Interview : Alex Lacey : 25/03/2017
Alex Lacey Speaks To The BBC After The 3-3 Draw Against Exeter City
Alex Lacey
Alex Lacey
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Yeovil Town defender Alex Lacey spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had drawn 3-3 against Exeter City on Saturday 25th March 2017.

CS: Alex have you ever known anything like that, with what happened at the end of the game there?

AL: No, I don't think I've played in any games like that. It's a wake-up call. We played so well for 88 minutes, but then as soon as one goal went in we ended up losing our structure, our standards dropped and we ended up letting ourselves down, the fans and the manager. So we were obviously very disappointed. It feels like a loss today, from being 3-0 up and then coming out of it with a draw from there.

CS: On reflection as a group of players, what could you have done differently?

AL: I think probably game management. Trying to run the clock down could have been a bit better. As soon as they got one, I think we lost our calmness. They got their fans behind them, which makes it difficult, and obviously with the momentum that they had, they made it tough during injury time. But obviously very frustrating for it to happen, and for us to draw like that.

CS: The two goals - the second and the third - came in very quick succession. It was almost as if you didn't have time to reorganise.

AL: Yes, sure. As I've said, the momentum of the game was going against us from the first goal, and the goals came in quick succession. So we didn't really get any time to reorganise and get ourself back into shape, and keep calm and see out the game. So it was obviously very frustrating.

CS: It was a total contrast to the first 88 minutes because yourself and Bevis had a good game and looked pretty comfortable up until that point.

AL: Yes definitely - I thought the team were fantastic for 88 minutes. It just shows that we can't switch off, or become complacent when we're 3-0 up.

CS: You scored again, and that's become a regular habit. After not scoring, you're scoring a lot now.

AL: Yes, I've managed to get a few with my feet, so it was good to have one with my head, and hopefully that can continue.

CS: Shayon Harrison scoring his first goal - we've heard a lot about his finishing, and what he's done for Tottenham. What can that do for a young lad to get his first senior goal?

AL: Yes, it will be a massive boost. He's a great talent and I'm sure that will be a massive confidence boost, and hopefully he will get some more for us.

CS: Francois Zoko scored again. He's becoming your go to man. He's your top scorer.

AL: Yes, he must be. He's always a danger in the box, and I think if we can get the ball into his feet inside the box then he can provide some magic.

CS: I imagine with the way the game ended, you just want the next game to come quickly now. It's going to be quite a tough week, and you want the Carlisle game to hurry up don't you?

AL: Yes of course. I'm definitely looking forward to Saturday, to try to make things right. I'm obviously quite frustrated, and we need to set things right really.

CS: Is it important though to have a proper post mortem when you get back into the club on Sunday or Monday or whenever it is and take a look at what happened, and make sure it doesn't happen again.

AL: Yes definitely - I think we can only improve by looking and seeing where we could have been better, and to have a proper diagnosis will be beneficial to everyone.

CS: Everyone saw Barcelona and PSG and what happened at the end in that game. It was something similar here, so it just shows that in football you can never predict it, can you?

AL: Of course - it can happen at the top level as well. It's obviously frustrating and a bitter pill to swallow when it happens to you. But we'll have to learn from it and make sure we are more rigid in the future.

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