Ciderspace News Page : Johnson Jnr Furious At Bottling Ref
28 February 2005 : Johnson Jnr Furious At Bottling Ref
Glovers midfielder Lee Johnson has described Lincolnshire referee Darren Drysdale's decision to not award Yeovil a last minute penalty as a 'joke'. The Glovers have on the whole been fairly restrained with their opinions on match officials this season, but following Saturday's 2-1 defeat at Grimsby Town it was impossible to allow such a ludicrous decision to pass by without comment.

Midfielder Lee told the Western Daily Press after the match: "It was definitely a penalty - it was a joke, but what can you say? I don't think it was ever going to go our way and it killed us really but we will just have to pick ourselves up now and make sure we take some points on Tuesday at Northampton. I don't think there was a person in the ground apart from him who didn't think it was a penalty so what can you say? It's human error and he's made an error."

Lee was already on a yellow card, and was fortunate that Drysdale chose to bottle a second decision as the midfielder raced to confront the official. Drysdale reached for his cards but then withdrew them, perhaps realising that all he was going to do was to compound his mistake even further, but Lee explained that at the time of the incident an early bath wouldn't have bothered him adding: "To be honest I was so fuming I wouldn't have minded but in the cold light of day I am pleased he has done that part of the situation well, but I was just so disappointed that he couldn't see it. He has probably bottled the decision."

Johnson Snr can't quite get over the decision either, and speaking to the Glovers official site, he added: "Despite being disappointed by the result the one major problem I had was with the referee and the one major decision, which I felt was an easy decision to make, which he didnít make. It wasnít a hard one to make at all, and having watched the video I now know it was a definite penalty. I saw the reaction of one or two of their players and their bench when Jevo went down and I am sure they were also expecting it to be a penalty. I am sure the 300 travelling Yeovil supporters will have seen it as a 'stonewaller' as they say."

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28/02/2005 : Johnson Jnr Furious At Bottling Ref

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