Ciderspace News Page : No Late Night Drama For Next Transfer Deadline Day
4 June 2015 : No Late Night Drama For Next Transfer Deadline Day
Football's next Transfer Deadline Day will see less burning of the midnight oil, after arrangements were published by the Premier League today. The usual deadline of 11.00p.m. has been abandoned, and on this occasion the summer transfer window will close on 6.00p.m. on Tuesday 1st September.

Two issues have forced this decision. The first is that the final day of August falls on the Bank Holiday Monday, meaning that most offices will be closed on that day. However, UEFA have set the deadline for submitting Champions League squads as being the end of Tuesday 1st September, meaning that any clubs trying to make last minute signings would also need time to rejig their list of registered players once any deals had been confirmed. The Premier League has therefore agreed that the four competing clubs - Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United - should have a clear evening to submit their squads after the window closes.

In theory there is no need for the Football League to align itself to this deadline. However, it would seem very likely that they will follow suit, to ensure a uniform closure to the transfer window. The decision to close the window at 6.00p.m. will leave Sky Sports rather unhappy, given that the window will close at the end of the normal working day, instead of giving them the hype of the evening's final hours, and the inevitable boosted viewing figures.

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