Interview : Matthew Dolan : 05/11/2016
Matt Dolan Speaks To The BBC After The 2-2 Draw Against Solihull Moors
Matthew Dolan
Matthew Dolan
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Yeovil Town midfielder Matt Dolan spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had drawn 2-2 against Solihull Moors on Saturday 5th November 2016.

CS: Matty, everyone loves the FA Cup as it's always full of drama. I guess the Yeovil Town players aren't quite feeling that way tonight.

MD: Yes, I think that everyone goes on about the magic of the cup. We're disappointed as we put ourselves into a great position. I think we could have been one, two or three up maybe in the first half. We got the second goal in the second half. Like you say, we've been seeing games out for fun in the league, and over the last year we've been seeing games out at 1-0 and 2-0. But we're disappointed to lose that clean sheet. Obviously Kev got sent off and it swung the game a bit, but we're disappointed that we didn't see the game out. We've got to go now and put ourselves into the Second Round. We've got the replay at their place, so we'll put ourselves into the Second Round and do a professional job at their place.

CS: Do you see that as the turning point? You were 2-0 up and then you had the red card for Kevin Dawson and you were down to ten. That really gave them the spur that they needed, didn't it?

MD: Yes, obviously I think they got their tails up then. They weren't pretty much in the game, as I don't think Artur had too much to do. Kev obviously knows himself, as he's disappointed in the dressing room. But I think that even with Kev getting sent off, we're good enough to see the game out when we are 2-0 up. But obviously it wasn't to be. So now we've to put that behind us now and we've got to move on to a game on the Wednesday and then the League on the Saturday, and then a Tuesday game I think it is - a week on Tuesday, and put ourselves into the Second Round of the cup.

CS: The two goals that were conceded were both from the edge of the area. Is the issue there shutting the man down quickly enough to stop the shot or to block the shot?

MD: I think we spoke about it. Obviously with the first goal I think it's fallen to him and he's hit it. To be fair he's hit two goals sweet, and he might never hit them like that again.

CS: I've just spoken to him, and he hadn't scored a goal previously this season.

MD: Exactly, that's just the way it is. It's the FA Cup. You don't want to get too wound into that, but I think that we've got to do a better job. Like you say, we need to shut them down, get in blocks, and obviously prevent those goals. But we've got to go now and we've got to do a professional job over at their place. They'll be looking forward to having us at their place, and getting a big crowd and looking for a cup upset. But we've got to go there, we've got to stand strong, show a lot of confidence about ourselves and rise to the occasion, and put ourselves through.

CS: At 2-2, in the last few minutes, you burst forward and had a long range shot. How close was that, because everyone around the ground seemed to think it was going in.

MD: Yes, obviously as soon as I hit it I thought that it was in. I hit one in the second half, and I don't know how the keeper has pulled off the save, and it's hit the post. Like you say, it's just one of those games. I think Otis Khan has stepped up and taken a brilliant free kick, and Ryan Hedges has done well. But we've had chances. Ben Whitfield had a one-on-one in the first half, and so we created chances that on another day might have gone in, and then you're sat here and you're looking at a 4-0 win. But it wasn't to be. So we've got to move on, put this behind us now, regroup as a team and go again next Tuesday in the replay.

CS: Otis did score a fantastic free kick. You've been taking and scoring them this season. How did he persuade you that he was the man for that one?

MD: To be fair to him, I think every free kick has been on the right hand side of goal. Otis has got quality. I said to him, when the ball is on your side, then I'll let you take it - don't worry about it. I sat down and fancied it, but I bit my tongue, and obviously I'm thankful that I didn't, as he hit it in the top corner. So well done to him.

CS: For you personally, you've maintained your record of playing in every minute of every game. But the players are dropping in the midfield now. Matt Butcher injured, Alex Lawless injured and Kevin Dawson will now be suspended. So you're almost becoming last man standing in there.

MD: No, I think the gaffer has shown a lot of faith in me. We worked hard over the summer, and obviously I'm reaping the rewards now, and I've got to keep performing. But the boys in the middle of the park have been fantastic. With the amount of ground that they've been covering, you maybe pick up the odd niggle. Obviously Kev is disappointed that he is going to miss a game through suspension, but when you look at it from last year, the way the gaffer has recruited, when a player steps out someone is going to step up to the mark, and someone is going to perform, and that's the way it has been. We've got no qualms with whoever steps into those midfield roles, or any role for that matter.

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