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Boston United : Club Background

QUOTE : "they (Yeovil fans) do not like me very much" - Steve "Cheatmeister" Evans.

Boston United were founded in 1933. Because of their location they have played in Midland, Southern and Northern based leagues. It took them many years to come to the fore, but by the Seventies they were a major force in the Northern Premier League, winning the Championship on four separate occasions, and became founder members of the Alliance Premier League in 1979. They started quite solidly, but from the mid-Eighties were more usually found at the bottom end of the table until relegation finally caught up with them in 1993. They spent five years in the Northern Premier League, before switching to the Southern. Two attempts in the Dr. Martens saw them back in the Conference again for the 2000-01 campaign. They coped with it handily enough without ever setting the table on fire, finishing twelfth. Threats from the then Boston chairman to sue the Football League for failing to promote them if they had finished 2nd were thus a tad redundant, but caused plenty of merriment. Less merriment went with the territory known as "Rent (used notes only)-a-gob". Some saw him as just another manager with too much to say for himself, but others were already murmuring that the man was far worse than just the standard loud-mouth.

Boston's Finnforest Stand - the main stand at the ground
Boston's Finnforest Stand - the main stand at the ground
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

For their second season in the Conference The Pilgrims went full-time. How could they afford it, people asked? Well now the world knows. Eleven players were chopped and in came a large number of expensive looking full-time pros, mostly with previous in the League.

The title appeared to be a two horse race from early on. Of course it was really a one horse race, as one of the contestants was cheating. As the season progressed more and more rumours about a rottenness at Boston United were surfacing, but as usual the authorities held their noses and ignored the stench. The Pilgrims finished at the top of the table on goal difference from Dagenham & Redbridge. Belatedly the F.A. arrived on the York Street doorstep, and soon uncovered a web of dishonesty and corruption another fat bastard, Robert Maxwell, would have been proud of. Boston's former chairman Pat Malkinson disappeared off to Spain, single handedly resurrecting the Costa-del-Crime tag, and subsequently received a ban from football. Steve Evans pleaded guilty to four charges, and was also found guilty of four more. Barred for 20 months and fined £8,000.

As for the club - outside of the F.A. there was only one possible verdict: Boston were not champions, and the taking up of a place in the Football League would be a disgrace to the name of football and fair play. However from a planet of five billion people the F.A. managed to appoint the only three arse-wipes alive who would have had the gall to find Boston guilty, and then........ reward the club with a promotion. A paltry fine, that was miniscule compared to the financial benefits of promotion, and a feeble four points deduction from the following season, simply compounded that insult to all integrity and decency.

Surprise surprise, Boston struggled during their first season in Division 3. The cheatmeister was out, morale plummeted and for most of the season the Pilgrims hovered around the foot of the table before new boss Neil Thompson pulled them up by their bootstraps to the giddy heights of 15th. Nine more places than they deserved in our opinon, but nobody asked us. Some property developer called Des Wood, drafted in as cover for the disgraced Malkinson mafia, found a ready audience amongst a bunch of in-breds who'd already amply demonstrated their incapability of spotting a pile of turds on their own doorstep. Once again surprise, surprise : the talk of a shiny new stadium proved as much hot air as all the Boston apologists' weasel words about how they weren't really a bunch of cheats.

Then, just as Boston appeared to be living down the ignomy of their cheating, the very second Evans the Cheat's ban ended he was reappointed manager by his mate and employer outside football, Jon Sotnick, who had become chairman a few weeks before. Neil Thompson had been booted out within two days of Sotnick's arrival without a thank-you, and Neil Redfearn had the decency to follow a short time later. Boston finished 11th, one point better off than their first season (ignoring the points deduction).

Yeovil's record at York Street is totally abysmal over the years. In 2003-04, after playing them off the park for 95% of the game we managed to lose yet again, 3-2 in the dying seconds. The only piece of merriment of note was Boston's habit upon scoring of playing canned "cheering" through the tannoy. What a sad embarrassment.........

In 2002-03, when we went up to York Street to play in the LDV, an official of the club lodged a complaint about the tone of the profile on Boston on this site. So, if you are still reading - live with it matey. Whilst Boston continues to associate itself with a cheat the story of how that club shamefully ripped the piss out of fair play and honesty in sport won't die - and nor should it.

Boston's York Street Stand, situated behind one of the goals
Boston's York Street Stand, situated behind one of the goals
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

Prediction Corner : Boston again seem to be hiring some expensive looking players, legally one hopes this time, with a focus on north of the border. The capture of Derek Lilley from Livingston looked a real coup, but when his wife Shona refused to move south he had to be released. His replacement by Jason Lee, yep the pineapple one, looks rather less impressive. Boston seemed well aware of this as they upped their search for another striker. However bids of £110,000 for Kris Boyd of Kilmarnock, £100,000 for Peterborough United front-man Calum Willock and £80,000 for ex-Boston Daryl Clare were all rejected. The moves for Clare provoked an open slanging match between his current club Chester City and Boston. As for the Paul Gascoigne saga, that will doubtless run and run. Inspired signing, or ridiculous publicity stunt? We know which way our sentiments go on that, but time will tell. Boston to improve on last season, but not by enough - 9th.

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Boston United : We've Met Before
Previous Results for Yeovil Town First Team vs Boston United

11/10/1955HomeFrndL2-3Fidler, Fraser
04/02/1958HomeYCCD2-2Gaynor, Riseborough
28/09/1959HomeSLD3-3Phillips, Blackburn, Dennis
08/10/1960HomeSLW8-1Paton, Albury, McLaughlin, Pounder, Ashe(2), Kelly(2)
21/03/1981HomeAPLW2-11024Green, Ward
28/08/1982AwayAPLL3-61103Hawkins, Benjafield, Beck
31/03/1984HomeAPLW4-2888Ward, Paparella(2), Brown
05/05/1984AwayAPLL2-3875White, Doherty
18/08/1984HomeGOLAL2-41140Doherty, Horton
24/03/1990HomeGMVCW2-11844Conning, Wilson
01/09/1990HomeGMVCD1-13105Wallace 17
23/11/1991AwayGMVCW3-11240Shail, McDermott, Carroll
13/09/2000AwayConfL1-41303Patmore 18
17/02/2001HomeConfW2-13585McIndoe 43, Betts 73
23/10/2002AwayLDV1L2-41323Skiverton 73, Alford 80
30/09/2003HomeDIV3W2-05093G Williams 21, Lockwood 38
12/04/2004AwayDIV3L2-32848Weatherstone 4, Stansfield 51
14/08/2004HomeCCL2W2-05178Jevons 49, Tarachulski 65
26/03/2005AwayCCL2W2-13069Skiverton 10, 82

Results Summary For Yeovil Town First Team vs Boston United


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Boston United : Club News
Recent News For Boston United

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Boston United : Club Statistics




Highest League Attendance: Not Applicable
Lowest League Attendance: Not Applicable
Average League Attendance: Not Applicable


Games Without A Win: 0 Games Without A Home Win: 0
Games Without An Away Win: 0 Games Without Defeat: 0
Games Without A Home Defeat: 0 Games Without An Away Defeat: 0
Games Without A Draw: 0 Games Without A Score Draw: 0
Games Without A No-Score Draw: 0 Games Without Scoring: 0
Games Without Conceding: 0 Home Results Sequence:
Away Results Sequence: Overall Results Sequence:

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Boston United : Club Information
Ground Address : York Street, Boston.
(click for map)
Club Office : 14-16, Spain Place
PE21 6HN
Telephone Number : 01205 364406
Fax : 01205 354063
Clubcall : 09068 121539

Chairman : Jon Sotnick
Press Officer :
Fixtures Secretary : Colin Woodcock
Team Manager : Some Cheating ****

Capacity : 6,643
Seated : 1,826
Covered Terrace : 4,817

Record Attendance : 10,086 vs Corby Town, friendly 1955

Nickname : The Pilgrims Cheats
Colours : shirt - amber and black hoops, shorts - black, socks - black

Midweek Games Played : Wednesday

Prices : Town End Terrace (turnstiles 7, 8, 9 and 10) - adults £13.00; over 65's £9.50; 16 and under £6.50.
Last season the club had a scheme on reduced admission prices for junior supporters on the terraces. Some cynics might suggest it was an offer deliberately constructed to be as awkward as possible for away fans. In fact when this fan went to avail himself of it for his two children it came as such a shock that the queue was held up by over ten minutes of increasingly heated argument as the ticket office 1) denied all knowledge of it; then 2) said away fans weren't eligible; then 3) said I should sort it all out at the away turnstile. Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining, matey. Did I care two hoots about the £2.00 saved? Nope. Did I enjoy the victory finally achieved on a matter of principle? Oh yes. Can't be anything to do with that minor fracas but this year those that wish to avail themselves of reduced costs for juniors will find that scheme has vanished and they will have to use a family area. The seating area in the York Street Stand has been designated as a Family Section. All adults using this area must be accompanied by at least one junior spectator: adults £13.50, over 65's £10.00, 16 and under £4.00.
Update : this match has now been designated for live coverage by Sky Sports, with kick-off brought back to 12.15 p.m.

Disabled Provision : You're having a larf! There are no dedicated facilities at all as far as we can tell. Two places for home supporters in wheelchairs, plus (presumably they weren't just taking the piss) there's a "possible option to sit in a gateway at the side of the ground". Sort it out, Boston, you're a disgrace from the Dark Ages! Oh, and by the way, from November 1st 2004, breaking the law.......
The Town End at York Street these days used to house away supporters
The Town End at York Street these days used to house away supporters
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

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Boston United : Directions To The Ground
Boston's ground from the outside as you see it on the dual carriageway driving in
Boston's ground from the outside as you see it on the dual carriageway driving in
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace


Boston is miles from civilisation and the town itself consists of five different families. Everyone is related to everyone else, so bear that in mind when visiting.

N.B. : For those who visited York Street in Non-league days and were used to going to the York Street Stand note that the home and away ends have been switched since Boston unfairly entered the Football League, and the Town End Terrace (capacity 1,821) is now the area allocated to visiting supporters. The turnstiles for the Town End are situated in Spayne Road (nos. 7, 8, 9, and 10).

By Road

A1 to A17 Sleaford to Boston, over rail crossing, bear right at Eagle pub to lights over Haven Bridge, straight-on along John Adams Way (dual carriageway), turn right at traffic lights into Main Ridge, then right again into York Street.

There is a smallish car park at the stadium. Don't waste your time as it's permit holders only. Public car parks are a short walk away towards the town centre. On street parking is findable closer to the ground, but be aware that we know of several people who have had their vehicles damaged in the past - whether because they were identified as belonging to away supporters or simply as the result of random actions by the trolls we can't say.

By Rail
Nearest railway station: Boston (less than 1 mile from ground)
Route to ground on foot (about a ten minute walk) - head down Station Street towards the Stump (the large church tower which dominates the skyline for miles around). At the end is a Police Station. Go through the car park and nip round the right side of the Police Station, then head over the footbridge over the river. On reaching the other side, turn right up an alleyway towards the Market Place. Keep going straight on, across a pelican crossing and keep going. Veer right down South Street and cross the road. Look out for a small road to the left called Spain Lane. Head down Spain Lane until you come to John Adams Way dual carriageway. There is a staggered pelican crossing to get you across. The ground is in front of you down Spayne Road.
Another view of the Spayne Road Terrace from the away end
A view of the Spayne Road Terrace from the away end
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

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Boston United : Web Resources
Web Sites

The Original Site - this site has been run by Ken Fox for donkeys years. Used to operate as the official voice of the club and as such is very 'loyalist'. Despite that the new chairman withdrew its status. Remains the only Boston site worth bothering with.
Official Boston Utd Website - Mr Sotnick's all singing all dancing replacement for the above. Except there's not a great deal there of any interest. Very sterile and dull. Oh dear.
Boston on the Brain - independent. Nothing much here.
Boston Fever - Rivals site.
Unofficial Pilgrims - Mad site.

Web Message Boards

Pilgrims' Patter - have to register even to read. Ever felt unwanted?
Rivals forum - read only if unregistered.
Mad forum - read only if unregistered.
Boston United Unrestricted Forum - living proof that the dross drives out the good until no one uses it.
E-Mail Mailing Lists

None known.

Local Press

Lincolnshire Echo

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Boston United : Food & Drink

Boston itself provokes a wide range of views. In the Conference sets of supporters from some clubs billed it as one of the more risky places to visit. We at Ciderspace have never experienced any problems there since the early Nineties, but then Yeovil's results record at York Street has been appalling over the years so perhaps we've rarely annoyed them.

In our opinion it is not a bad market town, and though the outskirts are fairly grim sprawling modern development the older part inside the ring road is less spoilt than many places we can think of, with a good selection of pubs and eateries.
Apart from the pubs detailed below other places worth noting are :
At the bottom of West Street The Axe and Cleaver is to be found, and although the beer is very ordinary the pub has live bands on most nights and the atmosphere can be very good. Move on towards the market place and you have a wide choice. Coming down Emery Lane there's The Kings Head, and although it has a reputation as a gay bar there are strippers on a Friday and Saturday night. By the bridge at the bottom of Emery Lane is the White Hart Hotel and Chillies Bar. Chillies is a disco pub, aimed at the younger drinkers, while the White Hart does some excellent meals. The White Hart is opposite the Moon Under Water (see below). Into the market place there are a number of pubs competing for your attention. Martha’s Vineyard, The Britannia on the waterfront, The Still (listed below) and TP Woods are all typical town centre pubs. Just away from the market place down Dolphin Lane there is The Indian Queen, a Batemans pub that is a venue for rock and punk bands. In Wide Bargate you have The Red Cow, a large rather soulless hotel type pub, but it does serve reasonable beer.
The Star of India on West Street is the best curry house in the town - in fact one of the best in the country according to the Good Curry Guide. In the same street are The Hong Kong, Chinese, Monsuda, a Thai restaurant and The Italian Connection, which is self explanatory. All are excellent, but you may well need to book at busy times. The best fish & chip shop in town, in fact an award winner for the whole South Yorkshire - Lincolnshire region, is Tates, right in the very centre. Eagles chippy near the football ground is also good quality.
Boston has a very poor selection of three fairly dismal nightclubs. So if you want clubbing go to Skegness.

There are a number of independent breweries in Lincolnshire, but by far the most important is George Bateman & Son Ltd. Batemans have been brewing at Wainfleet All Saints since 1874, and the company is still family run. They have 68 pubs of their own, and also supply their justly respected beers to outlets scattered all over the country. They produce a large number of seasonal beers and short-run speciality ales, but their main output is : Dark Mild (one of my all-time favourite milds), Blackbeerd, XB Bitter (the session beer), Yella Belly (organic pale ale), Combined Harvest, Salem Porter (excellent), and XXXB (strong, and a classic).

Since the allocation of the Town End Terrace to away fans it has had basic catering facilities added to meet League regulations. Expect the usual tea, coffee, bovril, hot chocolate, soup, soft drinks, crisps, pies, sausage rolls and pot noodle type fare.

Matchday programmes are only sold outside the ground from the Programme Huts. This season they cost £2.50.

Club Bar

The Sports Bar is situated in the car park outside the ground. It serves a range of beers, has a large screen TV, a pool table and a darts board. It is open both before and after matches and usually accepts away fans, though sometimes this is restricted to those who can prove membership of their own Supporters' organisation. It's actually quite a good clubhouse - but we shan't be passing The Cheats a penny more of our hard-earned than absolutely necessary.

Local Pubs :

Coach and Horses: Just off York Street itself, this pub naturally gets very busy on match days, and being a small single bar can be uncomfortably packed. Again for drinkers as it doesn't do meals, it features XB and XXXB, allegedly the best Bateman's in town. Has pool and darts.
Coach and Horses, 86, Main Ridge, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6SY. Tel: 01205 362301. Map: Click Here.

Eagle: One of the Tynemill stable of pubs. Tynemill is a small chain based primarily in the East Midlands of just over 20 outlets specialising in real ales. An associate company has three pubs in York, which we can recommend as excellent.
The house beers are Adnams Broadside, Bank's Bitter, Castle Rock Gold (rebadged as Golden Nugget) and Taylor Landlord. There are always at least two guest beers on in addition, plus a cider from either Stowford Press or Biddenford. Food is snacks between 12 noon and 2.00 p.m. There are two rooms: a lounge; and a bar with big screen and pool table. Tynemill pubs often have a total exclusion on children but we hear this one allows them in the dining area at lunchtimes. Convenient for the railway station. Opening 11-11.
Eagle, 144, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 8RE. Tel: 01205 361116. Map: Click Here.

Goodbarns Yard - quality food at reasonable prices
Goodbarns Yard - quality food at reasonable prices
© Hugh Gleave
Goodbarns Yard: A friendly outlet tucked behind The Stump, and by the river, down a little alley. Beers were John Smith's and Old Speckled Hen when we visited. They do vary them, but don't expect anything exceptional, either in obscurity of origin or (frankly) quality. Kept well enough, but were nothing special. However where the pub fell down slighty on its beer it more than made up for that in its food. Excellent dishes in a wide ranging menu at pretty reasonable prices. Pleasant garden if the weather is suitable. Children welcome. Opening 11.30 a.m. - 11.00 p.m., with food served all day.
Goodbarns Yard, 8, Wormgate, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6NP. Tel: 01205 355717. Map: Click Here.

Magnet Tavern - not what it was
Magnet Tavern - not what it was
© Hugh Gleave
Magnet Tavern: Top notch pub when we first used it, with a number of real ales on tap. The food was good and cheap. Has two bars, one with a pool table. Changed hands since then, and just has that feel of a pub on the slide. There's now a big satellite screen in the lounge bar. Taylor Landlord is the only real ale left. Children allowed until 6.00 p.m. according to a notice, but with the landlord clearly willing to be flexible when we dropped in after the game.
Magnet Tavern, South Square, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6HX. Tel: 01205 369186. Map: Click Here.

Moon Under Water: On the bridge over the river in the town centre. Pretty typical Wetherspoon, but with a more interesting range of beers than many these days when we were there for the LDV tie last year. Children allowed.
Moon Under Water, 6, High Street, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 8SH. Tel: 01205 311911. Map: Click Here.

Ship Tavern, from which the ground can be seen
Ship Tavern, from which the ground can be seen
© Hugh Gleave
Ship Tavern: A single bar pub for drinkers. Sandwiches and rolls type fare, but no hot food. There are two entrances, one off Custon House Lane, and the other down a tiny alley off South Street. Usually carries around four real ales. Has a pool table, and the best juke box I've heard in years - the landlord is a fan of Sixties / Seventies rock.
Ship Tavern, Custom House Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6HH. Tel: 01205 358156. Map: Click Here.

Spirit of Endeavour: This is a large new chain pub, that most Yeovil fans will pass as they will be coming up the A16, just on the edge of town. Normally we are pretty sniffy about chains, but Tom Cobleigh is one of the better ones in our opinion. It welcomes families, is wheelchair friendly, does food (better and more interesting than most chains) all day, has ample parking, a big screen and a beer garden.
Spirit of Endeavour, Marsh Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7QS. Tel: 01205 356678. Fax: 01205 352420. Map: Click Here.

The Birds: For those who prefer to eat and drink away from Boston this Hungry Horse outlet in Spalding is just off the A16 route many Yeovil fans will be using.
The Birds, 108, Halmer Gate, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2EL. Tel: 01775 723329. Map: Click Here.

The Still: Pub by the market. Head for the Boston Stump and you can't miss it. Has a big sports screen and dedicated games room.
The Still, 23, Market Place, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6EH. Tel: 01205 369009. Map: Click Here.

The Wellington: This pub is a bit further away from the ground than the Coach & Horses, along Main Ridge and into Vauxhall Road. The main advantage is that it is larger and doesn't get as crowded. The disadvantage is that the Mansfield Bitter it serves is not as good as Bateman's.
The Wellington, 28, Vauxhall Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 0JB. Tel: 01205 363198. Map: Click Here.

Likelihood the Natives Will Understand You :

The locals speak their own dialect. Most is understandable, but they have no words for: honesty, morality, ethical, or conscience.

Top-Tip :

Speeding in the area is quite acceptable, providing one can successfully spin the magistrates a sob story about being a cheating football manager with the vague possibility of a 'consultancy' position coming up six months down the line for which retaining one's licence would be useful. As we suggested earlier, they'll swallow any old shit in Lincolnshire and call it à la carte.

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Boston United : Local Amenities
Local Guesthouses and Hotels

Go to A1 Tourism's Online Guide to find Guest Houses/Hotels in Boston and surrounding areas.

Boston town centre, showing the tower known locally as the Stump
Boston town centre, showing the tower known locally as the Stump
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

Tourist And Other Local Attractions

Boston can trace its history back to AD645 and in the 13th century was the premier port in England, though don't tell that to anyone from Bideford, they might have something to say to you about it (I speak from experience here). The tallest working windmill in the country can also be found here. There was also a time when they weren't known as cheats.

[No responsibilty is taken for any inaccuracies. This page is entirely the product of bias and prejudice.]

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