Interview : Stephen Henderson : 16/10/2010
Stephen Henderson Speaks To The BBC After The 0-2 Defeat Against Sheffield Wednesday
Stephen Henderson
Stephen Henderson
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Yeovil Town's on loan goalkeeper Stephen Henderson spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Ed Hadwin after his side had been beaten 0-2 at home to Sheffield Wednesday on October 16th 2010.

EH: Stephen, a very odd game for you. You didn't have that much to do, yet you ended up conceding two goals.

SH: I didn't have one save actually, apart from the two goals. Obviously one was the penalty, and the first was a very good finish by them, which you've just got to hold your hands up for.

EH: Was that really frustrating, as the second it left his boot, you must have known that you'd be struggling to get there.

SH: I knew that straight away. He's hit the side net. I'd have to look back on it myself, but it was very disappointing that we let him cut inside like that. It was (Jermaine) Johnson who scored that, and we know he's got a lot of ability and that he can do that. So fair play to him.

EH: But other than that, as a team performance all-around, should set you in good stead.

SH: Definitely, I thought we were brilliant today. The manager has come in and said that he can't ask any more from us. I was saying earlier that we knew it was their day when we were hitting the crossbar near the end, and their keeper was making some good saves, that it wasn't to be. But I'm sure today was just a minor hiccup and that we'll go to Brighton (next Saturday) and do a good job of it - I'm sure of it.

EH: The way that you've been playing, pretty much since you've come down here, the whole team seems to have that collective belief that you can do some damage in this league.

SH: Definitely - we feel that we can go to Brighton and definitely get a result. We don't fear anyone. We showed that against Rochdale last week. We will just go on and play our game. I think we should have won today, to be honest, with the chances that we had - I'm sure we had over 20 chances. So yes, we've just got to move on.

EH: And personally for you, a slightly longer stay. You must be very happy to get that sorted out.

SH: Yes, I'm very grateful to Bristol City for making that happen. I just need to be playing football. I love it here, so I'm looking forward to the next three games, because they are big games.

EH: And for you, having spent some time on the bench, it's all about getting game time now isn't it?

SH: Exactly, yes. I'm lucky enough to be the understudy to a good goalkeeper, so I've picked up a few things. Hopefully now I can do well when playing myself.

EH: You've got three games, and then the FA Cup is probably not going to happen (in terms of the loan deal) but can you see it being a longer term? Actually spending half a year or a year somewhere would probably do you good.

SH: It will yes, but I don't really want to get into that now. I just want to look at the three games. I'm not being funny about it at all; I just don't want to look that far ahead and I don't want to jinx things. But I love playing. If it's at Yeovil or not, as I've said that's yet to be decided.

EH: Is it tough to get over games like this, because having done so well but not getting anything out of it, do you have to put it to one side?

SH: Yes, it doesn't affect me at all that we lost today. Obviously I'm annoyed and gutted, but I won't do anything more about it, because I'm happy with the way that the lads performed. We can take a lot of positives from today. We just need to kick on for Saturday.

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