Ciderspace News Page : Way Still Waiting To Get The Ball Rolling On Contracts Despite Near Safety
21 April 2017 : Way Still Waiting To Get The Ball Rolling On Contracts Despite Near Safety
Yeovil Town manager Darren Way has said that he is merely 'waiting' for things to start properly rolling in terms of being able to decide players' futures beyond the summer months. With fifteen players out of contract in June, it's likely to be another busy summer, with either new contracts to be agreed, or new recruits to be brought in to replace those who do leave the club.

Easter Monday's home win against Crewe Alexandra didn't quite secure mathematical safety, but it put the club into a position where it would take an improbable set of results to get themselves relegated - a win at Grimsby Town tomorrow would eliminate that sort of talk entirely. Despite being almost over the safety line, Way has told BBC Somerset that he is still playing the waiting game in terms of being able to start hard contract talks with his players:

"I think I'm just in the process where I'm just waiting, and I can understand why, because there's that uncertainty of what you've just said, until mathematically it is done. Then there's always a reason to not get the ball rolling. So us as a team, and players have got to make sure that we strive to be successful. I know I want to beat the 50 point mark and finish the game strong with wins."

Whilst Yeovil's final three games of the season are largely of academic interest, Way said that there were still targets for the remainder of the season, including breaking through the 50 point barrier. He said that getting strong results in their last three matches was also important for fans to see their team win more often than they had done during the second half of the 2016-17 season:

"I think it's important for the supporters. You could see that there was a sigh of relief on Monday, to see their team win. That's exactly what I am striving for. It's frustrating for me as to why we had such a turn in form since January. But there are a number of reasons. Where clubs end up is normally where they are placed in terms of finances and resources. I want to make sure that this club can get back to doing what we've done before, but I think that's going to take time, and I think that it's important with the players' experience that they've gained this year, we use that as a stability for next year."

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