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11 December 2008 : Stockport Weatherwatch
Saturday's match against Stockport County may require a bit of careful planning by the club's groundstaff to ensure that the game is not beaten by the elements. Hard frost this week, and heavy rain that is likely to turn wintry are all likely to affect when covers should and shouldn't go on the pitch.

Those who are travelling significant distances for the game should keep an eye out for any pitch inspections planned. The main issue at present is that the goalmouth around the home terrace is frozen, due to a series of heavy overnight frosts in the area. Manager Russell Slade told BBC Somerset today that this was causing him some concern, but that he had hopes that the situation could be managed:

"We played the Reserve game (on Wednesday) and the pitch held up pretty well. There were a few divots and things that needed attending to. Our biggest problem is just at the one end, where it is still frosty. The forecast tonight is pretty good, although on the Friday night I think it is about minus three and so we'll need to cover that end and make sure that we do everything that we can to ensure that the game goes ahead. On Saturday we've got rain, but if the pitch is OK then there shouldn't be a problem. We just need to manage it the best way that we can and hopefully we can get the game on."

Going by what the various weather websites say, we think Russell has probably got his weather forecast the wrong way round. Tonight it is more heavy frost that is the problem in the Yeovil area, whilst on Friday night things should largely thaw out, but heavy overnight rain will then become the issue. The Metcheck website forecasts around 5cm worth of rain to fall in Yeovil across the first 12 hours of Saturday. If the underlying turf has thawed out then the Huish Park drainage system should cope with that, but if there is still hard ground lurking beneath the surface, then that could cause some problems. To make matters worse, by late morning, the conditions are likely to turn more wintry.

Link: Website : Weather Forecast For Yeovil.

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