Ciderspace News Page : Marmon Saw Glovers As Too Passive In Crawley Defeat
13 April 2019 : Marmon Saw Glovers As Too Passive In Crawley Defeat
Yeovil Town Caretaker Manager Neale Marmon felt that his side were too passive in their 0-1 home defeat against Crawley Town. Having played for two thirds of the game in a relatively tight match with few chances, it was a 72nd minute Filipe Morais goal that settled the game, as he volleyed home at the back post.

Marmon told BBC Somerset after the match that he believed his side didn't create enough shots to worry Crawley keeper Glenn Morris until they went a goal behind, and were guilty of playing the ball across the pitch, rather than towards goal:

"I was happy that it was 0-0 at half time because we were a bit too passive. I think we picked it up in the second half, and had those chances that we did have, but that 1-0 basically killed us. We did come back again and we tried really hard but it wasn't to be today. We weren't producing any pressure at all. We were just sliding it across the pitch. We didn't let them have any chances (in the first half) or produce any shots on goal, but we didn't have any either. We picked up in the second half, and just in that phase where we had some momentum, they scored their one."

Marmon was asked if the pressure of the game had affected the players at all, with that being cited as a factor by his predecessor Darren Way. He said that was something for the players to answer, but admitted that there had been a problem throughout the season, where the players had needed to get a goal in front to show confidence on the ball:

"The players will answer that question. You saw them last week and they were playing with so much freedom in the second half. That was what we requested today that they played with freedom. Not being scared to get on the ball and keep the ball amongst ourselves, and keep creating chances. We didn't do that. We did in the second half, but that was basically after the 1-0. That's always been the same. We've always required a goal to get momentum. We looked a bit scared at 0-0 or at 1-0 down and I think that gone throughout the season."

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