Ciderspace News Page : Couhig Deal In Serious Doubt?
7 May 2019 : Couhig Deal In Serious Doubt?
Yeovil Town's hopes of getting a takeover completed with American businessman Rob Couhig would appear to be on the rocks. Information received via a couple of sources over the last 24 hours would imply that the deal with the New Orleans lawyer is either 'off' or 'close to collapse', following further discussions over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The initial timeline, based on a statement issued by the football club on February 19th, and an associated interview with Couhig, suggested that they expected matters to be completed in a month, which should have enabled a full takeover to have gone through around mid-March. However, it is now two-and-a-half months since his unveiling and there are still no signs of that deal having gone over the line.

Local reporter Chris Spittles has given his views on the subject, and his belief is that this deal will not proceed, and is seeking clarification from the club as to what they believe the situation to be. Chris said via his Twitter account:

"I'm hearing from multiple reliable sources that Rob Couhig's takeover of Yeovil Town is in serious doubt. Hoping for clarification from the club this afternoon but after months of negotiation this would be a big blow. If the Couhig deal is off, it could re-open the door for the Andy Rossiter-led consortium, who have remained in the background and could still be keen to do a deal. It certainly looks like current Yeovil Town owner Norman Hayward wants out. Hayward has been absent from games for months. Whatever happens with potential takeovers needs to move quickly now, with the future of the club at stake."

Whilst the club's February 19th statement claimed that only EFL approval was needed to complete the deal, more recent interviews with Caretaker Manager Neale Marmon has alluded to 'due diligence' on the deal being performed, whilst on Saturday he described the two parties as 'negotiating', strongly implying that the February claim of an 'agreement' having already been reached between the two parties was overcooked. At the time of his arrival in the UK in February, Couhig did say in an interview that he regarded 'due diligence' as still outstanding in addition to the EFL certification, and this aspect of the deal would appear to have never been resolved.

At present, the club have not provided any statement on how the takeover talks are moving, with last week's club statement not even referencing the ongoing situation, in their assessment of the club's relegation from the Football League.

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