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20 July 2009 : Movement On Keeper Issue
Manager Terry Skiverton, speaking to BBC Somerset, has stated that an offer to Richard Martin will be made. Martin was one of two goalkeepers on trial at the South-West Challenge Cup tournament last week, with the club announcing this morning that the other, Arran Lee-Barrett, had been allowed to move on.

"He's going to be good for the future, and he's had a great upbringing at Manchester City. I am looking at him being the number two. I've been really impressed with what he's done so far. He's an excellent shot-stopper but there's still a couple of areas he's got to work on in his game.

For us it's very much a development contract and he's someone I'd be looking at getting into the team in the future.

Skiverton also confirmed an interest in Nikki Bull, who has reached agreement to terminate his contract at Aldershot Town a year early. The Glover's gaffer said:

"He is someone that interests me. He's a good goalkeeper and he's got about 280 league games under his belt. He is a good age at 28. That's the thing that's been happening so far. You could hit me with another four or five names and I'd know all their stats as well! As soon as you come into this job you end up knowing a little bit more about everyone. Nikki Bull is a good keeper and he's got great league experience and he is someone that would be of interest, but we're looking at other avenues as well."

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