Interview : Kevan Brown : 09/01/2000
Kevan Brown Talks After A 3-0 Defeat At Dover Athletic
Martin Baker talked to Yeovil Town defender Kevan Brown on January 9th 2000 - the day after the 3-0 defeat at Dover Athletic.

MB: Obviously yesterday was a very bad result. Did you think that 3-0 was a fair reflection on what happened?

KB: You're right when you say it was a bad result. Obviously when you lose any game 3-0 it is a poor result. But I don't think 3-0 was a fair reflection on the game. Having said that, we lost 3-0 at Forest Green, and now we've lost 3-0 at Dover, so we've got to have a good look at ourselves. Having said that, I felt that they were very lucky with the first goal. The ball took a deflection off my head, and I couldn't get out of the way of it. I thought we created some great chances in the first half, and we went in 1-0 down feeling very much in the game, and perhaps feeling a bit unfortunate that we weren't in front. In the second half, I felt we started not too badly, and created some more chances that we didn't take. Unfortunately, we conceded a sloppy goal, which meant that we had to change things round to chase the game, and they caught us with a goal late on. On reflection if we had taken one or two of the chances we had, the scoreline might not have finished 3-0, but that was the final score, and on paper it looks poor.

MB: With the Forest Green game, you could probably say that 3-0 was the deserved scoreline and that we didn't deserve anything out of the game. Yet yesterday up until the last 20 minutes, we were holding ourselves quite well against Dover. Do you think there was perhaps a lack of mental resolve out there once that second goal went in?

KB: I wouldn't say that. I think that once the second goal went in it was a case of what we should do. Should we keep it at 2-0 or should we change the formation, and look to try and throw players forward to try and get back into the game and get a result. You just as well lose 3-0 trying to get something out of a game, than losing 2-0 by shutting up shop. I think the reason why the last twenty minutes wasn't so clever from our point of view was that we were chasing the game and we had to throw people forward and try and get something from the game. Unfortunately on this occasion it didn't come off. On another occasion when the same thing happened against Northwich we managed to get back into the game and win 3-2. It's swings and roundabouts.

MB: So do you think there are any causes for concern and that we need to change things, or is it a case of just believing that because of the two chances we had just before the break at Dover, we consider that we could have turned that game around, and therefore we carry on as we are ?

KB: It's obviously a thin dividing line between success and failure. Up until the Hayes game, we were looking like a very good unit, and then you have a couple of poor results and confidence goes a little bit. We bounced back against Forest Green on Monday, and I thought the second half performance against Forest Green was very good indeed. Also the overall performance against Dover, with the exception of the last 20 minutes wasn't drastically bad. But I suppose when things do go against you, you're thinking whether things need changing around, or whether you need to get new players in. That's only a natural feeling. I don't know what he's thinking, but I'm sure that Steve is the man that will be working his socks off to decide what we need to do to put it right.

MB: You've had a strange season, in that from the second game onwards you spent a lot of time on the bench. Was that a bit of a shock to the system ?

KB: Yes, I was very frustrated. We'd lost 5-0 up at Scarborough, and I think I was the only defender who was left out after that performance, and to be honest I felt slightly aggrieved that I was left out. I didn't think my performance was considerably poor, and the whole team had played badly on that day, and I wasn't really given an opportunity to stake a claim after that. I did even start to feel that perhaps my days at Yeovil were numbered. It was such a pleasure to get back into the side again, and to prove that I could still do well at Yeovil, and play well at Conference level and hopefully I've done that now.

MB: And of course, you've gone from that position on the bench to taking over the captaincy.

KB: Yes, since Steve Stott has been injured, I've taken over the captaincy, and it's a role that I enjoyed when I was at Woking and I've enjoyed the responsibility of captaining this side. Obviously that may not have happened if Steve had not got injured, but I've enjoyed the opportunity.

MB: So it's pretty much a case of going from a low to a high. You couldn't have imagined that would happen whilst you were sat on the bench.

KB: Yes, I went from wondering whether I had a future at Yeovil, to getting player of the month for October, and then to taking over the captaincy. It just goes to show how football can turn round in the space of a few weeks. You've just got to keep your head up, keep working, and keep fit and when you get a chance, you hopefully prove to the manager that you are worth your place. I managed to do that, and hopefully I can carry on doing that.

MB: Next week we've got Stevenage in the FA Trophy. There's going to be no need to get someone like yourself psyched up for that competition is there ?

KB: No, it's a massive game for us. It's such a fantastic competition and I'm sure there won't be any problem in motivating the other players for a game against Stevenage. We've just got to run our hearts out and give everything, and I'm sure that if we do that we've got the ability within the side to win the game.

MB: Do you think it helps that we are playing a side that we are going to give instant respect to, because we know they have got a consistent history over the last five years, and that we know they are having another good season ?

KB: Yes, on our day we are capable of beating anyone. I just think we've got to find a bit more consistency. At the moment I imagine that our supporters are turning up wondering what they are going to get, but we know that if we turn it on, and play as well as we know we can, we're capable of beating anyone, as we showed against Rushden and as we've shown on other occasions during the season. We've just got to make sure that we're mentally tuned in for it, so that we put in one of our good performances.

MB: And you've had some great battles playing for Woking against Stevenage. There's been almost like a local derby atmosphere to them.

KB: Yes, there have been a lot of rivalries between Woking and Stevenage, and we always seemed to get drawn against them in the FA Trophy. I can remember getting drawn against them in the Trophy in one of the earlier rounds, and then on another season we met them in the semi-finals and it took three games for the tie to be resolved, but Woking always seemed to have a voodoo sign over them and we always seemed to get the result that was required, so hopefully we can do that for Yeovil on Saturday and get us through into the next round.

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