Interview : Ryan Dickson : 03/10/2015
Ryan Dickson Speaks To The BBC After The 0-0 Draw Against Portsmouth
Ryan Dickson
Ryan Dickson
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Yeovil Town captain Ryan Dickson spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Alistair Durden after his side had drawn 0-0 against Portsmouth on Saturday 3rd October 2015.

AD: Welcome back skipper - that was a pretty impressive point to get today, wasn't it?

RD: Yes, we've been working hard all week and the boys have put in a good shift. Before the game, the gaffer said don't let all this hard work on our shape and how we want to play go to waste. Obviously we knew when we came here that we were going to be under massive pressure. With their budget - there's no point in bringing budgets into it, but it's obviously a lot higher than ours. So we knew it was going to be tough. They've got some great players that I've come across a few times. So the boys did themselves proud. I think that it was a good team performance.

AD: Especially in the last ten minutes, with a lot of balls into the box and a lot of balls to defend. What was that like?

RD: Yes well as a defender, you love it! It's good fun, like I said. With those games, as a wide player you've got to cover a lot of ground, up and down. So that's not so enjoyable. But it's one of those things. When you're a defender, they're perfect games for you to be playing in.

AD: Coming in at half time, you'd actually had the better chances in this game hadn't you?

RD: Yes, we could have nicked a couple. Josh Sheehan has got unbelievable set play deliveries - they've got real quality. We nearly got in on the end of a couple of them. I think that was our aim. We knew that a set play was going to be good for us, or obviously Harry Cornick's pace on the break. But we'll take a point all day, especially after two losses.

AD: A building block? A confidence booster? Is that how you'd describe today's result?

RD: Yes, I think that's it. It's hopefully a fresh start - that's what we've got to look forward to. It's something to build on. There's no point in dwelling on the past, because we need to pick up confidence quickly and pick up points quickly.

AD: Players have been in and out of this team. You've been one of them because of injuries. Getting some sort of cohesion within the team has I suppose been the hardest bit?

RD: Yes, that's it. It's been tough. I've not really known anything like it. But it's just one of those things - it's football, and you're always then playing catch-up with your fitness. But you can only get fitness by playing games, and those are the games that you want to be playing in.

AD: The manager told us before the game, Ryan won't be able to play 90 minutes - or ideally we won't have him playing 90 minutes - but you had to play 90 in the end! Were you blowing by the end?

RD: Yes, to be fair I was okay at left-back. Obviously it was my first game for a long time - if I'd carried on playing left midfield then I would have struggled to get through the ninety.

AD: So how do you feel?

RD: Stiff!

AD: Are you okay for Tuesday?

RD: Yes - I'll recover; it's my job and I'll be back on the pitch hopefully.

AD: It was your first game since the opening day. What has it been like to be stuck on the sidelines all this time injured?

RD: Yes, it's hard. Obviously the gaffer and Terry brought me in, and to be fair I feel I've let them down a bit. It's one of them, where it's not nice watching games, especially with the way things have been going. I'm not good at watching games anyway - I don't like watching games - I'm just not a good watcher of football. I just get frustrated. So it hasn't been easy for me.

AD: Back to JPT action on Tuesday night. A competition you'd like to do well in?

RD: Well that's it - it's one of those things where personally I would like to go to Wembley. That's my best chance of going to Wembley. It's something I haven't yet - unless we get into the play-offs - but it's something that I haven't done, so at some point in my career it's something that I want to do.

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