Ciderspace News Page : Huish Park Redevelopment Plans Outlined
10 August 2015 : Huish Park Redevelopment Plans Outlined
Yeovil Town have released further detail concerning their plans for the redevelopment of the land at Huish Park. The 2015 planning application, which was submitted to South Somerset District Council last week, entirely replaces the club's unsuccessful 2012 application, and on this occasion provides development that will affect almost all sides of the stadium land. The list of items proposed by the club were detailed by the club's Planning Consultant David Bell last week, but their positions within the Huish Park site can be identified by an architect's overhead plan that shows the whole 26 acres.

The segments below (which are not exactly to the same scale) show five areas of the land that are up for redevelopment. The club have previously indicated that if they were granted planning permission that each part would be developed as separate phases, rather than the whole land being built on at one time. The major changes are as follows:

North-East corner - replacing the furthest of the two training pitches
North-East corner - replacing the furthest of the two training pitches - Coffee Shop, Convenience Store and Sports Clinic

The North-East Corner currently sites the furthest of two training pitches, and is the part of the land that adjoins Western Avenue and Copse Road. Here a Coffee Shop will cover 420 square metres, whilst an identically sized Convenience Store will be to the east, with an additional 24 square metres building semi-detached from it. To the south, there is a Sports Clinic covering 1945 square metres, and above this will be an additional floor that will house 10 Residential Units - the first mention of housing we've seen associated with the application.

East side - replacing the lower car park
East side - replacing the lower car park - An 80 room hotel

The East Side of the stadium that runs alongside Western Avenue currently is used for car parking for supporters. Whilst the upper ridge of the car park will stay as the main car park for football, the lower ridge will be used to build a new 80 room hotel and associated hotel car parking. There will also be a new access road developed from Western Avenue, running into that car park from the South-East side of the stadium, serving both the hotel and the football club.

South-West side - replacing the beer tent
South-West side - replacing the beer tent

The South-West Side currently has the infamous Beer Tent occupying land squeezed between the artificial pitch and the corner of the stadium land. In its place there will be a 'four court' Sports Hall, housing a five-a-side football pitch and changing and storage facilities. There is also mention of the refurbishment of a refreshment area as part of the Main Stand - it's not clear what that means in practice at this stage.

North-West Stadium Side - covering the north stand and new facilities
North-West Stadium Side - covering the north stand and new facilities

The North-West Stadium Side predominantly concerns the redevelopment of the current north end of the Huish Park stadium, which is the Copse Road End terrace - an open terrace housing away supporters. The plans show a roof being built over the current terrace - in line with more recent club communication, this would imply that the original blueprint for a much larger 3,500 capacity seated stand is off the table - mention of a 'roof' rather than a new stand would also imply that this would stay as terracing.

There is also plans for for a 'wraparound' building that runs from the area that currently houses the Ticket Office booths, running around the corner and across the current away end. The area closest to the current Ticket Office will become a Hospitality building, whilst the corner of the West and North Stands will become the club's new front area, housing administration staff, a new Ticket Office and a new Club Shop. The implication is that this will be a two level building, given that its adjoining area is definitely planned to run on two levels. Disabled parking on this side of the ground will now be provided further to the west, where the small gravel car park is.

On the Ground Floor behind the current away end, there will be Supporters 'Refreshment Facilities' - the club have not made it clear yet whether this will include alcohol sales - last week's interview with David Bell referenced 'the ability to get coffees'. On the first floor of this building, the club plan to hold Academy Facilities and Conference facilities. Mr Bell implied that this would become the new home end of the ground.

The building behind the current away end also will run over (at first floor level) an Access Road that will run underneath parallel with the Copse Road End. This will extend the Supporters/Community Hall out towards the banked area, and is described as a Leisure Area. By its nature, it can probably be assumed that this whole area will be used by supporters on matchday, although there's no detail of what will be inside it. Semi-Detached from it, will be a 2,200 square metre non-food retail store that will run over two storeys as well.

North Side - replacing the Top Pitch land
North Side - replacing the Top Pitch land

The North Side of the stadium currently houses the main Top Pitch that is currently used as a first team training pitch, as well as having been regularly used by the Youth Team over the years. This will see two retail stores built on top of it. The first will be a Non-Food Retail store of 4,000 square metres, whilst to its west, there will be an adjoining 'Open Sales Area' of 1,000 square metres. It is suggested that this could be used for a Garden Centre - this would be of the sort that The Range might acquire, although there's been no mention of The Range owner Chris Dawson with respect to this latest application. Parking facilities surround this building, which would probably not be available for football traffic on matchdays.

Link: August 2015 : Glovers Planning Consultant Details Huish Park Developments.

Link: August 2015 : Yeovil Town Submit 'Complex' Planning Application For Huish Park.

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