Interview : Stephen Allinson : 19/02/2015
Stephen Allinson Speaks To The BBC About His Resignation As YTFC Director
Stephen Allinson
Stephen Allinson
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Yeovil Town outgoing director Stephen Allinson spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Charlie Taylor on Thursday 19th February 2015 after his decision to step down as a director of the men's football club.

SA: (Talking about the progress of the men's team over the past 20 years) I was absolutely sure when I joined, even though we were in the ICIS League at the time, that we had the infrastructure and the ability to obtain League football. That was always my dream - to be a director when we got League football. But then to do what we have done has been Roy of the Rovers stuff really.

CT: What was the highlight? Was it that day at Wembley, when suddenly it all became clear that Yeovil would be playing the likes of Leeds, Reading and all of those teams in the Championship?

SA: It's interesting because several people have asked me that over the last few days as you might appreciate. But yes that's certainly got to be the highlight, and in particular turning around and realising after we'd beaten Brentford that we were literally one league away from the Premier League. But the best game probably was that away win against Nottingham Forest when we were 2-0 down in the first leg and we beat them to go through to our first play-off final, which we lost in 2007. But that game was just an incredible thing to be present at.

CT: It must have been hard to believe what was going on.

SA: It was just one of those nights where you say "I was there".

CT: Why did you leave then? What was the decision?

SA: I think it's been pretty well realised that I've become a lot more involved in the Ladies football in the last six months to a year, and at the national level I'm on the management committee for the Women's Super League now. Then when David Mills stepped down as Chairman and he indicated to me that he'd like me to take the role, I took soundings and I just thought that to give my all to that, and to chair the Community Trust, that it was too much to do all three roles. I am someone who likes projects, and the Ladies and the Community Trust are real projects that hopefully I can take forward in the way that I've helped take the men's club forward.

CT: Nothing to do with Gary Johnson leaving, because the timing does look as though you've taken offence to the way all that happened?

SA: No, nothing to do with that at all. I'd indicated to John (Fry) before Christmas that I thought it was something that I should be doing, and I've become more and more involved with the Ladies. So it's certainly not connected to anything in terms of on-the-field. Although obviously as a former Director - and I will be soon - and as a fan, I'm disappointed with the way our season is going.

CT: I understand, although we'll keep our fingers crossed as there have been a lot of signings in the last couple of days.

SA: Yes, there's been a lot going on there certainly, and I'll look forward to seeing how that beds down on Saturday.

CT: How hard was it to sever that link with the men's team?

SA: Well when it's something that you've done for nearly 20 years, and you've seen your children have grown up with it, then obviously it's been a big part of my life. Everywhere that I've gone, both personally and professionally, people have talked about Yeovil. So yes it's been very hard. But every book has its final chapter and I felt the time was right. I'm actually really excited about Ladies football. My goal - and I've been quite open about it - is to make sure that Yeovil Town Ladies get into the FA Women's Super League 1, and be one of the top ten teams in the country.

CT: I was going to ask you - is that the plan?

SA: Oh absolutely. I'm quite happy to go public on that. In the next two or three years we want to be playing Arsenal or Chelsea or Manchester City and those sort of clubs at the top table.

CT: Well best of luck with that Stephen. We do keep a close eye on what the Yeovil Ladies are up to.

SA: Yes, you've always been very supportive of that, and I'm sure you will be again. Rest assured I will not be severing my ties with the men's team. Maybe I can say a few more things at games than I could say in the Directors' Box!

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