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Club Background

The old Bucks Head. But at least it had a stand.
The old main stand - it wasn't much, but it was better than nothing!
Telford have been in the doldrums for years. One of only two clubs to be ever present since the formation of the Alliance they were a great force in the 80s, once defeating no less than seven league sides in two FA Cup seasons, only bowing out to Everton (in the fifth round at Goodison Park) and Derby. They also made Wembley in the FA Trophy twice in the 1970's and twice in the 1980's picking up the trophy on two occasions. The last of the FA Trophy wins was to signal the start of their wilderness years. Each year the presumption is that they'll turn the corner. 1997-98 saw them only survive because Slough were expelled. This was supposed to be the rock bottom from which they would recover but in the subsequent season they continued to struggle, if not so desperately. Three years ago the talk was of Telford rising from the ashes but it all came to naught. It was another term of hovering just above the relegation fight. The main statistic of note was when they went over the year mark without an away win.

Why is this? The town of Telford is a thriving and fairly prosperous new conurbation. Although there are other clubs around the area they don't have a major club right on their doorstep to siphon off support. Their chairman is a mega-rich sugar-daddy who has been fairly free with his money. It is true that they have tended to chop and change managers recently; currently Jake King is the man in the hot seat for a second time; perhaps the chairman has been a little too impatient to see a return for his investment.

Two aspects dominate Telford's expectations for the future. They joined the current trend in the Conference and turned full-time the season before last. It paid off to the extent that their sixth place finish was the best for a decade and was a brave move on crowds that struggle to average 1,000 on a good day, but tensions soon emerged as chairman Andy Shaw found costs spiralling. An outsider might wonder what he expected to happen, but anyway.... Part way through the season he launched a stinging attack on the lack of support coming through the gates and from business sponsors in the Telford area. The message was somewhat diluted as the 800 crowd that occasioned his ire was minus one Telford chairman who happened to be doing his corporate entertaining at Old Trafford that very evening. Oops! Shaw basically said that he couldn't carry the burden of losing hundreds of thousands a year himself, and that the club would return to part-time football, and now that all full-time contracts at the club have run out that is exactly what has happened.

The second aspect is the project for a completely new ground costing 9.5 million with a 6,778 capacity and 2,510 seats. Shaw obviously hoped that this enormously ambitious project would coincide with and complement better performances on the pitch and therefore increasing crowds. The new stadium was in progress during the first season of the full-time experiment, and the first hiccup occurred when the grass on the new pitch didn't take. Telford had to play the first part of that season at Worcester to some of the lowest crowds ever recorded in the Conference, which couldn't have helped cash flow. Even when opened the pitch left a lot to be desired: when Yeovil played there, after not that much rain, pools of standing water meant a shot from Andy Lindegaard literally stuck in the mud on the goal-line, to be picked up by a well beaten but much relieved keeper. The new ground was supposed to be completed some time ago, but progress ground to a halt for a while with just the two ends finished - impressive as they are. After months of inactivity work has now begun on constructing at least part of the new Main Stand to ensure that club complies with Conference ground regulations. At the time of writing seating for 550 has been installed, with work to complete the stand scheduled to begin in the new year.

Away end at the new Bucks Head.
Away end full of the travelling Glovers faithful last season. A well appointed terrace - but don't expect to hear a word over the tin-pot tannoy system.

On the pitch the position for manager Jake King has gone from 'difficult' to very nearly 'impossible'. What was at one time a full-time squad of 23 has been reduced to a part-time squad of around 16, including some long-term loan players. Highly regarded players such as defenders Jim Bentley and Neil Moore have departed to Morecambe and Mansfield respectively, while striker Mark Quayle - whose wage was being paid by supporters at one point - has gone to Nuneaton.

Prediction corner : We forecast an 11th place finish for Telford last season, and in the event they did slightly better than that, ending up in 9th position - a creditable effort in the financial circumstances, and by no means the worst finish of the full-time clubs. This season however they will find things tougher. Part-time again, relying too much on loan signings and with one of the smallest squads in the Conference due to cost-cutting, they are at the time of writing struggling, unsurprisingly, in 17th place. We can't see it getting any better than that for them - indeed, this could well be the season that they lose that proud record of being ever-present in the top flight of non-league football.... maybe! We forecast a long season of struggle but think that there will be three worse sides in the Conference this season so they should survive - just. Final position: 19th!

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We've Met Before ...

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Telford United : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Telford United

24/01/1970AwaySLW3-2Plumb, K Thompson, Weller
07/02/1970HomeSLL1-2K Thompson
28/11/1970AwaySLW2-1Grey, Clancy
16/09/1974AwaySLW3-1Brown, Verity, Plumb
28/12/1974HomeSLW7-02654Plumb(2), Brown, Clancy(3), Cotton
03/01/1976HomeSLW2-02210Clancy, Hickton
26/03/1977HomeSLW4-01810Hickton, Harland, Plumb(2)
18/03/1978HomeSLW2-0Dominey, Harland
30/12/1978HomeSLD3-3Piper, Green, Cotton
01/09/1979AwayAPLW3-0912Clancy, Finnigan(2)
13/11/1982HomeAPLL3-41280Bell(2), Beck
30/11/1982AwayAPLL2-31006Brown, James
17/04/1984AwayAPLD2-2806Own Goal, Finnigan
30/03/1985HomeGOLAD3-3969McGinlay(2), Tooze
17/09/1988AwayGMVCW1-01234Randall 73
21/01/1989HomeGMVCW4-32135Wallace 25, Whittingham 41, 42, 48
04/02/1989HomeFAT2L1-42714Thorpe 84
20/03/1990AwayGMVCD1-1941Wilson 77
05/05/1990HomeGMVCW1-04237Cordice 62
25/08/1990AwayGMVCW2-11434Own Goal 15, Dent 35
27/03/1991HomeGMVCL1-21338Conning 7
15/11/1997HomeConfW5-32133Patmore(2), Fielder, Stott, Pickard
17/03/1998AwayConfW4-1565Smith(2), Archer, Winston
29/09/1998AwayConfD2-2757Stott 33, Hayfield 44
19/12/1998HomeConfW4-02253Keeling 49, Hannigan 57, 64, Patmore 86
25/09/1999AwayConfL1-31002Pitman 48
22/01/2000HomeConfW2-12174Patmore 23, 27
02/12/2000HomeConfW2-03106Own Goal 4, White 27
28/04/2001AwayConfW2-11821McIndoe 38, Steele 51
22/08/2001AwayConfD2-21203Ramsay 53, Crittenden 65
15/12/2001HomeConfD1-12454McIndoe 28
13/10/2002AwayConfW5-01509Crittenden 22, Lockwood 23, Lindegaard 32, Forinton 40, G Williams 84
05/04/2003HomeConfW3-07558McIndoe 28, 84, Jackson 44

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Telford United


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Club Statistics


05/04/2003Yeovil TownAwayConfL0-37558
07/04/2003Stevenage BoroughHomeConfL1-3721D Brown 82
12/04/2003Nuneaton BoroughHomeConfL1-2987Palmer 69
19/04/2003Forest Green RoversAwayConfD1-1801Moore 15
21/04/2003MargateHomeConfW1-01016King 81


David Brown16010017
Paul Moore14010015
Mark Foran501006
Peter Smith600006
Martin Barlow201003
Gary Fitzpatrick300003
Jordan King200002
Steve Palmer200002
Kevin Jobling100001
Ronnie Sayer100001
Kevin Davies100001
Gareth Hanmer100001


Highest League Attendance: 2047, vs Hereford United, 26/12/2002
Lowest League Attendance: 720, vs Forest Green Rovers, 07/10/2002
Average League Attendance: 985


Games Without A Win: 1 Games Without A Home Win: 0
Games Without An Away Win: 5 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 1 Games Without An Away Defeat: 0
Games Without A Draw: 2 Games Without A Score Draw: 2
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 42 Games Without Scoring: 1
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence: WLDLLW
Away Results Sequence: WDLLDL Overall Results Sequence: LLLDWL

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Club Information

Bucks Head Stadium,
The Bucks Way,

Telephone Number : 01952 640064
Fax : 01952 640021
Clubcall : 09066 555982
Email :

Chairman : Andy Shaw
Press Officer : Rob Cave
Fixtures Secretary : Mike Ferriday
Team Manager : Jake King
Capacity : 4500 (at present, 6,700 when completed)
Seated : 550 (at present, 2,200 when completed)
Covered Terrace : 2600

Record Attendance : 13,000 v Shrewsbury Town, 1935

Nickname : The Bucks

Colours : Red and Blue

Midweek Games Played : Tuesdays

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Directions To The Ground


Don't, we repeat don't go to Telford if you are planning to watch the football. No, we're not being rude about Telford's ability to play the mighty game, it's for the simple fact that Telford play in Wellington (who they used to be known as), a completely separate town on the West side of Telford, just off M54 Junction 6. If you are coming in from that junction, you will pass The Bucks Head just before you enter Wellington town centre.

By Road

From Birmingham and the M54

The Bridge Builder, next to Tesco's
The Bridge Builder, next to Tesco's. A chain pub, Tom Cobleigh - who are one of the better examples of that ilk.
The majority of Yeovil fans will be approaching this way:
Leave the M54 at Junction 6. Right off the exit roundabout (A5223) turning down the hill with Tescos (Wellington Retail Park) and the Bridge Builder pub on the left. Over the small roundabout to the main island at the bottom of the hill where you turn left along Bennetts Bank, signposted Wellington (B5061). Continue 1/2 mile to traffic lights. Turn right at the lights and the ground is on the left hand side, opposite the Fire Station.

East - From Shrewsbury M54

Taking the (New) A5 towards the M54 leave at the start of the Motorway at Junction 7. At the exit junction turn left signed Wellington. Continue along the main road for approximately 2 miles through one set of main lights. The ground is 400 yards beyond the lights on the left hand side.

West - From Stafford A5

Enter Telford on the A5. As you pass the Telford sign on the outskirts to the town you will see a large mobile catering caravan situated in a lay-by on your left hand side. Continue up and over the hill and Either turn left to the M54 Junction 4, turning right onto the Motorway and following the above directions - Northwest - From Birmingham M54. Or carry on straight across the island. (On its centre you will note a large square object mounted on its corner). Continue down the hill to the next island, the Priorslee Roundabout, where you turn right onto the Holyhead Road, the B5060 signed Wellington. Continue straight across the next 3 roundabouts (the Greyhound Interchange, the Beverley Roundabout and the Shropshire Star Roundabout - 3 miles in total) onto Bennetts Bank signed Wellington. Continue along Bennetts Bank to the next set of lights. Turn right at the lights and the ground is on the left hand side, opposite the Fire Station.

By Rail

General : For Telford's ground make sure you get off at Wellington, not at Telford Central or you will have one long long walk! Wellington station is situated just over a mile from the Bucks Head, and you'll find plenty of pubs on your way to interrupt your journey.

From Yeovil : The quickest route going up is from Pen Mill station going via Bristol Temple Meads and Birmingham New Street. This will take you about 4.5 hours going up. There is an alternative route from Junction station taking in Salisbury, then Temple Meads, but this adds an hour to your journey time and is not recommended. Going back you'll find yourself going via Shrewsbury and Newport (Gwent) for the earlier of the two trains available or via Birmingham New Street and Exeter St Davids for the later of the two (this obviously returns you to Junction station). Don't hang around though, as both trains depart between 5:00pm and 6:00pm!

From London : Two trains per hour, both leaving from Euston and taking 2.5 to 3 hours. You change at Birmingham New Street for all bar one train where you can save a bit of time by changing at Wolverhampton. Going back you'll find about one train per hour where you will usually change at Wolverhampton, but for one train you change at Stafford as well, whereas another one takes you to Birmingham New Street instead. Journey time back is generally three hours back to Euston.

Directions adapted from

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Web Resources

Web Sites

Official TUFC
Independent TUFC Website

Web Message Boards

The Official Telford United Discussion Forum


E-Mail Mailing Lists
None known

Local Press

Shropshire Star.

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Food & Drink

Club Bar

Telford's club bar was called Bentley's. It no longer exists - and is no great loss.

Local Pubs

The Bucks Head, right outside the ground
The Bucks Head, right outside the ground. Look above the roof and you will see one of the ground floodlights. That's how close you are!
If you are coming in by car, you will only see two pubs on your way. The Bridge Builder (see Directions for a photo) is better than average, though don't expect scenic views! It's child friendly if you've got your own in tow, but is large enough so other people's sprogs aren't too intusive. There are several passable real ales on, and the food had more interesting options than is usual in such chain establishments. The Bucks Head which, as it's name suggests, is on the doorstep of the ground was good enough to feature in the lucky dip section of the 1999 Good Pub Guide, but has since been dropped. The lounge bar is set out for a more restauranty feel with food available whilst the public bar holds a pool table. They do accommodation if you are planning a serious session. It can get crowded on matchdays.

For those coming in by train, you'll find The Station Hotel right outside the station as you exit. Nothing special, but worth a stop if you are thirsty after your journey or waiting for friends. Wellington is quite a pleasant looking town centre, and most of the pubs look worth half a glance on your way through, but the more relevant ones are on their way to the ground.

The Cock Hotel, aka The Old Wrekin Tap
The Cock Hotel, aka The Old Wrekin Tap. The best choice for serious lovers of good beer in our opinion.
Walking down hill out of the High Street, along the Mill Bank you'll pass the Railway Inn on your right, but this is only worth it if you are doing a pub crawl. Totally recommended at the foot of the Mill Bank, just as you turn into Watling Street (you're about five minutes walk from the ground now) is The Cock Hotel which suffers from an identity crisis by having The Old Wrekin Tap plastered on the side of the building. Inside you'll find a typical beer drinkers pub, with six real ales on tap, a feature that has no doubt contributed to its 1998 Campaign For Real Ale local pub of the year award. There is a no smoking lounge bar where children are welcome, and a main bar where a pool table is in regular use. They also do accomodation. The only down side to this pub is that they don't do lunchtime food (not when we were last in there anyway).

But fear not, for on the opposite side of the road is The Swan Hotel which does food in a Harvester/Beefeater sort of style. Nothing dramatically brilliant, but at least you know what you are getting for your money, and the portions were good.

The Station Hotel, Station Rd, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire TF1 1BY
Tel: 01952 246855

Railway Inn, 42-44, Mill Bank, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire TF1 1SD
Tel: 01952 242791

Cock Hotel, 148, Holyhead Rd, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire TF1 2DL
Tel: 01952 244954

Swan Hotel, Watling St, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire TF 1 2NH
Tel: 01952 223781

Bucks Head, 82, Watling St, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire TF1 2NJ
Tel: 01952 244021

Bridge Builder, Wrekin Retail Park, Wellington, Telford, Shropshire TF1 2DE
Tel: 01952 243741

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You

Telford's clientele seem to comprise an awful lot of 50 something men who have been going there since the days when Telford were known as Wellington. Some wear cardigans. One wouldn't say the Telford Welcome was effusive, but generally the town's a friendly enough place, and there was never need for segregation in the old ground.

Top Tip

Don't, just don't expect to find the ground located in Telford!

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Local Amenities

Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's online guide to Telford guesthouses and hotel's for further information.

Tourist And Other Local Attractions

'Ironbridge' is a complex of industrial heritage sites. Sounds dull? Actually it's fascinating, taking visitors back into the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

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