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20 July 2009 : Blog Articles Enhanced To Allow Comments
There have been some recent enhancements made to the pages that support our growing collection of Blog articles which are generally housed in the Features section of the site. It is now possible to directly provide your own comments on the articles written by Taff and Seb as well as general site opinion articles and have them added to the foot of each article. This allows you to agree, disagree or make further comment on their subject matter.

Note that all comments submitted are moderated at the moment, until we make further enhancements. This is to allow us to defeat the spammers that tend to prey on such web forms, and definitely not to stifle debate, so don't panic if your comments don't appear immediately.

Link: Taff's GloversBlog : Latest Article.

Link: Seb's Slope and Glory : Latest Article.

Link: Yeovil Town Blog : Latest Article.

Link: Football League Blog : Latest Article.

Link: Away Days Blog : Latest Article.

Note that particularly with the last three sections, we welcome new articles from anyone who wants to write for the site on an occasional basis, or just when you have a burning issue that you want to get off your chest. Drop a line to the site address below, or to with any ideas you may have. We'll then use the last three sections (or add more if necessary) to publish any articles received.

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20/07/2009 : Blog Articles Enhanced To Allow Comments
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