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Club Background

Nuneaton's Coat of Arms
Nuneaton's Coat of Arms. This is situated above the Players/Officials entrance on the side of the main stand.
Some of us remember Nuneaton from the old Southern League days (when they had a reasonable team - and a good one in the mid seventies), and the first years of the Alliance. But then it all went pear shaped during one of our resting periods in the Vauxhall-Opel as they hit the financial rocks and we returned to the top flight of non-league football to find no Nuneaton. At the end of the 1986-87 season they were kicked out the Conference (occasioning the first of Welling's many escapes) into the Beazer Homes (Southern League) Premier and the following season were relegated down to the Midland division. They bobbed about between these two until winning promotion back to the Conference by a mile in 1999 under Brendan Phillips.

In their first season back Nuneaton led the league at Christmas. However the grind of January and February began to test their strength in depth, the goals dried up, and the slide down the table began. At one point it looked as if they were going to tumble straight through to the relegation basement, but they just rallied enough and finished 15th. Another season of relative mediocrity followed despite the relatively expensive (in proper Conference club terms - alleged cheats [hi Boston!] and the filthy rich [hi Ru$hden!] excluded) purchase of striker Mark McGregor from Forest Green for £35,000 and Phillips paid the inevitable price with his job, Steve Burr replacing him.

Nuneaton's Main Stand
Nuneaton's Main Stand. Small, but perfectly formed.

Last season was Burr's first full season in charge and considering the severe financial constraint he was working under and the fact that star man McGregor spent most of the season either injured or recovering from injury then a final position of 10th could be seen as definite progress. Over the summer the revolving door has once again been well-oiled at Manor Park as, at the time of writing, Burr has released the seemingly injury-prone McGregor (said to be interesting QPR), or rather not offered him a new contract which amounts to the same thing, as well as letting go six others. In have come a new strike-force in the form of proven Conference-quality finishers Gary Jones and Mark Quayle from Halifax and Telford respectively, plus midfielders Jamie Lenton and Craig Woodley, and highly-rated former Doncaster defender Jamie Squires.

Much of Borough's hopes seem to rest on a big money move for Malcolm Christie from Derby County bringing a substantial windfall through the 20% sell-on clause they hold. There was much disappointment around Manor Park last season when a much trailed move to Middlesborough came to naught, but again this summer the Derby striker is being linked with a big money move with talk of Sunderland preparing an £8 million bid - and 20% of £8 million is, er, a lot of dosh..... And that brings us to Nuneaton's other big problem - perhaps not unconnected to the first of finance - Manor Park. Nuneaton have a ground saga running that seems longer than War and Peace. It's felt that Manor Park does not have the capability to be upgraded into a modern League standard stadium, squeezed as it is into a tight site surrounded on all sides by other developments. After years of trying however it now seems that progress is at last being made with the recent news that the club have agreed in principle to buy a 12-acre site from the local rugby club to build a brand-new 6,500 capacity stadium - though with the Conference's deadline of 2004 for club's to have League-standard grounds it's got to be said that time is not on Nuneaton's side..... Not unless they get on with it, and quickly.

In theory, Nuneaton have the fan-base to take their ambitions further. The home support all largely congregate under the huge and somewhat archaic Cock-and-Bear End of the ground, named after the pub that stands outside it. Sadly segregation was introduced a couple of season's ago after a visit from some Neanderthals from Herefordshire way. Away fans now have one of the worst views in the Conference.

Prediction corner : So what is the Ciderspace prediction? Last season we thought Boro would finish 15th - not relegation fodder, but not threatening at the top either. Their eventual 10th spot was slightly better than our prediction, but only just. We can't see much changing for them this season either, not unless Malcolm Christie is sold by Derby and Steve Burr is given a decent amount of cash to buy in quality - but even if Nuneaton do get a cash windfall it's likely to be swallowed up by the new ground. They're too good to go down, but not (in our humble opinion) good enough to challenge for the play-offs. Final position: 12th

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We've Met Before ...

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Nuneaton Borough : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Nuneaton Borough

26/12/1959AwaySLW3-2Dennis, Phillips(2)
23/11/1968AwaySLW2-1Plumb, Elliott
30/04/1969HomeSLL1-3Own Goal
19/01/1970AwaySLW2-0Plumb, Housley
04/04/1970HomeSLW3-0Plumb, Myers, Clancy
20/01/1971HomeSLW3-0Moffat(2), Own Goal
20/03/1971AwaySLW2-1Myers, Grey
08/12/1973HomeSLD2-21849Pickett, Brown
21/02/1976AwaySLW2-0Hickton, Clancy
09/03/1977HomeSLCS1W2-01283Leigh, Cotton
14/05/1977HomeSLW3-1Thompson, Harrison, Leigh
01/05/1978AwaySLD2-2Griffin, Green
20/01/1979HomeSLW3-1Platt, Cottle, Clancy
03/01/1981HomeAPLW5-11193Platt, Bell(2), Morrall(2)
08/01/1983HomeAPLW6-21197Platt(2), Ritchie(3), James
24/08/1999AwayConfD1-12216Norton 56
19/02/2000HomeConfL1-32629Pitman 20
02/09/2000AwayConfW2-01426Way 17, Patmore 37
01/09/2001AwayConfW2-11484Alford 68, Belgrave 73
19/01/2002HomeConfW2-12944Stansfield 79, McIndoe 88
26/08/2002HomeConfW3-22504McIndoe 34, G Williams 35, Lockwood 70
25/01/2003AwayConfD1-11717Lindegaard 12

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Nuneaton Borough


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Club Statistics


25/03/2003Forest Green RoversAwayConfL1-6679Brodie 11
29/03/2003MorecambeAwayConfL2-31604Murphy 25, Mansell 45
12/04/2003Telford UnitedAwayConfW2-1987Murphy 38, Mansell 40
19/04/2003Chester CityHomeConfW1-01371Guyett 11
21/04/2003ScarboroughAwayConfL1-41395Brodie 58
26/04/2003Farnborough TownHomeConfL0-21710


Mark Quayle14100015
Steve Brodie400004
Mark McGregor310004
Gary Jones400004
Gez Murphy300003
Craig Woodley300003
Barry Williams300003
Lee Mansell200002
Michael Brown200002
Andy Heald200002
Carl Alford200002
Terry Angus100001
Dean Walling100001
Andy Ducros100001
Jamie Squires100001
Richard Lavery100001
Sam Ricketts100001
Eliott Paschalis100001
Jason Harris100001
John Turner100001
Michael Love010001
Andy Thackery100001
Own Goals110002


Highest League Attendance: 2337, vs Burton Albion, 26/12/2002
Lowest League Attendance: 718, vs Morecambe, 21/01/2003
Average League Attendance: 1257


Games Without A Win: 2 Games Without A Home Win: 1
Games Without An Away Win: 1 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 0 Games Without An Away Defeat: 0
Games Without A Draw: 13 Games Without A Score Draw: 13
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 42 Games Without Scoring: 1
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence: LWWWWL
Away Results Sequence: LLLLWL Overall Results Sequence: LLWWLL

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Club Information

Manor Park,
Beaumont Road
CV11 5HD

Telephone Number : 02476 385738
Fax : 02476 342690
Clubcall : 0930 555 848
email :

Chairman : Phil Clayton
Press Officer : Phil Clayton
Fixtures Secretary : Paul Lewis
Team Manager : Steve Burr
Capacity : 6500
Seated : 520
Covered Terrace : 3000

Record Attendance : 22,113 v Rotherham, FA Cup, 1966-67

Nickname : The Boro

Colours : Blue and white stripes

Midweek Games Played : Tuesdays

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Directions To The Ground


Centrally located Nuneaton is easily reached from all parts of the country. The town is within a short distance from M1, M5, M6, M40, M42 and M69. Its central location also enables the town easy access by train from all over England.

By Road

From the North (A444) : Traveling from the North it may be easier to enter Nuneaton using the A444 (Weddington Road), follow this road all the way to the town centre, however just before the town centre the road will bear left and enter a one way traffic system (you will also see a petrol station to your left and The Graziers Arms public house to your right). Follow the road until you can turn right (almost doubling back on your self). Continue over the railway bridge. Turn left at the next roundabout, continue down this road and then continue straight over the next roundabout, pass the Sainsbury supermarket on your left and again continue straight over the next roundabout. Then at the Traffic lights turn left into Queens Road. At the end of Queens Road you will see the Cock and Bear public house. Manor Park is situated just behind the Cock and Bear (There is limited off road parking at the back of the Cock and Bear pub). Otherwise you will have to park on the street.

From the North (A47) : If you are traveling from the North/East then you may travel into Nuneaton on the A47. Follow the A47 (Long Shoot) until you reach a roundabout (to the left there a farm fields, to the right there are houses.) Continue straight over the roundabout and you will come to a mini-roundabout, continue over the mini-roundabout and then over the railway bridge. Turn left at the next roundabout, continue down this road and then continue straight over the next roundabout, pass the Sainsbury supermarket on your left and again continue straight over the next roundabout. Then at the Traffic lights turn left into Queens Road. At the end of Queens Road you will see the Cock and Bear public house. Manor Park is situated just behind the Cock and Bear There is limited off road parking at the back of the Cock and Bear pub, otherwise you will have to park on the street.

The Lancet. You pass this when travelling from the south.
The Lancet. You pass this pub when travelling from the south. If you would rather keep your distance from the ground prior to kick-off, and are driving, then this is your best bet for a pint.
From the South (A444) : Traveling from the south of Nuneaton maybe considered to be slightlier easier. From the M6 Junction 3 take the A444 into Nuneaton. Just before you enter Nuneaton you will pass two petrol stations. One situated on either sides of the road. Then on the left hand side you will see the George Elliot Hospital. At the roundabout turn left, then turn right at the second junction into Greenmoor Road. Continue along Greenmoor Road until you reach the T-Junction at the end of the road (on the right you will see a wood yard). Turn right and Manor Park will then be visible to you left.

By Rail

General : Nuneaton station is just outside the town centre and is about 1.5 miles from the ground. Head westward to get to the ground, though not before you've quenched your thirst at one of the two pubs in the station road.

From Yeovil : A complex journey taking 4 - 4.5 hours. Going up with trains roughly once per hour you may find yourself going from Pen Mill and going via Bristol Temple Meads and Birmingham New Street. Alternatively you may go from Junction via Basingstoke and Coventry. Confused ? The journey back is full of more possibilities. Firstly there's the Birmingham/Bristol/Pen Mill combination, or a route involving Milton Keynes Central, Clapham Junction and Yeovil Junction or finally the last train that does Birmingham New Street, Exeter St Davids and Yeovil Junction. Phew! These homebound trains run about twice an hour.

From London : About four trains per hour, the best of which is the once per hour train that leaves from Euston and goes direct to Nuneaton, taking under 90 minutes. Alternatively there are other Euston trains where you change at Coventry. You can catch one where you change at Tamworth but this is near pointless as it is a slow train that comes in at the same time as the non-stop train. Finally you can leave from St Pancras and change at Leicester; all these stopping services add an extra half hour to your journey though. Going back the three trains an hour take a bit over 90 minutes and include the direct service to Euston, but also another where you change at Watford Junction and also the Leicester/St Pancras option.

Directions courtesy of 'Nuneaton Borough A.F.C. Official Website'

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Web Resources

Web Sites

Nuneaton Borough A.F.C. Official Website
NBFC Supporters Trust
Boro Online
Nuneaton Till I Die
To The Manor Reborn

Web Message Boards

Nuneaton Borough Football Forum
To The Manor Reborn Forum
E-Mail Mailing Lists

Local Press

None Known.

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Food & Drink

The Cock and Bear. Right outside the ground acting as Nuneaton's unofficial second social club
The Cock and Bear. Right outside the ground acting as Nuneaton's unofficial second social club. Our personal experience is that it's friendly enough - but no food on a Saturday.
Club Bar

Not exactly The Ritz. It looks like one of those basic "scout hut" jobs from the outside, and not much better inside. Long and thin. It is situated on the east side of the home end, very close to the Cock and Bear pub. Having segregated away fans into a miserable little compound with an awful view they then......... have no worries about you trooping round to the bar. Batty. Beware the bar of the Kings of that ilk! Any sign of weakness and he'll be attached like a leech the entire evening. If you just can't do Gross Rudeness the only answer is to manoeuvre him onto a mate who's continuing friendship you can live without!

Local Pubs

Screamingly obvious to all that come to Nuneaton is the Cock and Bear pub, on the roundabout right outside the ground, giving the home end its name. It's very much a secondary social club for Nuneaton supporters, and will be packed in a serious way on match days. In other words, crowded, but dead handy for that "two minutes before kick-off" dash to your place on the terrace. It doesn't do food on a Saturday, but they'll direct you to the local chippy. There's a pool table, and no problem about children.

The Railway Tavern. Funnily enough it's near the railway.
The Railway Tavern. Funnily enough it's near the railway station. We've yet to step into it, so reports of its quality would be welcomed.
Equally handy for the driving supporter, coming in from the South and West side of the town is The Lancet. This is on a mini-roundabout just before you fork right into Greenmoor Road (see Directions above and picture) and is a tall white pub on your left hand side. This pub is still within about five minutes drive of the ground, and will doubtless be a little less congested than the Cock and Bear will be.

For those travelling by rail, there are two excellent choices available within 100 yards next door to each other. First on view is the Railway Tavern, a smallish affair but of good quality it's said. Bang slap next door to it though is the huge imposing Fettlers and Firkin which is predictably a Firkin pub! If you don't know what to expect out of a Firkin pub then you need to get out a lot more.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

Pretty normal really: just a tinge of Crossroads English delivered by Alan Partridge look-alikes is what can be expected.

Top-Tip :

Bring a step-ladder or a periscope if you want to see more than two-thirds of the action.

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Local Amenities

Local Guesthouses and Hotels

The Fettlers and Firkin pub outside the railway station
The Fettlers and Firkin pub outside the railway station. This is just past the Railway pub (above). Firkin pubs are normally of reliable quality, but don't allow children.
(a) Millers Hotel : Tidycross Road, Sibson, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV13 6LB Phone: 01827 880223, Fax: 01827 880223
Prices : Single from: 31.95; Double from: 38.90 per room per night.

(b) La Tavola Calda : 70 Midland Road, Abbey Green, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 5DY Phone: 01203 383195, Fax: 01203 381816
Prices : Single: 18.00; Double: 32.00 per room per night.

(c) Longshoot Toby Inn : Wathing Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 6JH Phone: 01203 329711, Fax: 01203 324971
Prices : Single from: 31.00; Double from: 35.00 per room per night.

(d) The Old Barn : Shadows Lane, Congerstone, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV13 6NF Phone: 01827 880431
Prices : Single from: 17.00; Double from: 34.00 per room per night.

(e) Ambion Court Hotel : The Green, Dadlington, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV13 6JB Phone: 01455 212292, Fax: 01455 213141
Prices : Single from: 35.00; Double from: 50.00 per room per night.

Tourist And Other Local Attractions

This is the Heart of England country - so don't expect beaches, golden sands and warm azure waters. In fact Birmingham's just over there.....

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