Ciderspace News Page : Super Gav's verdict on the Yeovil game
24 July 2005 : Super Gav's verdict on the Yeovil game
West Ham United midfielder Gavin Williams answered the following questions from the press after his side's 2-2 draw against Yeovil yesterday:

What did you make of it all then Gavin?

"It was nice to be back, but I thought first-half Yeovil played some great football which obviously I knew they could. They made us work hard and Iím sure our lads are knackered."

Nice reception from the fans for you as well?

"Yes it was nice. Obviously I had two good seasons here and I really enjoyed it here so it was nice to get a good reception when I come back."

And the bonus of getting a medal before the game as well?

"I wasnít expecting that at all, but it was nice. I was disappointed in the way we performed really but all credit to Yeovil I thought they were terrific first half."

Did you know you were going to get the medal before the game?

"Someone did mention it but I didnít know before I came down. I only found out today so itís nice to get a medal."

It's recognising your part in last season's success.

"Yes, it was only a small part! They really pushed on when I left so it was a good season and Iím sure the way they performed today they will do well this year as well."

Your injury marred the end of last season but you're fully fit now?

"Yes, Iím fully fit now."

Will it be hard for you getting in to the Premiership team?

"Yes, itís going to be difficult for me. Obviously at my age now Iím going to have to think if Iím not playing first team football - obviously Iím going to have to think about my future too."

You havenít been given any indication as to what will happen?

"No, obviously Iíve got another 3 years on my contract so Iíve got at least another 3 years there, but like I say I want to be playing first team football as Iím 25 now so hopefully Iíll get a chance."

Whatís it like playing against so many of the lads you know so well?

"It was difficult really! When I first ran out to see the Green & White I was nearly, well I did pass to them a couple of times, but as I say in the first half I thought Yeovil battered us and they kept the ball so well. It was hard work I can tell you!

Your Gaffer left out some of your other players so youíve obviously got players to bring in?

"Yes, heís left 8 or 9 players back at West Ham so obviously they will strengthen the squad when they come in."

You obviously hope to be a part of it, do you hope to be able to push on and be performing well enough to get into the side?

"Yes of course, fingers crossed, hopefully I can get a chance and stay injury free this season."

Welsh honours as well hopefully?

"Yes, hopefully! I think Wales have a game in August so it would be nice to be involved in that and get my first cap under my belt."

Transcription by Richard Gibson

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