Interview : Ryan Dickson : 19/10/2015
Ryan Dickson Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Mansfield
Ryan Dickson
Ryan Dickson
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Yeovil Town captain Ryan Dickson spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Richard Hoskin on Monday 19th October 2015, as part of the build-up to the home match against Mansfield Town.

RD: We need to take the game to teams at home now, and try to be as positive as possible, to create and score some chances. If we're going to win games, then we're going to have to score goals. It's as simple as that really - we need to start scoring.

RH: You'd never go gung ho, but are you going to attack Mansfield tomorrow?

RD: The plan is that at home, we're going to have to see it as better off getting three points, rather than trying to nick a draw or trying to nick a win. We're going to have to try to take games to teams.

RH: Are you a player that looks at League tables?

RD: I think that every player does, to be honest.

RH: I guess that at the moment it's not the prettiest of reading, but that could all change with a couple of positive results.

RD: Yes, like I said, we need a win. We need to pick up three points, somewhere along the line and hopefully sooner rather than later. It needs to be Tuesday. But yes if you win a few then it can change around in this league quite quickly. We just need to find a formula where we can pick up points really.

RH: How has the season been for you so far? I guess with a large spell on the sidelines, it must be frustrating really, and be delighted to just be back in the side now?

RD: Yes, it's just about getting match fitness back up, and getting my match sharpness more than anything. Obviously I'm playing catch-up a little, but I just want to play football. It's horrible watching games - I'm not the best of watchers anyway. So I just want to play now as much as I can, and up my performances.

RH: Is there light at the end of the tunnel on the injury front now?

RD: Yes, I think we're getting there with players. It's obviously a sore subject, as we're still missing a few vital players, like Kev Dawson from last year. Simon Gillett is out for a long time, and Omar Sowunmi obviously did quite well before he was injured. So it's one of those. We've got a decent eleven anyway, so we should be looking to pick up points.

RH: I guess often the eyes are on the manager but the players need to take some responsibility now, don't they?

RD: Well that's it. It isn't solely on the manager. He's got players to work with, and we haven't performed to the standard that we need to, especially at home I feel. We know that it's going to be a big ask to win every game, but with the likes of Dagenham and Hartlepool, those are the sort of games that we should be looking to win.

RH: Mansfield lost on the weekend but they've had a good season so far. So it will be a real confidence booster if you can get one over them.

RD: That's it - we need to get a confidence booster from somewhere. Hopefully it will be tomorrow night.

RH: The fans have a part to play - if they get behind you then a positive atmosphere may help home form count.

RD: Yes, I think that's what we need. We need them to stick with us, because it is a young squad and it is inexperienced. The club has obviously had success in the past but of late that's not been the case over the last couple of years. So there needs to be a little bit of realism where things are not going to turnaround overnight. But everyone is pulling in the right direction. There's definitely fight amongst the boys and we're desperate to do well, that's for sure.

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