Interview : Glovers Trust : 28/04/2016
The Glovers Trust Speak To The BBC About Their Establishment As An Organisation
Glovers Trust
Glovers Trust
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Glovers Trust acting communications officer Stuart Burrell spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Claire Carter on Thursday 28th April 2016 about the Trust's establishment and latest position.

CC: You're a recent appointment within the Trust. How did you get involved?

SB: We've been running a number of steering groups since the initial vote was held in January, so that's been covering various aspects of the formation of the Trust, including things like the constitutional rules, the membership scheme and media and communications - that sort of thing. There are a small group of us, including volunteers who have been working tirelessly to get things up and running. In the last month we have been formally registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and Supporters Direct. So we are nearing the point at which we can actually start to recruit members and take the Trust forward.

CC: Do you think you'll struggle to find new members now the club has turned a bit of a corner and they're playing well.

SB: No, I don't so, because I don't think that was the main reason why the Trust was on the agenda in the first place. I think that there was a lack of engagement from the club all-round, in the view of a number of supporters, and in terms of what was being done to change the fortunes. The vote was carried out over a month into Darren Way's tenure, so the results had already changed. The vote was carried out in January, and there were 150 people at the meeting who felt that it was all still very much a key point off focus. Over 300 people voted in favour of supporting it, and we've also received various letters of support through the email chain, through social media, and from supporters who are keen to see the Trust move forward. We've also been engaging with other supporters clubs who are related to Yeovil Town Football Club. The discussions have been largely positive so far, and we've also had a declaration of support from Bridport Glovers on that front. So everyone is very much behind us to take this Trust forward.

CC: What influence do you think the Trust can have?

SB: It's not clear at this stage. We don't have a mandate to talk on behalf of the supporters as yet, until we've actually got our members. Obviously, the more members that you have, the stronger your voice can be. In terms of what we are looking to do, we want to continue to have positive engagement with the football club. Depending on how that is, various agenda points can be put forward by Trust members. That will then dictate how easy or hard it is to influence (the club). If that can't be achieved then it may be a case of sitting tight and biding time until there is a point where there are people involved who want to engage more effectively.

CC: Stuart, how can supporters get involved and contact the Trust?

SB: There are numerous ways. We've got an email address, which is - we've got a Glovers Trust Facebook Page and a @GloversTrust Twitter account. So there are numerous methods of communication. We are also working on a website at present, which is still under construction, but that should be online in the next few weeks.

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