Interview : Alex Lacey : 25/03/2016
Alex Lacey Speaks To The BBC After The 0-0 Draw Against Carlisle United
Alex Lacey
Alex Lacey
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Yeovil Town defender Alex Lacey speaks to BBC Somerset after his side drew 0-0 against Carlisle United on Friday 25th March 2016.

CS: You were involved a lot earlier than you expected today?

AL: Yes of course it's never nice when someone goes down injured but I think that when you come on, you've just got to take your chance. It was good for me to show what I'm about, but it was unlucky for Wardy to get injured.

CS: It was so early in the game. Do you always prepare pre-match just in case you get a late call-up?

AL: Yes definitely - you can't go and sit on the bench and think that you're not going to play because if you come on and put in a bad performance then that is what it comes down to. So you always prepare like you're going to play, and you end up being disappointed if you're not.

CS: It was nice to come on against Carlisle, because of course you had the red card in the FA Cup game, didn't you?

AL: Yes, I managed to stay on the pitch this time, which was good! So it was really good to get another game under my belt.

CS: The back four was much changed today, with Jakub at right-back and you coming in, so a clean sheet is a real achievement, isn't it?

AL: Yes definitely - I think that it shows that anyone can come in and do a good job. The back four have been keeping a lot of clean sheets lately and it's good to keep that going. So I'm really happy.

CS: Is there a feeling amongst the players that this is another point towards safety today?

AL: Yes definitely - obviously we always go out to win the game but with the style of football that they play that was going to be difficult. It was so end-to-end and with all of their long balls it was so hard to get momentum and gain a few attacks. But it was a really good solid performance.

CS: As a centre-half going into that, you know you're in for an aerial bombardment.

AL: Yes, it's important to keep an organised back four, and to be professional about the team.

CS: You really are closer to survival tonight because York drew as well, so it remains eleven points but now of course only eight games left.

AL: Yes of course - that's the thing that we're aiming to do as soon as possible really, to be safe. Our recent form has been fantastic so we are just trying to keep that going.

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