Interview : Ryan Dickson : 05/03/2016
Ryan Dickson Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against Mansfield
Ryan Dickson
Ryan Dickson
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Yeovil Town left-back Ryan Dickson spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had won 1-0 against Mansfield Town on Saturday 5th February 2016.

CS: Ryan, congratulations - a match winner for the second consecutive game. My question is what were you doing in the box in the 91st minute?

Yes, just before that as well I asked Terry how long left. I just carried on my run. It was a good move and I think Brandon (Goodship) did very well to square it back, and I was in the right place, I guess.

CS: We were just speculating whether Yeovil would be ready to settle for a point, coming to a place like Mansfield and at 0-0 in the closing stages, but clearly the attacking intent was there.

RD: Yes, it was one of those where the game had obviously become open. They had pushed men forward, and I think we dealt with that aerial threat. They're a physical side obviously - with Matt Green up top they pump balls to him, and to be fair he's a good player for this league. So I think we dealt with their attacking threat, where it was not going to be an easy place to come to, and then we've nicked a goal, so that was great.

CS: You always hoped that you could turn it around, and you believed that you could, but three wins in a row now and three 1-0 victories. It really is an impressive run of form.

RD: Yes, the way that we are playing is obviously a lot more attractive and a lot more solid. Everyone knows their jobs, and we've got that little bit more quality, and when you are in a team like that you can strive and start performing a lot better as individuals as well.

CS: The manager has said he has made the players aware of the form table, and you're right near the top of that. Is that something that you're going to look to progress and stay there between now and the end of the season?

RD: Yes, I think that we've got the quality to do so. I think that it is one of those in this league where there isn't a lot between all of the sides. Today, to be fair, I think we had a little bit more quality than them, but they maybe created a few more chances. So there isn't a lot between games. So if we can just keep performing the way that we've been playing, then I don't see why not.

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