating. Since then the banned Evans has crawled back into football, the cheating Lincolnshire club falling over itself to reappoint the cheat the minute his 20 month exclusion from the game was up. He was then convicted in the courts of fraud over an extended period during his first term as Boston United manager. The club itself is in a complete mess, reaching the stage last month of defaulting on its staff's wages, provoking open threats of a player strike ahead of their match against Rochdale, which they went on to lose 4-0.

If anyone was to ask us, we'd have to say we are at a loss to explain why it's thought this is a suitable environment into which to loan one of our young players.

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