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Colchester United : Club Background
Yeovil Town has a longer, though intermittent, history with Colchester United than with most clubs we play these days.

Colchester United are a relatively recent club in historical terms, only being formed in 1937. Previously Colchester Town had flown the Association flag in in this part of Essex, but they went bust mid 1937-38 season and had their record expunged. Whether some in the town had seen the writing was on the wall for Colchester Town, or whether it was a contributory factor in their demise, but United had been formed that same season, applying and being accepted into the Southern League. When Town folded United took the opportunity to take over their ground at Layer Road.

Layer Road End - the covered away terrace
Layer Road is no more
Photo 2005 Ciderspace

The U's first ever competitive game was on August 28th 1937 at Huish. Yeovil & Petters United won 3-0. The return on September 11th was 0-0. The clubs met again towards the end of that season in the two-legged Southern League Cup Final. Colchester emerged victorious 4-3 on aggregate. In the league the Glovers finished 4th, Colchester 6th.

The following season saw each side win their respective home league game, but whilst Yeovil were distracted by one of their great F.A. Cup runs it was Colchester United who finished the season as Southern League Champions. On the strength of this they made their first application to join the Football League, but only received one vote.

After the War the (renamed) Yeovil Town and Colchester United were again rivals in the Southern League. Yeovil got revenge for the 1938 League Cup Final defeat when they took the U's in the 1949 Final 3-0. However Colchester got the far greater prize the next season. Although they hadn't won the Southern League title post-war, when Division Three South was expanded by two clubs in 1950 they were voted in along with Gillingham.

A couple of mid-table seasons were followed by several needs for re-election, but when the cut came for who went into Division Three and who into Division Four in the restructuring for the 1958-59 campaign they were doing well enough to get put into the higher tier. It was in that season that Yeovil and Colchester met again, but now in the F.A. Cup in Round Two. The Glovers got a very creditable 1-1 draw at Layer Road and strongly fancied their chances in the replay at Huish. The 1-7 hammering was a shock, Yeovil's second largest F.A. Cup defeat ever. That was it until 1980 when the teams were again drawn in Round Two of the FAC. The pattern was repeated : a 1-1 draw in Essex, followed by defeat in Somerset. In the intervening years Colchester had bobbed about fairly regularly between Divisions Three and Four. Their greatest moment was the defeat of the then mighty Leeds United in the Fifth Round of the F.A. Cup in 1971.

In the Eighties Colchester appeared a solid Division Four team, but towards the end of the decade cracks began to appear in the club and two flirtations with relegation saw them down to the Conference on the second of them in 1990. History never repeats itself? Well not quite, as Colchester United's first match back in Non-league was at Huish Park - the stadium's first ever competitive match. The result was the same as in 1937 though, a win for the Glovers. Full-time Colchester were bound to be a major force in the Conference, but did have one major handicap - a prat of a manager called Ian Atkins. They ended runners-up to Barnet. In 1991-92 under Roy McDonough they made no mistake, though it was a close run thing. In a titanic struggle Colchester and Wycombe Wanderers were in a mini-league of their own, finishing 21 points clear of the rest. The U's pipped it on goal difference and were back in the Football League.

Community Stadium-West
West (Main) Stand at the Community Stadium
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

In 1998 Steve Wignall took them up to Division Two (now League One) through the play-offs, and there they remained for eight campaigns, a significant achievement for a club with one of the smallest average crowds at this level. The price paid was season after season of finishing in the bottom half of the table with little excitement other than the odd flirtation with relegation. In 2000 the Glovers, not to put too fine a point on it, slaughtered the U's 5-1 in Round One of the FAC. The Round Two LDV tie in 2003 finished 2-2 after extra time, but Colchester went through 4-2 on penalties. We didn't catch up with them in league competition again until 2005-06, losing 2-3 away and drawing 0-0 at home, that point in the final game of the season securing Colchester a rather unlikely promotion to the Championship as runners-up. Even more unlikely was the 10th placed finish in the second tier the following season. However it didn't last and they came back down in 2008, finishing bottom.

Back in League One, Colchester managed finishes of 12th (2008-09), 8th (2009-10), 10th (2010-11) and 10th (2011-12). Whilst that suggested that they might one day mount another charge towards Championship football, it never really happened particularly with owner Robbie Cowling making the decision to gradually shrink the subsidy he had been providing for the club's playing budget. The change in policy saw them nudge towards the other end of the table - the 2012-13 season saw them finish in 20th, and three points off the drop, whilst the 2013-14 season saw a marginal improvement to 16th, but for 2014-15 they dipped down to 19th, and ended up dropping in 23rd place in the following season. We met again in League Two for the 2016-17 season and witnessed them just miss out on a play-off spot on the final day of the season, ending the match in 8th position. The 2017-18 season was rather more mediocre with a 13th finish.

Community Stadium-East
East Stand - Smaller away followings get a couple of blocks here
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

We used to visit Colchester's ground at Layer Road in years gone by. However after nearly three decades after they first began trying, Colchester opened their new Community Stadium on August 4th 2008, mainly paid for by the council. It's got fairly good facilities although like many out-of-towners suffers from high car park charges and an otherwise near-exclusion zone that means that park'n'ride is your main option, and the concept of the quick pint at the pub near the ground is an impossibility.

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Colchester United : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Colchester United

19/04/1938HomeSLCF1W2-1Attley, Mann
19/11/1938HomeSLW2-1Green, Graham
22/09/1945HomeSLW8-0Regan, Hunt, Langely(5), Laing
15/12/1945AwaySLD3-3Dewis, Langely, Hunt
05/10/1946AwaySLL3-4White(2), Sibley
02/05/1949HomeSLCFW3-0Coffey(2), Bryant
18/08/1990HomeGMVCW2-04169Spencer 20, Conning 75
30/03/1991AwayGMVCW1-03115Batty 67
18/11/2000HomeFAC1W5-14552Patmore 50, 85, Belgrave 53, Skiverton 57, Way 80
04/11/2003HomeLDV2D2-23052Edwards 11, Gall 66
29/10/2005AwayCCL1L2-33409Bastianini 32, Harrold 51
15/08/2009AwayCCL1L1-24263Mason 82
30/04/2011HomeNPL1W4-23797Alcock 15, Tutte 22, Bowditch 44, Welsh 64
08/10/2011AwayNPL1D2-23521Massey 1, 63
18/02/2012HomeNPL1W3-23442Parrett 55, D'Ath 70, A Williams 72
14/08/2012HomeCC1W3-01907Hinds 4, 44, Marsh-Brown 79
06/10/2012HomeNPL1W3-13002Madden 20, 34, Hayter 78
19/11/2016HomeEFL2W2-12985Zoko 86, Campbell 89
17/03/2018AwayEFL2W1-02772Fisher 21
02/10/2018AwayEFL2L1-32435James 90
22/04/2019HomeEFL2D1-13370Gray 53

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Colchester United


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Colchester United : Club Statistics




Highest League Attendance: Not Applicable
Lowest League Attendance: Not Applicable
Average League Attendance: Not Applicable


Games Without A Win: 0 Games Without A Home Win: 0
Games Without An Away Win: 0 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 0 Games Without An Away Defeat: 0
Games Without A Draw: 0 Games Without A Score Draw: 0
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 0 Games Without Scoring: 0
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence:
Away Results Sequence: Overall Results Sequence:

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Colchester United : Club Information
Weston Homes Community Stadium
United Way

(Click for map)

NOTE: If you have really old Sat Nav equipment, it may not recognise the above postcode. If so then try CO4 5JS which is the nearby Rapid Electronics factory.

Telephone Number : 01206 755100
Fax : 01206 755112
Chairman : Robbie Cowling
Football Secretary : Nancy Hayes
Safety Officer: Gary Tuckwell
Media Manager : Matt Hudson
Manager : John McGreal

Capacity : 10,084
Seated : All-seated
Covered Terrace : N/A
Record Attendance : Community Stadium: 10,064 v Norwich City, L1, January 2010; Layer Road: 19,072 v Reading, FA Cup R1, November 27th, 1948 (Match Abandoned)

Nickname : The U's (used to be The Oystermen)
Colours : shirt - blue and white stripes; shorts - blue with white trim; socks - white with blue trim

Ticket Prices :

So far, Yeovil Town fans have done North Stand, South Stand and East Stand at the ground, and it has varied from trip to trip as to where you end up. It would appear that Colchester's policy is to open up the North Stand to away fans where bigger crowds are expected either from the home or away section. Otherwise for smaller away followings or overall crowds, they'll squeeze you into the side-facing East Stand. For our 2018-19 visit, in the East Stand, where we will get a couple of blocks, with Block E1 being their starting point. This is the one nearest the corner flag where the East and North Stands join. Enter via Turnstiles 9, 10 or 11.

Prices for the 2018-19 season are are based on a rather complicated sliding scale, according to when the tickets are purchased and are as follows:

Tickets Purchased Up to August 27th:
Adults: 16.50; Concessions: 12.00; Under-18s: 8.50; Under-14s: 3.50; Under-11s: FREE*; Additional U11s: 1.50.

Tickets Purchased Up to September 10th:
Adults: 18.00; Concessions: 14.00; Under-18s: 9.50; Under-14s: 4.00; Under-11s: FREE*; Additional U11s: 1.50.

Tickets Purchased Up to September 25th:
Adults: 20.00; Concessions: 15.00; Under-18s: 10.00; Under-14s: 4.50; Under-11s: FREE*; Additional U11s: 1.50.

Tickets Purchased Up to October 1st:
Adults: 22.00; Concessions: 16.00; Under-18s: 11.50; Under-14s: 5.00; Under-11s: FREE*; Additional U11s: 1.50.

Tickets Purchased On Matchday (From The Community Stadium):
Adults: 24.00; Concessions: 18.00; Under-18s: 13.50; Under-14s: 5.50; Under-11s: FREE*; Additional U11s: 1.50.

The free tickets for Under-11s are sold only if you are purchasing an Adult ticket at the same time. You can get up to four Under-11 tickets under a single adult ticket. After that the 'Additional Under-11s' charge applies.

The Concessionary rate applies to Over-65s and members of the Armed Forces (with ID).

Given the complexities of the above pricing structure, the Ticket Office will not be selling these online - you'll need to call them on 01935-847888 or visit the Ticket Office in person.

Disabled Info:
The two disabled categories are entitled to take in an assistant free of charge, provided they are on the middle or higher rate of Disabled Living Allowance. For any enquiries concerning Disabled Facilities, call 01206 755146 or email: - Matt Hudson is the club's Media Manager but also doubles as their Supporters Liaison Officer.

Away fans have their own elevated wheelchair gantry housed in the away end with the away fans. There are 40 dedicated spaces around the ground, with a subset of those provided for away supporters.

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Colchester United : Directions To The Ground

Community Stadium-Welcome
Welcome to the Community Stadium
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

Those who have been following the Glovers for a reasonable number of years will remember Layer Road well. They had plans to move from there stretching back all the way to 1980, but in 2008 moved to a site formerly known as Cuckoo Farm. For Colchester, head for London, get on the M25, and take the A12 at Junction 28. The A12 is dual-carriageway throughout. The U's new Community Stadium is located on the north of the town, near to Colchester Business Park.

The Community Stadium was mostly funded as a council project. Those who have been to new stadiums with major council involvement before - The Liberty and St Mary's spring to mind - will know that our elected representatives just love to surround the stadiums and the supporters matchday experience with a host of rules, regulations and restrictions. The Community Stadium is no exception, though decreasing attendances, and the inevitable realisation that they'd over-egged the pudding mean that things have calmed down a little bit.

Community Stadium-Front
Approaching the Community Stadium
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

By Road

Road improvements implemented in 2010, mean that driving to the ground has become much easier, with a new junction built at the tail end of that year. For the stadium, assuming most of you are coming from the London/M25 direction, get onto the A12 towards Colchester. You then need to turn off at Junction 28, turning right at the first roundabout. Go across the bridge and then go straight over the second roundabout, before turning right into United Way from the third roundabout, which brings you to the football stadium.

If you're coming from any other direction (e.g. East Anglia locations) you still want the A12 Junction 28, but London-bound traffic should turn left off the first roundabout and then follow the above instructions.

However note that if you are making your own way to the ground there's no point doing any of this as you can't park anywhere in the whole area, unless you've pre-booked at the ground (see 'Parking', below).


The news is not good. There is a stadium car park with between 600 and 700 spaces. Stadium parking starts at 6.00 (rising to 7.00 and 10.00) and must be prebooked by heading here - the instruction is that you can't turn up and hand over cash on the day.

Supporters should be aware that the area around the Weston Homes Community Stadium is subject to a Parking Exclusion Zone on matchdays. Covering both existing Clearways and also nearby residential areas, these roads will be marshalled by Colchester United and Essex Police to prevent parking on roads not permitted under the Stadium Travel Plan.

Parking enforcement will be carried out, so you are advised to check signage and lines carefully. Note that the Clearway restriction is not marked by yellow lines - but is zoned within signs marked with a red cross on a blue background. Clearway means that you cannot stop to load or unload passengers, wait or park, and the restrictions apply to those holding disabled drivers "Blue Badge" as well.

The following roads have a Clearway "No Stopping" restriction, which also extends to roadside verges and footways:
Northern Approach Road
Boxted Road
Langham Road
Severalls Lane
Axial Way
United Way

Most other areas around the stadium have either resident only parking restrictions or yellow lines. Residential areas subject to these restrictions include:
Mile End Road
Nayland Road (particularly near the Dog & Pheasant pub)
Turner Road
Mill Road

Marshalls also monitor nearby residential estates such as those leading off from Mill Road onto the 'Roman Place' development. Owners of any vehicles contravening any of the above parking restrictions are liable for a Fixed Penalty Charge Notice which is currently 70.00. Fans from a number of clubs have reported that they departed having picked up such fines. If you can hunt down some on-street we're advised there's nothing nearer than at least a mile from the stadium

There are commercial car parks in the town centre (map), but be aware these are two to three miles, depending on location, from the stadium.

One of the more local parking options other than the club car park is the Colchester Park and Ride facility which is on the north side of the A12 (and therefore on the opposite side of the main road to the ground). This will cost you 3.00 per vehicle and is a five minute walk from the stadium along Boxted Road. You can find it by putting CO4 5JA in your SatNav or Map software - look for Cuckoo Farm Way.

The other significant option is to use the Colchester (North) Railway Station car park. It is huge, with 1,400 spaces, and station car parks are mostly pretty empty at weekends with no commuters to clog them up, so there should be little problem finding a space. The Saturday rate is 3.00 for the whole day whilst for midweekers you can park there after 4.00p.m. for 3.40 (2017-18 season rates). However, note that you'll need a local bus to get you to the ground, as unless you're very enthusiastic, it's too far to walk.

Community Stadium-South
South Stand - home support switched here after first season in the new stadium.
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

By Supporters Coaches

The Green and White Supporters Club are running coaches to the match for this 2018-19 season League Two fixture as follows:

Coaches will depart from Huish Park at 1.30p.m. Cost of travel will be 28.00 for members with Concessions available at 26.00. Non-GWSC members are welcomed and will pay two pounds extra.

To place your booking, send a text message to Paul Hadlow on 07736 044570. If you want to call him please only do so after 6.00p.m. You can also reach him at - Remember in all cases to ensure you make clear which match you are booking for, your full name (and any other names you are booking for) and a contact telephone number.

By Rail

The town has three railway stations, Colchester North, Colchester Town and (Colchester) Hythe. North is the only one anywhere near the stadium, and that's about two miles away.

Liverpool Street, by One Railway, is your London station for services to Colchester. Journey times to Colchester North range from 49 minutes to one hour.

Note that in terms of official names, and in particular if you go searching on the National Rail website, "Colchester North" station is known simply as "Colchester" Railway Station. However, you'll find that the locals and most local bus services refer to it as "Colchester North" to avoid confusion with the Colchester Town station which is the more central one of the two, but further away from the ground.

Once you arrive at Colchester North Station, you can get a bus to the ground from a layby near the station or from Bruff Close which is a little further beyond and near one of the local pubs.

Community Stadium-North
North Stand - home end the first season, away end the second, now back to the home end.
Photo 2009 Ciderspace

By Bus

BAD NEWS: The shuttle buses that existed at the Community Stadium since the ground was built have been discontinued as Colchester were not prepared to subsidise them any more. As a result from the 2018-19 season onwards you're at the mercy of the town's buses. This means that evening matches become very problematic for those relying on public transport.

For those coming in by train, No.2 No. 8 and No.65 buses stop at Colchester (Main) Railway Station layby. The nearest stop to the ground is The Water Tower at Mile End. Note that for midweek matches, the No.2 and No.8 services curtail at around 18:30hrs which means that for those running close to evening kick-offs and for those heading back to the railway station after the game, you can only take the No.65 bus, and by that time of the night, it's service drops down to two buses per hour.

When leaping on one of the buses, take extra care to work out which direction they're going in. Colchester bus routes often run on a dog-leg route, and in this case it's confusing. For the No.8 route, you want the Monkwick to Highwoods route going to the ground, but for the No.2 route, you want the Highwoods to Horkesley Heath route. For the No.65 route, you want the Stanway to Highwoods route. Going back, reverse this!


A selection of Colchester taxi companies can be found here.

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Colchester United : Web Resources
Web Sites

Colchester United Official
PTV site, registration required to view.

Colchester United Supporters Association
Neat and tidy site detailing the benefits in joining and the activities the above organisation.

The U'sual
This site has now switched to the Fans Network chain.

Vital Colchester United
Franchise site. Doesn't appear to be manned.

Web Message Boards

Colchester United Official Message Board
A rarity in that it's an official club message board. However, you've got to register to even read the content on the forum.

The U'sual
Small amount of activity on this independent forum on the U'sual site.

E-Mail Mailing Lists and Newsletters

Local Press

East Anglian Daily Times
Under the Green 'Un 24 banner, this is the dedicated Colchester United section for the East Anglian Daily Times, which is updated most days.

Daily serving Colchester and north Essex. This is their dedicated Colchester United section, updated most days.

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Colchester United : Food & Drink
General :

The town is an army one, and although past its heyday in that respect still feels rather military, with barracks and the country's main army prison highly visible.

The nearest pub to the stadium is the Dog and Pheasant on Nayland Road, and that's three-quarters of a mile away. It is billed as home fans only. Near the railway station is the Bricklayers. This is also claimed to be home fans only, though that seems peculiar for a real ale pub, which it is. We had no problem getting a drink there, though we weren't dripping colours it has to be said. There was an impressive selection of real ale and cider. In North Station Road is the Norfolk, which is a Greene King outlet and will allow away fans. A little further on is the Albert, a Beefeater - arghh. Pretty much damning all except the Bricklayers, better pubs than those so far mentioned can be found in the town centre and out the other side - though it's a fair hike from the station car park. In town we have found the beer in the Fox & Fidler to be quite good; the beer in the Hole in the Wall was nothing special, but the food was good value. Crossing under the inner ring road The Dragoon - an Adnams pub - was one we favoured in years gone by, when Layer Road was the destination, and still appears fine. However the outlet immediately opposite, which was utterly dire and always entirely empty, has now had a complete revamp and renaming as the Fat Cat and has up to twenty different real ales on at one time, mostly served by gravity.

Club Bar :

As far as we are aware there are no alcohol provisions for away fans at the stadium. Food is the usual sort of garbage one gets fobbed off with at most football grounds.

Local Pubs :

Good 'local' style pub
Good 'local' style pub
© Hugh Gleave
Ale House: This pub has had a change of hands since our last visit, but still seems to be getting decent feedback - it used to be called The Dragoon. They do up to six real ales, with no fixed choices, and a tendency towards local brews. Nice beer garden at the back, with a covered area for smokers. A bit of a question mark over whether they do food or not - they didn't when they reopened but had some unconfirmed plans to reinstate that. Opening 3.00p.m. - 11.00p.m. Mon-Thu; Midday - Midnight Fri; midday - 11.00p.m. Sat; midday - 10.00p.m. Sun.
Ale House, 82, Butt Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3DA. Tel: 01206 573464. Map: Click Here.

Most convenient for the shuttle buses
Most convenient for the shuttle buses
© Martin Baker
Bricklayers: Should you arrive in the area of Colchester (North) railway station and the shuttle bus terminus this is the only decent pub to use whilst you work out how you are going to negotiate the couple of miles to the football stadium. It's said to be home fans only, but we've had no problems getting served wearing colours so possibly only when the naughtier clubs are in town. There's a public bar and a lounge, with a pool table and darts in the former. There's a full range of Adnams beers, including relevant seasonals, plus around six guests and at least one traditional cider - Crones was on last time. Usual sort of selection of keg, with Kronenbourg 1664, Carlsberg and Fosters as the lagers. Food is home cooked, good value, but lunchtimes only and not Saturdays, pretty much ruling out all possible football match schedules. Has own parking. Opening times are 11.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 11.00 a.m. - midnight Friday, noon - 11.00 p.m Saturday, noon - 11.00 p.m. (closes 6.30 p.m. in the winter) on Sunday.
Bricklayers, 27, Bergholt Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5AA. Tel: 01206 852008. Map: Click Here.

Recommended for its real ale
Recommended for its real ale
© Hugh Gleave
Fat Cat: Single, and oddly shaped, room pub, the third of the same name to be opened by the Fat Cat Brewery. The first, in Norwich, is I believe the only pub to ever win the award of CAMRA National Pub of the Year twice. The Colchester version isn't in that league, but is a good effort if you are a real ale fan. Obviously it stocks the Fat Cat range of beers, and supplements them with numerous guests. On a slow day you can expect a dozen beers to be available, and this can rise to as many as twenty. The majority are served by gravity. Food is served both lunchtimes and evenings but is a very restricted menu. There's a small (partially) covered yard at the back for smokers. Opening is noon - 11 p.m. every day except Friday when it's noon - midnight, and Saturday, which is 11.00 a.m - midnight.
For those that recall Colchester from Layer Road days this pub was The Royal, then a dire hole, and is right opposite The Dragoon (below).
Fat Cat, 65, Butt Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3BZ. Tel: 01206 577990. Email: Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Town centre outlet
Town centre outlet
© Hugh Gleave
Fox & Fiddler: Town centre hostelry that's much bigger than it appears from the outside. The Mighty Oak Brewery provides the regular beers, with additional choice from guests usually from micro-breweries. Good quality home produced food is available lunch times only. There's an outside area to the rear that is partly covered and also heated. Opening times are 11.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 11.00 a.m. - midnight Friday and Saturday, and noon - 10.30 p.m. Sunday.
Fox & Fiddler, 1, St John's Street, Colchester, Essex, CO2 7AA. Tel: 01206 560520. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

A town centre option
A town centre option
© Hugh Gleave
Hole In The Wall: Not the easiest to spot, tucked in the lanes off the town centre between the Mercury Theatre and the Arts Centre. Claims up to six real ales, but only two very mainstream ones on when we called in. The food, however, was good value if standard fare and served throughout the day. Two external semi-covered areas for smokers and others. Opening: noon - 11.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday; noon - midnight Friday and Saturday; noon - 10.30 p.m. Sunday.
Hole In The Wall, Balkerne Passage, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1PT. Tel: 01206 579897. Map: Click Here.

The Norfolk: Recently refurbished. About 300 yards from Colchester North station, going towards the town centre and away from the stadium. Advantage is it accepts away fans. Disadvantage - Greene King ales are pretty poor these days. Does IPA, Abbot and Old Speckled Hen as its real ales. There's a pool table and Sky Sports on a big screen.
The Norfolk, 132, North Station Road, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1UZ. Tel: 0871 9170007. Website: Click Here. Map: Click Here.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

Not quite as ghastly as 'New-Town' Essex. Deep enough into the county and old enough not to be totally dominated by Mockneys speaking Estuarine. But it's getting that way, so make the most of what's left before the chav generation takes over completely.

Top-Tip :

Wear good walking shoes, you are quite likely to need them. In fact a rucksack, tent, sleeping bag, compass and two days supply of food could be a good idea.

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Colchester United : Local Amenities
Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's Online Guide to find Guest Houses/Hotels in the town and surrounding areas.

Other Points Of Interest

Colchester has a zoo, a castle, and the University of Essex for those that classify any of these as points of interest.

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