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Club Background

Forest Green's Main Stand
Forest Green's Main Stand by night. The lights are on, but is anyone home?
Hello everyone, Cider Jaaarn here, I've only been asked by them nice chaps at Ciderspace to preview our games with the gumps, as it’s a bit wet up the allotment this time of year I’ve got a bit of time on me hands and thought why not, so 'ere goes;

Once again the festive season is upon us and our annual battle with our friends from deepest darkest Glaster is to take place. This particular holiday season never was one for the fans of Yeovil football, for many years the scummers from Whymuff and then the artisans from Barf have made the cold turkey indigestible. Now we have the Gumps, as they are fondly known, in their Barf look a like shirts.

Based near the top of a hill that Sherpa Tensing would wince at, they have defied the odds and the critics to remain in the conference for 5 years, no doubt the tendency of visiting players to suffer from altitude sickness has helped their cause. With crowds that rarely reach 1,000 it has been tagged a family club, whether more than a handful of families make up a usual attendance is open to debate. The Gumps have been around in one form or another since 1890, they have a bit of an identity crisis, they would like to think they are in the Cotswolds, in fact the area surrounding Nailsworth is an industrial wasteland, look out for the sheep hanging outside the pubs. So whenever they get fed up with being who they are they change their name, as they did to Stroud FC a few years ago. There is no doubt their rise up the non league pyramid has been a less arduous task than climbing that hill, you only have to go back to the mid 1970’s to find them in the Glaster County league. After that they got stuck in the lower division of the Dr Martens league for a few years, but once out of it spent just the one season in the Premier Division before moving up to the Conference. Although the league may have turned into an annual struggle they have reached two FA Trophy finals in recent years losing at both Wembley and Villa Park in 1999 and 2001. But go back to 1982 and you will see a Wembley victory in the FA Vase. Although their identity tends to change, their location has remained static, The Lawn, the home of the Gumps is a site to behold, if you liked football grounds in the sixties that is. The official FGR website says of it, "nothing more than a field surrounded by a Hawthorn Hedge". In fairness they are referring to 1890, whereas now it is nothing more than a field surrounded by a collection of tin sheds. You may find it hard to believe but they are now considering relocating to a site even further up the mountain.

As you would expect their team is a mixture of a few old pro’s and keen youngsters rejected by the pro game, they also have a productive youth system. The chubby little guy you might notice during the warm up session is not a mascot but their highly respected and agile keeper Steve Perrin, a great favourite of Yeovil fans who can often be heard calling out to him! The usual chant of ‘Yeovil reject’ will be in limited use this year, the only ‘reject’ in the Gumps line up is Alex Meechan, rejected 2 years ago by then Yeovil manager Colin Addison after a loan period at Huish. Funny old game. This year’s fixture has added spice, the Gumps manager Colin Addision, after failing to lead Yeovil to the promised land, was last seen leaving Yeovil with the criticism of Chairman Fry ringing in his ears. Addo responded with equal frankness and their meeting could provide more clashes than the midfield battle. I mention the midfield as it is an area of the pitch the Gumps seem to avoid, preferring to ‘lump’ the ball from defence to attack as swiftly as possible. If only the chubby little keeper would be so swift, at last season’s games I thought I was ill, my mind was racing ahead of events, but all was well, it turned out to be Perrin moving in slow motion at every goal kick.

As is usual we approach these games with the Gumps at the wrong end of the table and us with hopes of greater things and future festive fare of Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers or Exeter City. Will this count for anything at 3.00pm on Boxing Day, no not a sausage (or chipolata), they will raise their game (not difficult), we will look at the cabbage patch of a pitch, feel the icy wind and an even contest should ensue. I recommend the Boxing Day encounter to any Yeovil fan that has not ventured up that hill, The Lawn will have a buzz of expectation and although the battle will not be pretty a warm welcome awaits you (if not me) in the clubhouse next to the stadium! 50p will see you admitted to a facility that will seat 120 and provide liquid and solid refreshment at a reasonable price.

New Years day will see the battle recommence, Nailsworth will be deserted as hordes of fans head south for their annual treat, the palatial surroundings of Huish Park, plastic tip up seats, non crumbling concrete and an atmosphere. You won’t be able to book a taxi or minibus in the Stroud area until 7.30pm at the earliest. Even when they do well at Huish, which is fairly often, the Gumpers tend to be a bit quiet, I reckon they be a bit shy, you will notice this if you have visited the clubhouse the previous week. They huddle in groups and peer over their glasses at they strange folk from the big town. Points for both sides are vital for different reasons, we would like a maximum 6 they would settle for 3, one thing for sure we won’t all be happy when it is all over.

No doubt Ciderspace records department will add the record of our past meetings to these mutterings, I would prefer not to dwell on such matters and look to the future now, it’s only just begun!!

Cider Jaaarn

Prediction corner :
We predicted a 16th place finish for FGR last season - in the event they ended up in 18th place. They ought to go down really. They've got very limited support, no money, no nothing really except for bucketloads of heart and pride - plus there's three sides that are, in our not-so humble opinion, worse than them. Final position: 18th (again!)

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We've Met Before ...

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Forest Green Rovers : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Forest Green Rovers

17/03/1999AwayConfW2-1860Thompson 52, Patmore 88
03/01/2000HomeConfW1-03028Foster 76
26/12/2000AwayConfW1-01756Belgrave 73
03/01/2001HomeConfW2-04361Patmore 24, 37
26/12/2001AwayConfD1-11609Grant 41
29/01/2002HomeConfD2-22686Miles 7, Grant 11
26/12/2002AwayConfL1-21836Skiverton 90
01/01/2003HomeConfW1-04692Jackson 69
29/07/2013AwayFrndW5-3647Hoskins 7, Own Goal 24, Ngoo 40, 52, Long 80

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Forest Green Rovers


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Club Statistics


05/04/2003Doncaster RoversHomeConfL1-2986Grayson 45
08/04/2003Kettering TownAwayConfW3-2422Cowe 19, 49, Meechan 59
19/04/2003Telford UnitedHomeConfD1-1801Grayson 49
21/04/2003Halifax TownAwayConfD1-11366Meechan 63
26/04/2003Dagenham and RedbridgeHomeConfW5-21020Grayson 26, 55, Richardson 41, Odejayi 58, Cowe 62


Neil Grayson15040019
Kayode Odejayi13120016
Alex Meechan12000012
Jon Richardson420006
Alex Sykes500005
Steve Cowe300003
Martin Foster101002
Darren Jones200002
Gary Owers002002
Adam Cooper100001
Carl Heggs100001
Rob Cook100001
Steve Tweddle100001
Own Goals200002


Highest League Attendance: 1836, vs Yeovil Town, 26/12/2002
Lowest League Attendance: 576, vs Leigh RMI, 07/12/2002
Average League Attendance: 858


Games Without A Win: 0 Games Without A Home Win: 0
Games Without An Away Win: 2 Games Without Defeat: 3
Games Without A Home Defeat: 2 Games Without An Away Defeat: 1
Games Without A Draw: 1 Games Without A Score Draw: 1
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 10 Games Without Scoring: 0
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence: WWWLDW
Away Results Sequence: WDLWLD Overall Results Sequence: LWLDDW

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Club Information

Ground Address : The Lawn,
Nympsfield Road
Forest Green
Telephone Number : (01453) 834860
Fax : (01453) 835291
Clubcall :
Email :
Chairman : Trevor Horsley
Press Officer : Heather Cook
Fixtures Secretary : David Honeybill
Team Manager : Colin Addison

Capacity : 5,141
Seated :
Covered Terrace :

Record Attendance : 2891 v Merthyr Tydfil

Nickname : The Rovers

Midweek Games Played : Wednesdays

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Directions To The Ground


Forest Green Rovers' home ground "The Lawn" is situated in the suburbs of Nailsworth- a small town with a population of 6,000 on the edge of the Cotswolds in South Gloucestershire. The ground is situated in Nympsfield Road, a short distance from the main A46 Bath-Stroud road.

By Road

From the M5 - leave at Junction 13, take the A419 towards Stroud, then after 5 miles take the A46 towards Bath as far as Nailsworth. In the centre of Nailsworth, just after the Clock Tower, take the first right (signposted Forest Green and Nympsfield). The Lawn is about half a mile up the hill and on the left.

From the M4 - leave at Junction 18, take the A46 towards Stroud for 15 miles to Nailsworth. In the centre of Nailsworth, just before the Clock Tower, take the left turn (signposted Forest Green and Nympsfield). The Lawn is about half a mile up the hill and on the left.

Parking - Early arrivals can use the car park in the College building next to the ground. Otherwise use the streets in the residential area around the ground or leave the car in Nailsworth and take the bus [a bus on Boxing Day - I don't think so!] to the ground.

Last year your friendly Gloucestershire Plod had a road block on the A46 between Stroud and Nailsworth around about Woodchester, and were stopping one out of every two vehicles passing through. It might have been the result of a one off mass escape from the local clink, or perhaps they were confiscating any food they found to relieve the evident famine gripping the area.........but they seemed particularly interested in people's drinking habits. Be warned.

By Rail

The nearest station is Stroud - but as we play FGR on Boxing Day anything resembling a train within a hundred miles is likely to be a figment of the imagination.

Road directions courtesy of 'Forest Green Online'

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Web Resources

Web Sites

Forest Green Online (Official)

Web Message Boards

Forest Green Rovers Message Board
E-Mail Mailing Lists

None known.

Local Press

This is Gloucestershire (Incorporating The Citizen and the Gloucestershire Echo)

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Food & Drink

Club Bar

The clubhouse is a fair size, and doubtless copes very well for 20 league games a year. The crowd for our match is rather bigger than the average, by about 100%, and it gets very packed in there. Waits for service can be lengthy. One good aspect is they open at half-time. The Lawn is always so ****ing cold that this is a life-saver. We seem to remember it was 50p for entry last season.

Looking for food in Gloucestershire on Boxing Day is like going to the Wessex Stadium expecting to see good football - a waste of time (see below). The last couple of years all the food at The Lawn has sold out within minutes of the match kicking off. The desperate scramble for the few chocolate bars left in the bar at half-time almost reached riot proportions.

Local Pubs

The recommended Real Ale pub in Nailsworth (well in Newmarket according to the landlord) is the George Inn. I won't mention it does Taylor Landlord (yum), a very nice local Uley brew called Old Spot, and............ because it won't be open on Boxing Day (much wailing and knashing of teeth). If, as a lot of Yeovil fans will be, you are coming in down the A46 from Stroud two pubs in Woodchester are just off the route. The Ram Inn and the Royal Oak are both signed from the main road. Good beer is guaranteed, but if you want to eat the Ram was only doing one set meal and expects you to book, and the Royal Oak wasn't doing food at all on the 26th.
The year before we found some good beer (the aforementioned Old Spot) and food in a pub in Tetbury, which is about five miles south-east of Nailsworth. Trouble is it also wasn't doing food last year.

The best we came up with last time was the Lord John in Russell Street, Stroud. The beer was fine, they did decent cider, but the food - lots of things 'off' the standard Wetherspoon menu which is pretty boring at the best of times - wasn't really up to the mark. Doubtless some excuse about it being Boxing Day.........

For an insiders view of Forest Green, Nailsworth and Stroud, the Unofficial Forest Green Web Site 'Paranormal In The West Country' has a guide to the area that can be found here.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

Low, their tongue is less of a local dialect and more of a foreign language. And one in which less people can converse than use Cornish.

Top-Tip :

Take your turkey sandwiches if you want more than a packet of crisps.

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Local Amenities

Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's online guide to Nailsworth's guesthouses and hotels for further information.

Tourist And Other Local Attractions

Set amidst the beauty of the Cotswolds, where almost everywhere looks like it has the copyright on chocolate box tops, Nailsworth manages the feat of being an exception to the rule.

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