Interview : Glovers Trust : 21/08/2018
The Glovers Trust Speak To The BBC About Andy Rossiter's Resignation And The Consortium
Glovers Trust
Glovers Trust
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Glovers Trust Board Member Brendon Owen spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Matt Faulkner on Tuesday 21st August 2018, as a reaction to Andy Rossiter's resignation from the Yeovil Town Board, and the disclosure of a Consortium that was trying to buy the club.

BO: I think Andy has been open and honest. I know from our dealings with Andy from the Glovers Trust we've always found him very approachable and very open. I think he had to hold his tongue for some years, but now he's decided to go, he's just letting us all know exactly how he feels. I think he's in line with a lot of supporters.

MF: So this is the feeling amongst the majority, would you say?

BO: I can't speak for the majority. I wouldn't like to do that, but I think if I can speak on behalf of most of our members in the Glovers Trust, I think we are in line with Andy.

MF: So what happens when somebody decides to speak out, but after they've left and can't really do anything?

BO: Well, I'm not sure that he can't do anything, to be honest. I think he found it difficult whilst on the Board, to speak out, obviously. Now he's left, he can now voice his opinion. I think he's well respected amongst supporters, and of course he was responsible for trying to get the Consortium together to try to buy the club out. The Glovers Trust were fully supportive of him doing that, and we had talks with him, and we had hoped that things would take a good turn. But unfortunately due to the Manchester United money coming in, those that run Huish Park felt that they could hang on a bit longer, and try to sort matters out themselves. But we are fully supportive of any Consortium, and that would include one again set up by Andy if he felt the need to do so, and we would try to voice the supporters' opinions and go hand-in-hand with him.

MF: Can you put your finger on what your Supporters Trust feel is the main issue at the club - not the personal side of it, but what the main issue is?

BO: Lack of empathy with the fans, I think. Not reaching out to the fans, and not taking any notice of what the fans have to say. The fanbase of course is very wide, and it's got professional people from all walks of life, who are there at the football. They've all got an opinion, but the club don't want to listen to those opinions. When we're saying to them these Planning Applications are flawed, and they're going to waste money rather than make money, they're not prepared to listen. They know best on everything, especially those at the top. They're the ones with the money, they're putting it in, and they're going to have the say, and no-one else is going to voice an opinion that we want to hear.

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