Interview : Paul Wotton : 24/09/2011
Paul Wotton Speaks To The BBC After The 2-1 Defeat Against Scunthorpe
Paul Wotton
Paul Wotton
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Yeovil Town captain Paul Wotton spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles in an interview for BBC Somerset after his side had lost 2-1 at Scunthorpe United on September 24th 2011.

CS: Paul, I've just spoken with the manager, and asked him the same question. Let alone not get a point, how did you not win that?

PW: I don't know mate. That is one very disappointed changing room. That was by far and away the best first half performance not just from this year, but since I signed for the club. We just didn't take our chances did we? But then we've conceded two bad goals as well. Even at half time at 1-1, we were disappointed that we were not winning the game. They were there to be beaten, and I don't care what anyone says. I don't care what their staff have said - they were there to be beaten. We had to keep it tight for the first 15 minutes of the second half and we didn't, and that's why we haven't won the game.

CS: There were lots of chances that were created. Is there encouragement to be taken from that? Or do you just reflect upon the misses?

PW: There is encouragement to take from it, but we're not thinking about that at the minute. That's a real hoof in the you-know-whats. But listen, we've got to regroup. It's done. You can't feel sorry for yourselves in football. It's all about Bury next week. It's such a clichi but it's the only way that you can look at it.

CS: For you personally, you were back on the scoresheet. No messing with the penalty once again - straight into the roof of the net.

PW: Yes, I've done it all the way through my career. I've missed a couple as well, but I'm always confident with them. But I don't really care about the penalty today. It's disappointing and we're disappointed with ourselves as well. It's nothing to do with anyone else but ourselves.

CS: It was nice to be back in action as well, but frustrating to sit out last weekend?

PW: Yes, I spoke about it on Thursday. I think it's part and parcel of football now, with suspensions, especially with the way that I play. It's one of those things where maybe you think you can or you can't, but five bookings are pretty easy to pick up. It is what it is. Suspensions are just one of those things that you have to deal with in football. It's no biggie.

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