Interview : Adam Lockwood : 19/03/2005
Adam Lockwood after coming on as a substitute against Bury
Adam Lockwood
Adam Lockwood
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Adam Lockwood spoke to the press having come on as a substitute against Bury, which marked his first appearance back into the first team since last December.

Qu: It must have been good to finally get back into the first team?

AL: It was. I got called upon to do a job and thats what I had to do. But it was disappointing that the result didnt come out the way we wanted. We didnt score and obviously that will always be a big factor as to what went wrong today.

Qu: You must have played more minutes today than you anticipated.

AL: Thats football for you. It is a funny old game. You have just got to be ready all the time. I had to be ready after about twenty minutes and come on a do a job and hopefully I did that job.

Qu: Are you pleased with your personal performance today?

AL: Well you never like to really comment and it is up to other people to judge that I think. I have just got to go and do a job when I am asked to and that is what I will always try and do.

Qu: Were you nervous at all coming back because that is the second time you have come back this season?

AL: No, last time I came back I had a positive attitude and sometimes it just isnt to be. It wasnt to be last time as I had to go and have another operation. I have managed to get into the team after coming on from the bench obviously and that is what I have been building up towards. My main objective when I was injured was to get back into the team, so no I wasnt nervous at all as that is what I have been wanting.

Qu: Do you feel you have fully recovered from your injury?

AL: Yes. Obviously every game that comes by now is better for me. But I came through a full 90 minutes reserve team game last Tuesday and I felt really good in that. Hopefully I can keep going the way that it has been.

Qu: They were two similar injuries werent they?

AL: They were both the same thing really. I had crushed my cartilage and then I had a little injury to the lining of the bone and that is what set me back the second time. The second operation was really a follow-up to the first one that I had.

Qu: How far off match fitness would you say you are?

AL: I am ready I think. I felt good today. Each game that goes by, I will increase my fitness. I need to keep that sharpness back and keep going.

Qu: It is going to be a tough period ahead for Yeovil with the season drawing to a close.

AL: It is a tough period but the season has been tough all year. Now is the time that we have got to push on and enjoy the fight and the challenge of getting promoted. A lot of the lads have put in so much effort all year and it has come to that stage in the season where we have got to put the final touches.

Qu: It is going to be an exciting end of season but one which you are going to have to work hard for?

AL: We have got to work hard now and probably harder than we have been doing and get through it and hopefully at the end of the season we would have achieved the goal which we have been working for all year.

[Transcript by George Murray]

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