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Hereford United : Club Background
Well, they don't like us! But nor, to be honest, do we like them. The relationship between Yeovil and Hereford is a curious one. Whilst not quite having the intense hatred of a local derby, several minor incidents have accumulated over the years to give this fixture more than a bit of an edge to it.

Hereford are old Southern League rivals of Yeovil's who shot to fame in the early Seventies when they knocked Newcastle out of the F.A. Cup. On the strength of this we had to suffer the Bulls being elected to the Football League despite never having won the Southern League, R*nn** R*df*rd's goal (it wasn't even the match winner) trotted out every bloody year in the early rounds of the Cup - oh, and forty years (and counting) of Motson. Not like them? It could be a bit stronger than that........
Merton Stand
The Merton (Main) Stand. Old photo, but don't worry, there's been no improvements at Edgar Street to record.
Photo 2002 Ciderspace

Fast forward to the early 1990's, after the Bulls clinging on in the League re-election after re-election in the Eighties, and the paths of Yeovil and Hereford crossed in very different circumstances. This time they met in the F.A. Cup, and in a replay at Edgar Street Hereford became Yeovil's most vital league scalp. What might have happened if the result had gone the other way, we shudder to think. Unbeknown to many Yeovil fans the club was on the edge of bankruptcy, and the winners home tie against Arsenal probably is the reason why Yeovil are still in existence.

Forward again another few years and the Bulls were to land back in Non-league football. It was always regarded as almost impossible for any club to be relegated out of the 3rd Division in the days of 1-up, 1-down, you had to be especially incompetent and rubbish to manage it - no surprise to see Hereford accomplish the trick with ease then. Whatever, when Hereford entered the Conference league they were the club with the financial problems, and we were the ones heading towards financial security. The laughable "On Loan To The Conference" T-shirts they had printed up were to get nine years of wear. However we will give them credit for one thing: unlike far too many other clubs they actually set up a CVA and paid their debts.

To begin with, Hereford were one of those sides that "got by" in the Conference. They tended to merge into mid-table obscurity on most seasons, and on odd occasions they almost flirted with the relegation zone. Gradually though they began to get it together in the season after Yeovil were promoted to the Football League, even if they had a habit of fluffing it at the last hurdle. In 2003-04, they managed 91 points in the division only to find Chester City pipping them at the post. Surely though a team that had a 21 point advantage on their 5th placed play-off opponents Aldershot Town would breeze through to the final? Nope - the Bulls crashed out in the semi-final on penalties. Oh woe! The next season they finished runners-up again ... and promptly failed in the play-offs again. This time Stevenage Borough were the side to ensure that they failed to reach the final. Shame.

Probably one of the reasons for Hereford's slow progress and occasional stagnation is that everyone keeps nicking their best players, and we were probably the guiltiest party in that department. What a shame, never mind, eh? Tony Pennock, Murray Fishlock, Jamie Pitman, Tony Pounder, Adrian Foster, David Norton, M*ch**l McInd**, Gavin Williams have all arrived at Huish Park in the past having been nobbled from Edgar Street, usually at stupidly generous prices. Never let it be said that it's all one-way traffic however: Jamie Pitman and Ben Smith were two such players that flirted with the darkside. Jamie has had three spells with them and is now their manager, which gives us a bit of a problem. Yeovil fans like Jamie, but hate the Bull******s. Excuse us whilst we go away and think about that one ... ah yes, sorry Jamie, but it's like this ...

The more times you try and pin the tail on a donkey (or in this case, a Bull) eventually you'll stop making a mess of it. The 2005-06 season proved to be third time unlucky lucky, as again the runners-up spot was reached, but this time neither Morecambe nor Halifax Town could stop them from progressing, and so they squirmed back into the Football League.

The first season back saw the Bull******s manage a moderate 16th place finish in League Two, rarely threatening to do anything of note, but in 2007-08 they achieved third spot and so our paths crossed again for the first time as Football League clubs. That didn't last too long though - third tier was a bit too much for them and they lasted just one season, although that did allow us the joy of a 90th minute Chris Weale goal to savour at Huish Park. Since then it's been League Two for them and largely the wrong end of League Two, threatening that they may drop a second time.
The Cargill Stand
The Cargill Stand - upper tier seating, lower tier terrace - part of which is given over to the away support.
Photo 2002 Ciderspace

A final word about the relationship between those who follow the clubs: over recent times a small minority of morons (let's not dignify them by calling them 'supporters') have found it too difficult to understand the difference between legitimate banter and rivalry, and hooliganism, with matters degenerating into the unacceptable at times. To them we say take it outside: a long, long way outside far away from real fans of both clubs who are capable of enjoying fierce competitiveness without resorting to mindless yobbery. After all, our greatest rivals, the clubs we love to hate, are more often than not mirror-images of ourselves. Thankfully the last few meetings, albeit two of them in more minor cup competitions, passed off without problems, and there's even the odd bit of 'banter' these days across the internet, and that's the limits at which it should stay.

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Hereford United : Club Information

Edgar Street Athletic Ground,

Click here for map

Telephone Number : 08442 761939
Fax : 08442 761982
Email :

Chairman : David Keyte
Safety Officer : Steve Thomas
First Team Manager : Jamie Pitman

Capacity : 5,300
Seated : 2,761
Covered Terrace : Yes

NB: The exact capacity of Edgar Street isn't clear at present. The 5,300 was quoted after one end of their ground was closed after it failed a safety inspection. That end has now partially reopened with temporary seating of around 650 capacity, which suggests the actual capacity may be 5,950. However, all sites continue to quote the 5,300 value.

Record Attendance : 18,114 v Sheffield Wednesday, FA Cup 1958

Colours : Mainly white shirts, black shorts, with some black trim
Nickname : The Bulls
Midweek Games Played : Tuesdays

Ticket Prices :
There are two options, both pretty ropey. If you wish to be seated its the upper tier of the Cargill Stand, down in the corner by the Blackfriars Street End. For those who prefer standing, the lower tier of the Cargill Stand provides that - however be warned that you have the large concrete supports that keep the upper tier above your head blocking a fair bit of your view unless you lean over the retaining wall.

Seating: Adults: 12.00; Concessions: 9.00; Under-11s: 3.00.

Terracing: Adults: 10.00; Concessions: 7.00; Under-11s: 3.00.

Note that we used to get the Blackfriars Terrace but this is currently condemned after failing a safety inspection (yes, Edgar Street is a dump). In its place, there are two small temporary stands that have uncovered seating in front of the disused terracing. Those are generally provided as overflow in the event of excess demand, although if they do open it up, then make sure you have your coat with you, as there's no roof!

Disabled Info :

Wheelchair disabled supporters have to reserve their spaces in advance. This can be done by calling 08442 76 1939 selecting Option 1. Both ambulant and wheelchair disabled supporters can admit an assistant free of charge, upon the production of qualifying entitlement.

Note that to get to the seated allocation ambulant disabled supporters have to climb some fairly steep steps to the upper tier of the two-tier Cargill Stand. If this concerns you then we'd suggest you call Hereford to see if they can get you into the opposite Merton (Main) Stand, although they don't offer to do this.

Facilities are minimal. There are two spaces for away supporters in wheelchairs down at pitchside level with the penalty area in the Merton Stand. Er, that's it. Prices are as for other spectators, though a helper can be admitted free. For a car parking space phone the club in advance. For blind/partially sighted supporters, commentary via a headset can be provided, for a 10.00 returnable deposit.

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Hereford United : Directions To The Ground

Head up the M5 from Yeovil so that you are heading north of Bristol towards Birmingham. You'll almost certainly come into Hereford on the A465 or A438 (see 'East' directions below).

By Road

From North: Follow A49 Hereford Signs straight to Edgar Street.

From East: Take A465 or A438 into Hereford, then follow signs for Leominster straight to Edgar Street.

From South: Take A49 or A45 to Town Centre, then follow signs for Leominster straight to Edgar Street.

From South: Take A438 into the Town Centre, then follow signs for Leominster straight to Edgar Street.


The Hereford Market car park is the one closest to the ground. This is a public pay and display car park. When you park up you need to walk back to the car park entrance, turn right, then turn right again to get to the away turnstiles on Edgar Street itself. There are several other car parks a little further away, and if you don't mind walking a bit there's on street parking around too. Reports from previous trips indicate there are some right little twats in Hereford so we'd advise not having anything on display in your car that would identify it as belonging to a Yeovil supporter.

By Rail

From Hereford Railway station it is five to ten minutes walk to the stadium. As you exit the station turn left, head for and then cross the supermarket car park and exit onto Commerical Road. Go left along Commercial Road, where you will pass (or stop at) a Wetherspoon pub (see pub guide) on your left. At the top of Commercial Road turn right at the traffic lights into Blueschool Street. Keep walking until you come to another set of lights and a multi storey car park opposite and to the right. Cross over and bear slightly right and cut up a walkway between the car park and Garrick House where you come into yet another car park. Head right and as you exit this car park turn left and you'll see the ground to your right.

By Supporters Coaches

The Green and White Supporters Club are running coaches to the match for this 2011-12 season fixture as follows:

Coaches will depart from from Yeovil Bus Station at 9.45a.m. and from Huish Park at 10.00a.m. Cost of travel will be 20.00 with concessions available at 18.00. Non-GWSC members are welcomed and will pay two pounds extra.

To place your booking, call Paul Hadlow on 07736 044570 or Rich Rendell on 01935 427072 (Evenings).

By Taxi

A selection of Hereford taxi companies can be found here.

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Hereford United : Web Resources
Web Sites

Bulls News
Simple independent site that uses one of the 'blog' formats available around the internet. It serves as a rolling news page for Hereford, and does this thoroughly and effectively, sometimes branching out into wider Football League issues. Its informal style does lend to a slight bit of cross-banter with a certain independent Yeovil Town website from time to time. The 'blog' format doesn't always lend itself towards easy navigation, but if it's a simple site full of Hereford United news, associated 'league' news and nothing else, then Bulls News does exactly what it says on the tin.

Hereford United Official Site
Frustratingly, the Hereford United official site was one of the last sites that steered clear of the dreaded PTV format. Frustrating because they've now been suckered into joining everyone else which now means that hunting down information that used to be easily accessible on their old site now becomes an endless chore, and often isn't there.

HUFC In Action
Commercial site offering action photos of Hereford United games at a price. Not really all that good for online viewing as a watermark is placed across the centre of every photo. Survived the 2007-08 season and then stopped being updated so only of limited interest.

The Independent Hereford United Online Resource
This used to be one of the older club websites, going back to 1999, but stopped being properly updated in 2004. The front page message states "We're Back" but suggests that it will only be maintained on an annual basis to act as a seasonal archive. Useful at present if you want Hereford content prior to 2004 - for more up to date stuff, use the Bulls News website.

Web Message Boards

Bulls Banter
To our knowledge this is Hereford's one and only message board, and as a consequence it is very busy. There have been others in the past, but some ill-advised rows between the club and another forum owner (sound familiar?) led to one being shut down. This is a bulletin board style forum and you need to register to post items.

E-Mail Mailing Lists and Newsletters

Local Press

Hereford Journal
Online presence of the Hereford Journal newspaper. Highly variable as to when they update it. When we last reviewed this site, the last content was over nine months out of date. This time round it's a mere six weeks out of date.

Hereford Times
Dedicated section for the Bulls from the Hereford Times. Updated two or three times a week, usually around matchdays or just before.

Western Daily Press
Online presence of the Western Daily Press sports pages. Unlike the higher profile teams in the region, the Bulls don't have their own dedicated section and so you have to use the main sports index. Updated daily.

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Hereford United : Food & Drink
General :

We are unsure if Hereford supporters greet other fans in the same way as they greet Yeovil, but if this is your first visit our advice is to exercise a little bit of caution and consider whether you want to wear colours outside the away sections of the stadium. Hereford do have a small number of complete ****wits amongst their support who appear to believe it is still the 1980's. This is a shame as outside match days Hereford is a small city well worth a visit, crammed full of character and less spoilt by development than many.

Club Bar :

Hereford's club bar is called Legends and is situated by the Market Car Park - if you park there you'll pass it on your left. When Hereford first joined the Conference, we had no problems getting in there and found it to be full of friendly HUISA types (that's Hereford's Supporters Association - not a mis-spelt Yeovil ground). Rather frustratingly just before we got promoted to the Football League, we found that supporters were being turned away and that this was a specific rule for Yeovil fans - odd because it had been one of the few locations around the ground where you could get a handshake and a smile as a visiting Glover. We're not sure what the existing policy is for this bar.
The club bar.
Photo 2002 Ciderspace

There are no alcohol outlets in the away section of the stadium, and certainly last time we sampled it, the food at Edgar Street was some of the poorer fare on the circuit in our opinion. Not that a club that hosts Huish Park's catering can talk about high standards of food, but perhaps that tells you how poor we found it!

Local Pubs :

Lichfield Vaults: Situated just north of the Cathedral. If you're walking from the station then you should find it if you walk in the direction of the cathedral. This is an 18th century single bar pub hidden in a cobbled street, so is very good if you're planning to do the touristy bits of the city. Also very good if you fancy something beyond "X and Chips" for your lunch - a Greek Cypriot theme to the menu. Serves real ale including at least one of the local brews, plus Adnams Broadside, Caledonian Deuchars and err Bass. There is a garden at the back.
Lichfield Vaults, 11 Church Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 2LR. Map: Click Here.

Could live in this pub - wonderful.
Could live in this pub - wonderful.
© Hugh Gleave
The Barrels: Something of an institution in Hereford and one of the two pubs owned by the excellent Wye Valley Brewery. Carries a range of up to six Wye Valley beers and usually has a couple of real ciders. Even better, the prices here are generally below the typical going rate. There are four distinct bar areas, with pool, table football, and a large screen TV for sports. A large partially covered courtyard at the back caters for those who don't think smoking is a sin.
Opening is 11.00 a.m - 11.30 p.m. everyday except Friday and Saturday when there's an extra half hour until midnight. This, together with The Victory (below), which is conveniently in the same street, are the best drinking pubs in Hereford by some way. Both are almost exactly the mile from Edgar Street.
The Barrels, 69, St Owens Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 2JQ. Tel: 01432 274968. Map: Click Here.

The Kings Fee: A Wetherspoon, opened in 2002, which is better than the average from this over formulaic stable. Large open plan bar with elevated family area where children are allowed until 7.00 p.m. There's also a courtyard area available for the evil smokers. Usual Wetherspoon menu served all day, but it makes more of an effort than normal with the drink, having up to eight guests over and above the tired standard Wetherspoon 'house' beers, and a couple of proper ciders. Opening is 9.00 a.m. to midnight. No more than five minutes walk from the stadium, and on the way if you have come by train.
The Kings Fee, 4953, Commercial Road, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 2BJ. Tel: 01432 373240. Map: Click Here.

The Spread Eagle Inn: More for food than drink - the beer range is standard but does include some unspecified real ale, the cider's from Stowford Press - there's a restaurant upstairs, does meals in the bar, and there's a large patio. One of the better eating pubs in Hereford. Children welcome. Close by the cathedral and about half a mile from the ground.
The Spread Eagle Inn, 2, King Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR4 9BW. Tel: 01432 272205. Map: Click Here.

The interior is some thing else.
The interior is some thing else.
© Hugh Gleave
The Victory: This is the brewery tap for Hereford Brewery (formerly known as the Spinning Dog Brewery) which has a ten-barrel plant on the premises. As well as its own beers and the odd guest it is the cider and perry outlet in Hereford - and we're not referring to M*gn*rs. Recent comments we've seen from punters suggest the pub has taken its eye off the ball recently, with the beer not as good as it should be, which is odd for a brewery tap. However no complaints about the cider. There's always a Westons, and guests from the likes of Broome Farm, Bridge Hill Farm, Hereford Pig, and Gwatkins. A perry is almost always available too. There are two bars and a skittle alley. The one advantage it does have over The Barrels (above) is that food is served, but only on Sundays. Summer opening is 11.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m. (and midnight Friday and Saturday) everyday except Sunday, which is midday - 10.30 p.m.
The Victory, 88, St Owen Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 2QD. Tel: 01432 274998. Map: Click Here.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

Club logo

Top-Tip :

The Irish do NOT know anything about producing cider, though they know plenty about advertising and marketing it seems. The good folk of Hereford do know something about producing proper cider, so try some.

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Hereford United : Local Amenities
Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's Online Guide to find Guest Houses/Hotels in the town and surrounding areas.

Other Points Of Interest

Not too surprisingly, Hereford is a hotbed of traditional cider making.West of the City Centre in Ryelands Street is the Cider Museum and King Offa Distillery which is open 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. from April to October (11.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. the rest of the year). The cathedral is one of the oldest in Wales England, dating from 1079, and houses the famous Mappa Mundi.
The Tourist Information Office is situated at 1, King Street, directly opposite the Cathedral (Tel : 01432 268430).

[No responsibilty is taken for any inaccuracies. This page is entirely the product of bias and prejudice.]

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