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Club Background

Kettering's Main Stand
Kettering's Main Stand - the jewel in what is by now a pretty tatty crown
The Poppies eh? What about them then? For most Yeovil fans I suspect that Kettering are one of those teams that we always seem to meet year after year (except when either they or us have been relegated) and don't feel too much about one way or another. They're too far away from us for any real rivalry to have developed over the years and like income tax or fish on Friday's, they're always there, but they never really impinge on our conciousness too much unless we're actually playing them - and our record against them has been pretty good in the fairly recent past as can be seen in the table below. They're one of the biggest club's in the non-league game, have enjoyed moderate success over the years including two trips to the Trophy Final, losing on both occasions and - like Yeovil - have tended to underachieve in the top flight of the non-league game when - like Yeovil - a club of their size and undoubted potential really should have found a way into the Third Division by now. Mind you, Kettering have always got one thing going for them which will forever ensure their popularity amongst most Conference fans - they're Not Ru$hden, and quite right too.

Kettering, back in the bad old days used to have one of the best grounds in the league. Now, many other clubs have passed them by and their ground is now decidedly average on the scale of things, and is a bit on the tatty side. It's not that it has fallen into ruin over the past 10 - 15 years and is perfectly acceptable for League football, just that whereas other Conference clubs like Woking, Stevenage, Morecambe have all gone on ambitious expansion programmes, Kettering haven't done anything noticeable. Rockingham Road looks and feels the same as it did when we first started going there in the Conference.

Thus, you end up parking in a pokey little gravel car park in a corner of the ground, you end up going into a rather awful looking pokey club bar (of which more later), and to make matters worse they segregate when neither the design of their ground, nor the nature of the home fans, seems to warrant this. Cynics might suggest this is simply to make it easier to rip-off away fans, because they had (and maybe still have, we'll soon find out) a discriminatory pricing policy for visiting fans on concessions. Be prepared for a row at the turnstiles: our experience is that sometimes making a huge fuss works, sometimes it doesn't, dependent on the level of "Jobsworth" you're facing. The away terrace is pretty much a mound, open to the elements. Think the old Bucks Head, add in a few more years of concrete cancer, and you've got Rocky Road. It all gives the away fan a slightly unpleasant trip.

Back to the footie anyway: Four season's ago The Poppies were challenging for promotion to Division Three only to be pipped at the post by Cheltenham. A season of mid-table mediocrity followed with relegation to the DML Premier coming at the end of the 2000-01 season - a particularly bad year for Kettering fans as this was the year that nouveau-rich kids on the block and local rivals Ru$hden finally bought their way into the League. The Poppies surprised this writer, and one suspects themselves and their fans, by bouncing straight back up to the Conference however, winning promotion on the last day of last season with a 2-1 win at Tiverton.

At the time of writing it's been a difficult pre-season for the Poppies. From last season's title winning squad experienced striker Darren Collins has left for Cambridge City, while highly influential midfielder Peter Fear has unexpectedly signed for DML Premier promotion hopefuls Crawley. In has come, er, no-one at the moment, though there are rumours going around currently that former Premiership star Scott Sellars is set to sign. Veteran striker Dale Watkins is still scoring, but Manager Carl Shutt has a lot of of work to do at present to fashion a competitive Conference squad. Kettering's finances preclude them from going full-time in the immediate future at least.

Prediction Corner : Sorry Kettering fans, but in our humble opinion the Poppies are probably the weakest of the 3 teams promoted last season. Unless they can add real quality to their squad fairly quickly and in numbers then Ciderspace predicts a long hard season for the Poppies culminating in a fight against relegation at the end. The good news is that there will be worse teams around and we expect them to survive in the Conference.... just! Final position: 18th!

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We've Met Before ...

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Kettering Town : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Kettering Town

08/02/1951HomeSLL2-3Philips, Conaghan
21/04/1951AwaySLD2-2Rae, K Hayward
31/10/1953HomeSLW3-0Ryan, McKay, Topping
20/03/1954AwaySLW3-0Ryan, Reid(2)
01/01/1955HomeSLW3-2Marsh, Fraser, Ryan
11/02/1955AwaySLW2-1Easton, Own Goal
01/10/1955HomeSLW3-1Fraser, Fidler, Lunn
09/02/1957HomeSLD2-2Elder, Gaillard
30/04/1960HomeSLW3-1Pacey, Phillips, Dennis
27/01/1962HomeSLW3-1Taylor, Ashe, Coughlin
19/02/1964AwaySLW4-1Harris, Foley(2), Hall
07/03/1964HomeSLW4-1Hall(3), Taylor
21/03/1970HomeSLW3-1Plumb(2), Myers
28/03/1970AwaySLW2-1Myers, Plumb
30/01/1971HomeSLW5-0Housley, Weller(2), Myers, Bayliss
03/03/1976HomeSLCS1W3-02039Cotton, Adams, Plumb
11/05/1977HomeSLW5-11425Annalls, Plumb, Leigh, Harland, Hickton
08/10/1977HomeSLW3-0Morrall, Plumb(2)
04/03/1978AwaySLD3-31593Plumb, Hickton(2)
17/10/1979HomeAPLD1-11860Own Goal
15/03/1980AwayAPLL3-51575Green, Finnigan, Scott
21/08/1982HomeAPLW2-11096Payne, Hawkins
30/04/1983AwayAPLL2-51053James, Payne
07/01/1984AwayAPLW3-2990Ward(2), Finnigan
02/05/1984HomeAPLW2-0968Brown, Doherty
20/12/1986AwayFAT1W3-2980Pearson, James, Zachhau
28/09/1988HomeGMVCD2-22830Randall, Doherty
29/04/1995AwayGMVCL2-31155Black 72, Wilson 80
06/12/1997HomeConfW2-02529Pounder, Archer
15/08/1998AwayConfW2-11754Pickard 22, Stott 55
17/11/1998HomeConfW2-11718Keeling 16, 66
28/08/1999HomeConfW2-02347Hayfield 13, Patmore 28
29/01/2000AwayConfW2-11329Cousins 2, Skiverton 52
19/08/2000HomeConfW2-02302Bent 20, Belgrave 61
09/01/2001HomeNVT3W2-0709Way 33, Poole 74
10/03/2001AwayConfL1-22115Skiverton 41
31/08/2002AwayConfW1-01670Skiverton 90
08/02/2003HomeConfW4-04738Miles 26, Gall 69, Jackson 77, McIndoe 85

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Kettering Town


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Club Statistics


05/04/2003Farnborough TownHomeConfL1-4877McKenzie 13
08/04/2003Forest Green RoversHomeConfL2-3422Norman 38, Inman 90
12/04/2003BarnetAwayConfW2-01198Langston 26, Clarke 69
19/04/2003Halifax TownHomeConfL0-1713
21/04/2003Burton AlbionAwayConfL0-21570
26/04/2003Leigh RMIHomeConfL0-1768


Craig Norman601007
Gez Murphy302005
Niall Inman500005
Simon Parker400004
Richard Butcher400004
Victor Asombang200002
Shaun Murray200002
Lee Clarke100001
Danny Walsh100001
Lee Howarth100001
Scott Goodwin100001
Carl Shutt001001
David Town100001
Brett Solkhon100001
Alex Revell100001
Michael McKenzie100001
Own Goals300003


Highest League Attendance: 2068, vs Stevenage Borough, 26/12/2002
Lowest League Attendance: 422, vs Forest Green Rovers, 08/04/2003
Average League Attendance: 1361


Games Without A Win: 3 Games Without A Home Win: 7
Games Without An Away Win: 1 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 0 Games Without An Away Defeat: 0
Games Without A Draw: 6 Games Without A Score Draw: 6
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 38 Games Without Scoring: 3
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence: LDLLLL
Away Results Sequence: LWLLWL Overall Results Sequence: LLWLLL

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Club Information

Rockingham Road,
NN16 9AW

Telephone Number : (01536) 483028/410815
Fax : (01536) 412273
Clubcall : 0891 101567
Email :

Chairman : Peter Mallinger
Press Officer :
Fixtures Secretary : Graham Starmer
Team Manager : Carl Shutt
Capacity : 6500
Seated : 1800
Covered Terrace :

Record Attendance : 11,526 v Peterborough, 1947-48

Nickname : The Poppies

Colours : Red and black

Midweek Games Played : Tuesdays

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Directions To The Ground


Whilst there are many exits and approaches into Kettering, on a Saturday afternoon and Weekday evenings the town centre does get somewhat congested. Allow plenty of time for your journey.

By Road

From M1 (South)
Exit the M1 at junction 15, and follow the A43 to Kettering (bypassing Northampton). Exit the A43 onto the A14 (going West) and then exit at junction 7, (ground signposted) and follow A43 (again) for about a mile, turning right at the first roundabout onto the A6003. Continue towards the town centre along Rockingham Road for approx 1/2 mile and the ground is on your left.

From M1 (North)
Exit the M1 at junction 19, and follow the A14. Exit the A14 at junction 7 (ground signposted) and follow A43 for about a mile, turning right at the first roundabout onto the A6003. Continue towards the town centre along Rockingham Road for approx 1/2 mile and the ground is on your left.

Car Parking at the ground is very limited, but turn right down Northfield Ave and then right at roundabout into the shopper's car park (approx 200 yds from ground).

By Rail
Kettering is on the main line London (from St Pancras)

The railway station is situated on the opposite side of the town centre from the football ground approx 1.5 miles. Walk out of the station and straight up Station Road, at the top cross over into the High Street (towards town centre) and then after approx 200 yds turn right up Market St.

At the top of Market St turn left onto the A6900, continue in this direction (past shops) then out of town along Newland St/Rockingahm Road for approx 3/4 mile and the ground is on your right.

Directions courtesy of Tinhat's 100% Independent Kettering Town FC Website

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Web Resources

Web Sites

Tinhat's 100% Independent Kettering Town FC Website
Kettering Town Supporters Trust
Official Kettering Town FC Website

Web Message Boards

Poppies Chatterbox - a message board for Kettering Town fans.
E-Mail Mailing Lists

None known.

Local Press

Northants Evening Telegraph

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Food & Drink

Club Bar :

Some people moan about Kettering's club bar. They say it's small, smokey (can't see a problem there myself), scruffy and run down. They are of course right, but utter idiots. If they want a cosmetic pseudy ambience there'll doubtless be some Beefeater, wine bar, Club Tropicana, 'Chicago' Steak House or themed Oirish outfit in town catering specifically for their lack of taste - so go to them. Kettering's clubhouse is what a bar is about - it sells BEER. In fact it's one of the very few in the Conference to sell decent ale. Long may it continue to be small, smokey, scruffy and run down if that's part of holding the Bud and alcopop mob at bay.

Local Pubs :

The Cherry Tree - no longer what it was.
The Cherry Tree - was a good pub, not now!
With Kettering getting relegated most opinions on pubs are several years old and establishments and their landlords may have changed. There are quite a few in and around the town centre. One highlight was The Cherry Tree, which is about five minutes walk north-east of the railway station, but it had gone completely down the pan the last time we were there. A couple of doors up from the Cherry Tree, heading north on the main road, you'll find The Old Market Inn. It was good for real ale, but the staff were as unfriendly and unwelcoming as they come. No children is their prerogative, but they were as rude as possible about it, with the clear indication they didn't want any football fans either. We were quite pleased to see they've subsequently been dropped from the Good Beer Guide. There's a great barn of a place another couple of hundred yards further on (through the shopping precinct) the name of which escapes us. No food, moderate beer, few customers, an inoffensive but pretty morose landlord - but it did have a big screen to watch the lunch-time (without any lunch) game.

The Old Market Tavern - 100 yards further up from the Cherry Tree
The Old Market Tavern - 100 yards further up from the Cherry Tree
The pub to aim for if you can, which we came across towards the end of last season when in Kettering for the Engand v Scotland game, is well out from the town centre, and therefore more suitable for people travelling by car. Down close to Wicksted Park is The Piper - south east of Kettering town centre and one mile from the Railway Station. There you'll find good quality and very reasonably priced food available all day, a separate games room with pool table, and around six real ales usually on tap.

The Piper - good beer, good food, good pub.
The Piper - it was a gloomy day, but the Piper was cheering.
Definitely one for drivers is The Parkhouse Milestone, one mile south of Kettering town centre and on the main A14. This is clearly aimed at convenience drinking, as the pub is just off the edge of a Tesco's and Cinema complex, although don't let that put you off. It is very typical of the large out of town "family" styled pubs with a huge layout and multiple rooms and bars. Upstairs there is a restaurant area, and the pub claims to be fully disabled friendly.

The Cherry Tree, Sheep St, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN16 0AN
Tel: 01536 514706

The Old Market Inn, 17, Market Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN16 0AJ

The Piper, Windmill Avenue, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6PS
Tel: 01536 513870

The Parkhouse Milestone Restaurant, Holdenby, Kettering Venture Park, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6XE

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

Quite high. Especially when you slip into conversation that you’re not too keen on Ru$hden & Diamonds, at which point you will enjoy a degree of hospitality unseen since the Allies liberated Northern Europe.

Top-Tip :

If you go to the Kettering bar, order double rounds of drinks to save queuing. You'll thank me for it later!

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Local Amenities

Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's online guide to Kettering guesthouses and hotel's for further information.

Tourist And Other Local Attractions

Kettering boasts the only UK breeders of Maraitai Bengals, a rare Indian breed of cats. Dave from Showaddywaddy sometimes does the half-time prize draw.

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