Match Details: Yeovil Town v Torquay United
Match Details: Yeovil Town v Torquay United

Match Details: 05/09/2009
Yeovil Town 8-2 Torquay United
Football League Youth Alliance Cup Group Stage

Yeovil Goals: Lloyd Matthews (12), Lloyd Matthews (15), Johnny Oliver (58), Robert Clowes (70), Adam Wakley (84), Robert Clowes (88), Adam Wakley (90), Robert Clowes (90)

Yeovil Line-Up: 1. Steve Boore, 2. Sam Ford, 3. Joe Grimstead, 4. Steve Harris, 5. Tom Scott, 6. Tom Gallagher, 7. Tyler Sheppard, 8. Johnny Oliver, 9. Robert Clowes, 10. Lloyd Matthews, 11. Ciaran Levet,
Subs: 12. Rhys Baggridge, 13. Alex Sprake, 14. Thomas Hopkins, 15. Charlie Elsworth, 17. Adam Wakley

Substitutes Used: Adam Wakley for Tom Gallagher (66 mins), Charlie Elsworth for Ciaran Levet (73 mins), Thomas Hopkins for Lloyd Matthews (76 mins)

Match Report:

Yeovil Town's Under 18s side ran riot in a Youth Alliance Cup Group match this morning, beating Torquay United 8-2 in a bad-tempered encounter at Carey's Playing Fields in Sherborne. The Gulls finished with eight players on the pitch, as they lost their discipline badly in the closing stages and the Glovers took full advantage to pump up their goal difference in the opening Cup Group fixture.

The first half was a good old end-to-end encounter. Torquay took the lead from the penalty spot after a trip in the box, with Ashley Yeoman setting the Gulls on their way. However, Lloyd Matthews had been promoted from the Under 16s for the day, and he rose to the occasion, grabbing two goals in three minutes, with both having similarities about them - low drives into the corner of the net from inside the box.

Ray Spear equalised for Torquay with just 24 minutes gone and at that point the Under 18s were mirroring their First Team counterparts rather well in recent games - good going forward, but somewhat shaky at the back. However, Yeovil seemed to have a slight edge on the game and with the wind at their backs, the second half would look to favour them.

The game had a bit of an nasty side to it, with Torquay often resorting to fairly underhand tactics on their opposite numbers. The match referee initially seemed to take a very lenient view on this - although on occasions he missed incidents that the crowd watching let him know about. One was more obvious - Torquay's Ed Palmer decided to throw the ball at a Yeovil player in an act of petulance and finally a player landed in the book. That came off the back of a couple of melees in which the match official and his nearest linesman decided they couldn't identify those responsible, although perhaps Yeovil's first substitution suggested that the Yeovil bench could - withdrawing Tom Gallagher almost immediately afterwards.

By this point, Yeovil were 3-2 up - a long throw by Sam Ford being well controlled by Johnny Oliver, who almost took the ball to the goal-line with his back to goal, before hooking it into the net, with Torquay's keeper taking a knock in the process that raised the temperature of the game even further.

The Torquay keeper's decision to stay down injured for Yeovil's next goal was perhaps more out of embarrassment than injury - he spilt the ball far too close to Rob Clowes and he had an empty net to walk the ball into.

At this point, Torquay seemed to collectively lose the plot. Their wide man Rob Herring got into a running battle with Ciaran Levet out on the flank, and after one punch was missed by the officials, the shouts from the sidelines were enough to alert the linesman into viewing a second connection being made seconds later. By this stage lenience wasn't even an option for the match referee, and Torquay were down to ten men.

Rob Clowes grabbed another tap-in before Torquay disintegrated again, losing both Ed Palmer and Ike Robertson to second yellows for bad fouls, and at that point it was only a question of how many. Clowes grabbed his hat-trick in the final minute, and Adam Wakley notched his second goal with a powerful drive from outside the box.

Quite why the Torquay captain, manager or the match referee did not step in at any given stage to try and calm things down, only they will know. Those on the touchline could see the game was a pressure-cooker waiting to go off. The Glovers weren't wholly innocent at all times, and were perhaps lucky not to lose a man in the midst of one of the earlier incidents, but on the whole they steered clear of retaliating and in the end they thankfully let their football do the talking.

Final Score: Yeovil Town Under 18s 8 Torquay United 2.

Scorers: Yeoman (0-1 , pen 10 mins), Lloyd Matthews (1-1, 12 mins), Lloyd Matthews (2-1, 15 mins), Spear (2-2, 24 mins), Johnny Oliver (3-2, 58 mins), Rob Clowes (4-2, 70 mins), Adam Wakley (5-2, 84 mins), Rob Clowes (6-2, 88 mins), Rob Clowes (7-2, 90 mins), Adam Wakley (8-2, 90 mins).

Yeovil Town Under 18s: 1. Steve Boore, 2. Sam Ford, 3. Joe Grimstead, 4. Steve Harris, 5. Tom Scott (Capt), 6. Tom Gallagher, 7. Tyler Sheppard, 8. Johnny Oliver, 9. Rob Clowes, 10. Lloyd Matthews, 11. Ciaran Levet

Subs: 12. Rhys Baggridge, 17. Adam Wakley (for Tom Gallagher 66 mins), 14. Tom Hopkins (for Lloyd Matthews 76 mins), 15. Charlie Elsworth (for Levet 73 mins), 13. Alex Sprake (GK).

Torquay United Under 18s: Searle, Parish, Westcott, Robertson, Palmer, Taylor, Herring, Beattie, Spear, Yeoman, Williams

Subs: Green (not used), Halpin, Kudi
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