Interview : Matthew Dolan : 02/01/2016
Matthew Dolan Speaks To The BBC After The 1-0 Win Against York City
Matthew Dolan
Matthew Dolan
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Yeovil Town midfielder Matthew Dolan spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after he scored the winning goal in a 1-0 win over York City on Saturday 2nd January 2016.

CS: Matty, congratulations - Yeovil Town's first win in 17 league games how does that feel?

MD: Yes, brilliant. All credit to the boys as they've worked really hard under the new gaffer and his new regime and we got what we deserved today, I thought.

CS: Has there been a sense that it is been coming since Darren Way took over?

MD: Yes he's been really positive since he came in. He's wanted to breed positivity around the club, which he's obviously had. We've had the two seasons that we struggled with, but yes he's been brilliant and he's been really positive and the results are going to come if we keep doing what we're doing.

CS: It was a battling performance today, and the goal came from you from the penalty spot. You seemed very calm, wheras everyone around you who seemed very nervous!

MD: I know Ned (Scott Flanders) their keeper anyway. I normally go in the bottom, although I change it around a bit. But I back myself to take a penalty any time. I think we were positive in the first half and obviously they are going to come out in the second half and they are going to have a right go at us. But I think we withstood that really well apart from a couple of really close shaves. We could have nicked a goal ourselves towards the end.

CS: Their goalkeeper Scott Flinders is somebody that you've known for some time up in Hartlepool.

MD: Yes Scotty is a great keeper, and all credit to Scotty because he's had a brilliant career. But I took the penalties against him in training all the time and so it was a battle of wits really. Thankfully I came out on top.

CS: We saw Jack Compton and Frangois Zoko having a chat over the penalty. Were they trying to to claim it off you you've obviously been the penalty taker all season?

MD: Yes Jack has taken penalties before, and Jack knows Scotty as well. Frangois is obviously confident at the minute he's a striker and he's going to want to take it. But Terry shouted over and said that I was going to take it. So it was nice to get a goal.

CS: At Huish Park, the fans are all behind you and they were so relieved to finally get the win as well.

MD: Yes, this is a massive thing. The fans have had a lot of pain recently and a lot of hurt and obviously it's just as much for us as it is for them. I think the gaffer said that they are massively behind us now, with the new gaffer and the way things are going at the moment. We are going to need them just as much as the other way around. So it's brilliant and it's nice for them to go home happy on a Saturday evening for once.

CS: It been seeming like a three horse race for so often, but if you look at the table now, Newport and Hartlepool are down amongst it now, so you are pulling teams back towards you.

MD: Yes obviously with Dagenham winning today that's a bit disappointing for us but all we've got to do is focus on us and we will keep dragging teams towards us. Hopefully if we keep going on a good mini-run, then we will pull ourselves out of it quicker, and sooner rather than later.

CS: It's FA Cup action next up. You obviously still want to be in the FA Cup but with the way the league is going, you want as many league games to come as quickly as possible don't you?

MD: Yes, obviously we want to go on the back of another league game and on the back of another win. But winning brings confidence and we will be quite happy to take the FA Cup tie and hopefully win there. Then let's get a big cup tie again, to create some more revenue for the club and you never know that revenue might bring in loan players. Like we said before, you can't underestimate the FA Cup, especially when you are a smaller club.

CS: In the New Year there seems to be a lot of positivity around here at Huish Park.

MD: Yes I think that's what we've got to build on. We've got to keep building on the positivity. The gaffer has done his studying on teams that have been struggling, to change their ways around, they look to breed a positive environment so we've got to keep building on this, and hopefully we will breed a good positive environment and get out of it soon.

CS: Just tell us some of the things that Darren Way has done. I've heard about different sleep patterns, drinking more and your diets. Is it absolutely everything that he is looking at?

MD: Yes, he has done everything to the 'nth' degree and that is all credit to him. With the Chief Executive appointing him, he obviously deserves it and all of the players are massively behind him. He has brought in Darren Ward, and Wardy is here again now (after signing a new contract) and that is going to be really good for the club, and we are going in the right direction.

CS: One other change today - all of you walked out in these bright white pristine tracksuit tops. I have never seen them before, but I would imagine that they will be kept because they brought you good luck. What is that all about Matty?

MD: I don't know it's maybe a mental thing. I spoke to somebody about it and the gaffer said 'look good, feel good, play good'. It is a motto that quite a lot of footballers would look at. If you look good and you feel good, then hopefully you can go out there and play good. That is credit to Darren but let's see how long he can keep them white for!

CS: The fact that they are all bright white probably means that you're going to be washing your own tracksuit tops!

MD: No (Kit Manager) Dan Powell will probably put them in with all the blacks so they will be grey ones next week!

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