Ciderspace News Page : Current Takeover Status Obtained By Glovers Trust
10 April 2019 : Current Takeover Status Obtained By Glovers Trust
The Glovers Trust have been given feedback from Yeovil Town's Football Advisor Mark Palmer today, concerning the ongoing takeover process. With Rob Couhig's 'meet the media' session having happened back on February 19th, the plans for the New Orleans lawyer to take over the club from Norman Hayward and John Fry were expected to complete roughly a month after his UK visit.

Since then, things have gone rather quiet, with the current ownership continuing to occupy Huish Park. However, there have been a few clues to suggest that the club's running was being influenced by the would-be owner, with Neale Marmon's appointment as Caretaker Manager putting a man recruited by Mark Palmer in charge, whilst the recent Fan Appreciation Day at the club pointed to Couhig's wish for more to be done to enhance the matchday experience at the ground.

At present though, there is no rubberstamp of the deal, with the official position being that Couhig and his proposed set of Directors were going through the EFL's Fit and Proper Person's Test, along with verification of the future owner's business plan. Palmer was due to attend a Supporters Alliance Group meeting this week, but was unable to do so. Trust Secretary Brendon Owen has said that Palmer had instead relayed them a short message concerning the current situation. Brendon explained:

"We had expected Mark Palmer to attend this morning for an update on the takeover. He unfortunately was called away to another meeting but wished us to know that the process of the takeover is progressing smoothly, if somewhat slowly. The EFL are still ticking boxes but the all clear should be very soon. The owner wishes to state again that the deal is going through whether or not we retain our league status."

With a number of other EFL sides also going through ownership changes, including Port Vale and Notts County, it should be possible to monitor the situation alongside the timelines those clubs are moving through, although Couhig's non-UK residence may slow down the Glovers takeover slightly, compared to the others.

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