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Club Background

The older of Leigh's two stands
The older of Leigh's two stands
When is a club the same club - if you see what we mean? Formed in 1896 as Horwich RMI (the RMI stands for Railway Mechanics Institute by the way) the original club spent most of its history in relative obscurity in various County leagues. However in 1982 Horwich moved up to the North West Counties League, and then onto the Northern Premier. For the first dozen years at this level they did nothing, in fact would have been relegated on several occasions if other teams had been in a position to come up. 1994-95 was a momentous season. The club decided to abandon the only home it had ever known, Grundy Hill. Bolton were planning a new stadium and, although Yeovil fans might not have known it when we went there the season before last, The Reebok would have been within sight of Grundy Hill. Horwich moved into the Hilton Park Stadium on a ground-sharing basis with Leigh Rugby League Club. Amidst the move they got relegated.

The new stand at Leigh
The new stand at Leigh

Before life in the Northern League Division 1 began the F.A. gave the club permission to change their name, and they became Leigh RMI. Two seasons later they were back in the Premier division, promoted as runners-up. The first season they finished third, and after a mediocre 1998-99 were champions the season before last. When they came up to the Conference they were the youngest (depending how it's measured) and poorest supported club in the top flight of Non-league, and almost everyone thought they'd go straight back down.

They surpassed expectations by a mile and not only survived but took a LDV place, finishing fifth above a host of names like Stevenage, Chester, Doncaster, Scarborough and Hereford who fancy themselves as big clubs. However whilst they did well to hold on to Steve Waywell as manager there was never much chance that star asset on the field Steve Jones wouldn't move on to greater things, and he duly went to Crewe. Despite the good fee that came Leigh's way Waywell spent most of last season pleading poverty and, whilst all managers have this down to fine art as much as farmers do, given the pitiful gates at Hilton Park we are inclined to believe he hadn't got anything much to spend.

As we predicted Leigh's second season in the Conference was much tougher for them, and they were down in the bottom half of the table for most of the time, though not looking strong candidates for relegation. We really can't see any improvement this time, which is a shame. It will sound dangerously patronising, but just as we liked to see the Hayes' of this world in the Conference cocking a snook at the bigger boys (and by God have we suffered more than most at the hands of Hayes over the years!) so it is good to see a club like Leigh holding its own. And Leigh try and play decent football, an accusation that can't be levelled at all Conference clubs. Prediction Corner
So can Leigh hold on this season? Ciderspace doesn't think so. Last campaign we said: "Leigh will find it much harder this time around, but buoyed by a good manager and the confidence accrued last season they'll survive - a bit of a struggle at 15th." In fact they finished 16th. This time we fear their time has come, and they will go down in a tight battle for the last relegation spot - 20th.

A panoramic view of Leigh's ground
A panoramic view of Leigh's ground

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We've Met Before ...

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Leigh RMI : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Leigh RMI

14/04/2001HomeConfW6-13401Bent 7, 51, Skiverton 53, 78, Crittenden 60, Tonkin 85
24/04/2001AwayConfW3-2565O'Brien 60, Bent 66, McIndoe 73
29/09/2001HomeConfW2-12835Way 64, Ramsay 85
20/04/2002AwayConfW1-0401Kumbur 13
28/09/2002AwayConfW4-2415Skiverton 5, McIndoe 51, Crittenden 54, Alford 70
11/03/2003HomeConfW3-15330Jackson 19, 21, Gall 36

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Leigh RMI


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Club Statistics


05/04/2003Stevenage BoroughAwayConfL1-32130Maden 10
07/04/2003Dagenham and RedbridgeHomeConfL1-3403Monk 39
12/04/2003Gravesend and NorthfleetHomeConfD0-0385
19/04/2003Hereford UnitedAwayConfW1-01690Salt 38
21/04/2003Northwich VictoriaHomeConfD1-1439Monk 8
26/04/2003Kettering TownAwayConfW1-0768Scott 66


Dino Maamria12101014
Ged Kielty400307
Ian Monk600006
Philip Salt300104
Keith Scott300003
Wayne Maden200002
Ged Courtney200002
Andy Heald200002
Stuart Whittaker200002
Neil Tolson100102
Martin Lancaster100001
Chris Ward100001
John Robertson001001
Gerry Harrison100001
Tony Black100001
Own Goals100102


Highest League Attendance: 867, vs Doncaster Rovers, 20/08/2002
Lowest League Attendance: 305, vs Farnborough Town, 04/03/2003
Average League Attendance: 484


Games Without A Win: 0 Games Without A Home Win: 3
Games Without An Away Win: 0 Games Without Defeat: 4
Games Without A Home Defeat: 2 Games Without An Away Defeat: 2
Games Without A Draw: 1 Games Without A Score Draw: 1
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 3 Games Without Scoring: 0
Games Without Conceding: 1 Home Results Sequence: WLWLDD
Away Results Sequence: WLDLWW Overall Results Sequence: LLDWDW

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Club Information

Ground Address : Hilton Park
Kirkhall Lane
Telephone Number : 01942 743743

Fax : 01942 768856
Clubcall :

Chairman : Chris Healey
Press Officer : Alan Robinson
Fixtures Secretary : Alan Robinson
Team Manager : Steve Waywell

Capacity : 8,000 - according to the N-L Directory, everyone else seems to think it's 10,000. Whatever. Given the average gate of under 500 last season it's rather academic.
Seated : 2,000
Covered : 4,000

Record Attendance : 7,125 v Fulham, FAC R1r, 24.11.98

Nickname : Railwaymen
Colours : Red and white striped shirts, black shorts
Midweek Games Played : Tuesday

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Directions To The Ground


The Victoria - situated opposite Asda and the nearest pub to the ground
The Victoria - situated opposite Asda and the nearest pub to the ground
Inconveniently this is the Leigh in Lancashire not Dorset, but those used to the trip to the likes of Alty, Scouseport and the Shrimps will basically know the way from their particular neck of the woods.

By Road

Most Yeovil fans will be approaching from the south up the M6. Leave the motorway at Junction 22 and take the A579 towards Leigh. Continue along this road until, as you get into the town, you see an Asda Store on the left and the football/rugby ground on right. Turn right at the traffic lights, then right again into Glebe Street, next right into Chadwick Street, and ground is straight ahead.

By Rail/Bus

Rather ironically for a town with a team known as The Railwaymen, Leigh doesn't have a railway station!

From Warrington (10 miles) walk into town to the main bus station and get either buses 319 (the quickest but only hourly at 20 minutes past the hour) or other Leigh-bound services (ask at information point).

From Bolton (8 miles) head to the Bus Station and take the 582 which departs roughly once every 10 minutes. This journey is scheduled to take 30 minutes and will land you at Leigh Town Hall in Market Street, but you should be able to get off the bus before it reached the town centre.

From Newton le Willows (6 miles), reached by train from Warrington, walk down from the station and the buses to Leigh are 100 metres to the right, departing away from the station. You can take either the 34 or 319, giving a total of 3 per hour.

From Wigan (8 miles) there are lots of buses to Leigh using different routes but 658 is about the best. Go to the main bus station, which is out of the station towards the town centre (slightly uphill). Turn left at Wallgate station and follow the buses, about 200 yards. Service 658 stops within spitting distance of Hilton Park, the stop you want is the nearest to B&Q, which is built on Leigh's old training ground.

A taxi from Wigan will be about 12. Ask to go via Bickershaw because the route (and hence fare) is shorter. From Leigh you should pay a flat fare of 10 by taxi to Wigan.

Both Warrington Bank Quay and Wigan North Western are on the West Coast line. Both have an hourly service from London, augmented by Virgin cross country trains. If you opt for Preston then there are First North Western trains to Wigan as well.

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Web Resources

Web Sites

There is only one, Leigh RMI FC , which has official status.

Web Message Boards

Considering Leigh fans are an endangered species you'd think they'd be nice to each other, but far from it. The Leigh RMI FC Message Board is one of the more quarrelsome Conference forums on the Net. There is another one, formed by some of those er, discouraged from using the aforementioned, but it's of more interest to kerb-crawlers than football fans (though the two are not mutually exclusive of course).
E-Mail Mailing Lists

There is a newsletter, generally sent out about once a fortnight or so, which can be subscribed to through ap.blakeley@btinternet.com.

Local Press

The Leigh Reporter covers Leigh, Wigan and St Helens. Football isn't it's main interest it has to be said but it does cover Leigh RMI games.
A more local paper is the Leigh Journal. Plenty of stories on the Centurians - the egg chasers presumably - but you wouldn't know Leigh had a football team as far as we could tell from the content of this publication.

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Food & Drink

Leigh's club bar, sunk into the back of the older stand
Leigh's club bar, sunk into the back of the older stand
Expect all sorts of other places do too, but Leigh claims to have more drinking establishments per head of population than any other town in England......... or the World? The ground is close to the town centre, not stuck out on the edge, so a huge number of hostelries are within a few minutes walk.

Club Bar

The clubhouse is open on match days. It's a good size, but doesn't serve anything very nice to drink.

Local Pubs

The Railway, situated south of the ground, and a good one for beer drinkers
The Railway, situated south of the ground, and a good one for beer drinkers
The Railway (pictured left), in Twist Lane, is highly recommended. It's close to the ground, does good beers at good prices, welcomes both sports fans with Sky T.V., pool and even a snooker table upstairs, but also has room for families. The only downside is no food. The Railway Ramblers Club, a Leigh supporters group, a few of whose members are well known frequenters of the Internet community, drink here - and in a town dedicated to Rugby League are always willing to chew the fat with others who realise balls can be round.

Leigh fans also recommend Our House on the main street towards the centre. Also with pool and Sky Sports, and more Leigh supporters. Given their gates that must be about all of them accounted for. The closest pub to the ground is the Victoria (also pictured above in the directions section).

We liked The Musketeer (pictured below right) in Lord Street. A quiet old-fashioned pub with good real ale and reasonably priced food. Seem to recall it allowed children in - hope so as mine are making their first visit to Leigh this year.
The Musketeer © Ciderspace.
The Musketeer, situated just off the town centre.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

Don't presume that just because you watch Corrie you'll be regarded as a long lost cousin. You've as much chance of finding common cultural links in Papua New Guinea - another hot-bed of Rugby League.

Top-Tip :

Get drunk - there's nothing much else to do in Leigh.

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Local Amenities

Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's Online Guide to find Guest Houses/Hotels in Leigh and surrounding areas.

Tourist And Other Local Attractions

Don't make me laugh - it's grim oop north.

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