Interview : Natalie Haigh : 27/07/2015
Natalie Haigh Speaks To The BBC After The 7-1 Win Over Watford Ladies
Natalie Haigh
Natalie Haigh
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Yeovil Town Ladies captain Natalie Haigh spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Emma Britton on Monday 27th July 2015, about the club's 7-1 win over Watford Ladies.

EB: It's been an amazing week. How are you and the team feeling?

NH: Yes, it's really good at the moment. There's a really good team spirit around the club, and I think that this week has been a just reward for everybody's hard work - not just the players on the pitch, but for all of the players in the squad and everybody behind the scenes as well. It's been a really fantastic week for us.

EB: I've got a bit of a test for you. Because I wasn't able to be there yesterday, can you talk us through who scored the seven goals? Are you able to do that?

NH: Oh my goodness! I'll have to rack my brains!

EB: It doesn't matter what order they come in!

NH: There were so many! Corinne Yorston got us off the mark with a penalty in the first six minutes. She also happened to score a worldy during the second half which was a sort of a half-volley from the edge of the box. Helen Bleazard got on the scoresheet as well as Sarah Wiltshire. New signing Emily Donovan, who has just come up from the development team scored as well. Are you keeping count of these?

EB: That's five! What about Annie (Heatherson) - did she manage one?

NH: She did and I was saving her until last because I know she's absolutely gutted that she's not on the breakfast show with you this morning. So I've got to give her a special mention.

EB: We'll talk about her in a minute, but there's one missing - who was the missing one?

NH: Ellie Curson scored a worldy as well - there were a few good goals yesterday.

EB: Ellie was player of the match, wasn't she?

NH: She was - yes. That was well deserved.

EB: Fantastic, so let's talk about Annie Heatherson. I'm not supposed to have favourites, but I've got a soft spot for her because she really wears her heart on her sleeve. What happened with her goal yesterday?

NH: Annie had actually set the corner up herself. She'd worked hard with the ball in the middle of the park, and she'd played some good football. I think it eventually came from a cross, and it was a header that she scored. I know that she was very very excited. We'd already been given a taste of her celebrations in the first half with her fish celebrations.

EB: Yes, I've seen a picture of this, and I'm not sure I understand it - can you explain? She's calling herself the fish-girl or something?

NH: Well that's a very long story! But basically she was flapping around on the floor like a fish, and Helen Bleazard pretended to rein her in on her fishing rod, and then we all went over and picked her up for her photo. You missed a good one there!

EB: I was worried that it was going to be a story that wasn't suitable for radio, so I'm glad you kept it clean! Is it hard as a team not to get carried away when you have such a good run of results, because momentum is good, but what you don't want to do is to get complacent.

NH: Yes, absolutely. We're on a good run at the moment. I think we've come back from the break, ready to go, and I think our results have shown that. But like you say, it's important for us to keep our feet on the ground, and we'll take each game as it comes. We've got a really big game coming up this Thursday so as we come down off Cloud Nine from this week, we'll be back in training tomorrow and ready to go for Thursday.

EB: Yes, they come thick and fast - it's basically a local derby on Thursday night in the Continental Cup against Bristol Academy.

NH: Yes, absolutely. We played the same fixture last year, and we managed to grind out a 0-0 result, which for Yeovil at the time was fantastic. We all worked really hard in that game - I'm not sure many people could walk on the day after! I know that Bristol were frustrated and felt that they should have won the game, but hopefully on Thursday it will be a bit more of an even contest, and that we can get a good result again.

EB: Bad back permitting, I'm hoping to come down on Thursday night to give you a bit of a cheer on. I know some of the team will be listening, so any message for them as you go into the game on Thursday?

NH: I said on Twitter last night that I'm always proud to captain this team, but I think that this week has shown everybody across the country, and supporters of Women's football, what we're all about. We had a lot of people come and watch the team last week at Huish Park and I think the girls did themselves really proud with the performances that they've put in. I know that Corinne (Yorston) and Annie (Heatherson) are currently listening so I've got to give them a shout out, as they've been fantastic since they signed for us in the summer, as have all our signings. Everything seems to be clicking into place. We've just got to keep on doing what we're doing and get a result against Bristol on Thursday.

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