Ciderspace News Page : Rose Makes A Career Switch
10 July 2009 : Rose Makes A Career Switch
Whilst we try and keep tabs on where Yeovil Town's former players have got to, one or two disappear into a black hole. Former defender Matthew Rose, who left the club in the summer of 2008 has finally been tracked down and is now working as an Independent Financial Advisor.

Rose made 41 appearances for Yeovil, scoring one goal in an away match at Bristol Rovers and his time with the Glovers have turned out to be his final days in football. During his last year at Huish Park, he used his spare time to study for a career outside the game and now works for JP Financial Solutions in Peterborough. He explained to the Football League that his new career came a little earlier than he planned:

"It's something I fell into, really. I wanted to play until I was 35. But when you get to the stage where you're having injections just to train, you realise your health is more important than football. I do miss the game. It's the same as most players. I miss having a laugh with the lads and the day of the game - but I don't miss the everyday stuff."

The former Queens Park Rangers defender has said that he has used his own experience of dealing with advisors in football to motivate him, and as a result a lot of his clients at present are current footballers:

"I was always motivated by the fact that there was so much bad advice around when I was a player. There are a lot of sharks out there. We are not just in it to make a fast buck. Mortgages involve a lot more paperwork than investments and tax claims. Footballers trust ex-footballers. Footballers either don't want to, or don't have the time to, pick up the phone and find the best advice. That's where we come in. Football is a short career. You earn a lot of money in a short time and we want them to come out of the game with their mortgage paid off."

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