Ciderspace News Page : Chairman Fry Explains Directors' Half Million Pounds Input
21 December 2015 : Chairman Fry Explains Directors' Half Million Pounds Input
Yeovil Town Chairman John Fry has given an explanation of how he quantified the "half a million pounds" that he believed himself and his directors are putting into the Football Club. In recent interviews, he has been giving an explanation as to the running of the club, largely on the back of his views on a Supporters Trust that is looking to be formed at some point during 2016.

Having said in many previous interviews that the club was run entirely on a financial even keel, Mr Fry surprised a number of supporters last week, by implying that his board needed to put in an extensive amount of money to fund the football club, telling the Western Gazette that any Supporters Trust would need to match that sort of money to have any hope of sitting on a Board at the club. Fry said last week: "We put in half a million pounds a year, every year, to keep this club going. We can only work with the money we are given and if someone comes up with the money that is a different proposition."

Given the value quantified has never appeared in the club's End of Year Accounts, supporters over the weekend just gone have questioned the origins of such a figure. The Gazette have also asked the same question, and have been told that the value Fry referred to did not refer to any sums of physical money going into the club, but instead referred to a valuation he had given of his own role as acting Chief Executive of the Football Club, as well as a number of unquantified services that other directors provide in their roles as Board members. Fry explained:

"It costs a huge amount for most clubs to employ a chief executive, but I do that role here for no cost. That half-a-million also takes into account savings that the directors make with suppliers and the work they do for this club."

Fry has been acting as the club's Chief Executive since Martyn Starnes took up a similar role with Plymouth Argyle in July 2013. At that point, Fry said that Starnes would not be replaced, with his responsibilities devolved to himself, other directors and mangement at the club.

Mr Fry's quoted "half a million pounds" per year would therefore refer to the amount of time that would be saved in wages after Starnes left the club, along with the "services" other directors have performed for the club. In the past, former directors such as Stephen Allinson and Paul Sargeant and current director Ron Budden have provided the club with specific services relating to accountancy, legal fees and insurance, via their respective 'daytime jobs' with the work being carried out by those firms, presumably at 'cost' price. In more recent End of Year accounts, the club have not divulged such items, although with Mr Allinson and Mr Sargeant having left the board in recent years this wasn't too surprising at the time.

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