Ciderspace News Page : Barrow vs Yeovil Town : Man Of The Match Result
25 August 2019 : Barrow vs Yeovil Town : Man Of The Match Result
Last Saturday, Yeovil Town were on the television cameras, in a National League match against Barrow. The match wasn't a classic, with the dull spectacle settled by a Scott Quigley goal just after the half time break. Yeovil struggled to create openings during the entire 90 minutes, with the Cumbians creating the game's best three chances.

No surprise then that the Man of the Match votes went heavily towards defensively minded players. Goalkeeper Stuart Nelson was recognised for another strong performance, whilst central defender Tom Bradbury was just ahead of him in the poll. However, ahead of everyone by a sizeable distance was right wing-back Craig Alcock, who is starting to get into form following his exiled status last season.

Full results are as shown below, with outright MOTM votes shown in brackets:

1. Craig Alcock 128 (10)
2. Tom Bradbury 44 (3)
3. Stuart Nelson 44 (1)
4. Tom Whelan 34 (2)
5. Myles Hippolyte 24 (1)
6. Matt Worthington 16 (1)
7. Albi Skendi 14 (0)
8. Courtney Duffus 12 (1)
9. Carl Dickinson 12 (0)
10. Remeao Hutton 6 (0)
10. Lawson D'Ath 6 (0)

Performance : 3.37
Entertainment : 2.84

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