Interview : Steven Caulker : 17/04/2010
Steven Caulker Talks To The BBC After The 0-1 Defeat Against Southampton
Steven Caulker
Steven Caulker
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Yeovil Town's on-loan central defender Steven Caulker spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Ed Hadwin after his side had lost 0-1 at home to Southampton on Saturday 17th April 2010.

EH: Steven, I would imagine there's a bit of head-scratching in the dressing room after that, as to how you didn't manage to get anything.

SC: Yes, we're very disappointed as it was the same as after Tuesday, where we'd done well and thought we'd got a result out of it, but got hit by a major blow in the last few minutes.

EH: Even then you weren't that far away from getting your first goal, were you?

SC: As I said to you on the way in, there wouldn't have been a better time to score it. But it's hit the side netting again, so that's a bit unfortunate.

EH: We've just been talking about the refereeing decisions, both with the sendings off, and the one that wasn't a sending off. There's nothing you can do as a player, but that must be frustrating.

SC: Very frustrating. But to be fair, they had a time where I could have been sent off as well, so you get some and you lose some. But some of the decisions made today could have been made more in our direction. But that's what happens.

EH: Certainly after the first 30 minutes, Southampton were on top. They didn't necessarily have many chances, but after that you really gave them a game.

SC: They came out very strong, and once or twice they caught us out. But we came back well, and I think we're showing a lot of mental strength now. At the start of the season we might have got done over. So we've done well, but once again I'm just very disappointed with the last few minutes with our concentration.

EH: In the last 10 or 15 minutes, I think they must have had five or six strikers out there on the field. Everywhere you looked there was a striker.

SC: Yes, they were really going for it, considering they only had ten men. They couldn't have had much at the back, with all the strikers they had up. I think we're disappointed in that we could have countered on them once or twice, but once again that happens.

EH: The fact that you dealt with them so well defensively up to two minutes into added time, that must make it even more galling.

SC: Yes, it's very demoralising, but we'll bounce back like we did, to be fair, after what happened on Tuesday (against Millwall). I thought we bounced back with our performance today, and we'll look to do the same on Saturday against Brentford.

EH: It's been a good learning process, although I doubt that it feels like it now, in that you go through these things and it makes you stronger.

SC: Yes, it's the first time I've ever achieved a foul like that! But yes, it's all part of the experience, and I just want to bounce back and hopefully put my mental side to the test.

EH: Realistically with the position you're in, in the table, there's no that much danger that you're in, but you just want another couple of points just to make sure, don't you?

SC: Yes, we're still looking over our shoulder. We're not having any major worry or anything. But it would just be nice to get to that point where we're safe.

EH: Going out there, a decent crowd and lovely weather, which I guess makes it harder work. Those are the games where they are great to watch. Was it fun to play in?

SC: It was fun to play in, although even after the first five minutes I could feel myself dehydrating. But it is nice when the weather is nice, because obviously the pitch is also nice, because it's a good surface.

EH: I'm sure you'd love to get a goal before you leave here as you've been close so many times.

SC: I know, it's getting frustrating now. I'm just going to work on shooting during the week, and hopefully one of them will hit the back of the net eventually.

EH: Over the course of the season with you playing week-in, week-out, how much do you think you've learned over the past six, seven, eight months?

SC: Massively, physically, technically and also on the mental side of things. You're learning how to turn out game after game, whereas before if you were feeling tired you could just take a game out. But here, with the points at stake, you just have to be ready for it week-in, week-out.

EH: After two disappointments during this week, I guess it's a case of trying to turn it around and make sure that you take it out on your next opponents.

SC: Yes, we're hoping to give Brentford a thrashing, which would be nice for me as it's my home town! I've supported them from when I was a kid, so it will be nice to return there.

EH: So a few family there coming out on Saturday?

SC: Yes, lots of them - my family and friends. My school is not far away from there either, so it will be packed out!

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