Interview : Matthew Dolan : 04/02/2017
Matt Dolan Speaks To The BBC After The 2-2 Draw Against Hartlepool United
Matthew Dolan
Matthew Dolan
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Yeovil Town midfielder Matty Dolan spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had drawn 1-1 against Hartlepool United on Saturday 4th February 2017.

CS: Matty you scored an important equaliser today, and of course coming back home. So a good day for you as well.

MD: Yes obviously the boys battled. I don't think it was a very pretty first half, in tough conditions. We stayed organised and we knew in the second half we would get chances. Obviously it was a bit of a sucker punch with the goal. It was a great finish by their lad, to be fair. But once we got the equaliser, I think we had chances to win the game, and we were probably the side that was going to take the three points. But we'll take a point away from home, as it's a long trip. So we'll get ourselves back down and get ready for Tuesday night.

CS: So are you back on penalties now? I spoke to Kevin Dawson a few weeks ago at Wycombe and he said he's on penalties. He was suspended today, and you've taken one and scored.

MD: Oh well, I suppose you just go to the last person who scored! I don't know. I'll have to take that one up with Kev on the next away trip. Kev has obviously scored every penalty he's taken this season. But it's good that I stepped in and scored.

CS: Great work from Francois Zoko to win the spot kick in the first place.

MD: I think it was very similar to Wycombe. In the second half he sprung into life and he was brilliant. His workrate in the first half was brilliant to contain a good player down their side, and obviously once he squares up one-v-one he is always going to be dangerous. So for him to win the penalty was obviously brilliant. He didn't get the chance to take it as I took it off him. I'm happy to convert that one but I think it was a great shift from all the boys today, especially in the first half. We then got at them in the second half. Now we can kick on.

CS: Your free kick - up and over the wall - how close was that? The keeper made a good save didn't he?

MD: Yes, to be fair as I stood over it, he sort of gave me quite a bit of the goal. Once I got it over, I didn't think it was going anywhere else but in. But fair play to him as he's pulled off a great save. I don't know if he's gambled a bit early, but hey ho, on another day they go in and you take three points back. But I think it was a great performance from everyone. Unfortunately Alex (Lacey) got injured but Darren (Ward) stepped in, which was brilliant professionalism from him. So I think it was a great effort from everyone around the pitch.

CS: You took your penalty in front of the Yeovil fans. Did you also take your penalty in front of a large family contingent?

MD: Yes I obviously got all of my family down. I was very split, to be honest. I had some of my friends in the Pools end, and I had all of my family down at the Yeovil end, and my best mate in the Yeovil end. But the travelling fans were incredible to travel what is 337 miles, I think. Fair play to them as it's incredible from them. It's nice that they can go away with a point, and can take that on to Luton and the chance of Wembley now.

CS: We all noted the fans at the end, as there were 97 who travelled and you and the lads shook the hands of most of them at the end.

MD: Yes, I think it was brilliant. All credit to the fans because it's an incredible trip from one end of the country to the other. For them to do that, and be up at six o'clock this morning, just to be here for match time, that's fair play to them and it's nice that we can reward them with the performance that we did. Obviously the first half was not the greatest, but in the second half, I'm sure that they'll be going home happy now.

CS: You mention Tuesday. It's a cup quarter-final, which is exciting, isn't it?

MD: Yes exactly. I think everyone turned their nose up at the competition when it first came out. But we're two games away from Wembley, so let's get to Wembley. That's what everyone is thinking in the dressing room, so we'll go on to a good game on Tuesday night, and let's get ourselves to Wembley.

CS: Previously you've been at Wembley with Yeovil. Have they been asking about that?

MD: Yes, I think I came on for the last five or ten minutes, or whatever it was. I think I was the only person happy with six minutes stoppage time! So hopefully we can get back there. We've got a good previous record at Wembley. So let's get there and get our names on the trophy.

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