Ciderspace News Page : Stockport County FA Cup Replay Man Of The Match Result
24 November 2008 : Stockport County FA Cup Replay Man Of The Match Result
The Man of the Match poll for last Tuesday's match against Stockport County in the FA Cup saw another close run thing. Obviously with not too many Glovers fans being present at the replay match, it was very much a case of every vote counts.

Captain Terry Skiverton was deemed to be one of the more impressive performers, but it was right-back Craig Alcock who got the nod by virtue of his second and third place votes. The full results are shown below with outright MOTM votes in brackets:

1 Craig Alcock 42 (3)
2 Terry Skiverton 34 (3)
3 Gary Roberts 22 (2)
4 Lee Peltier 20 (0)
5 Aidan Downes 18 (1)
6 Josh Wagenaar 16 (1)
7 Keiran Murtagh 16 (0)
8 Nathan Jones 10 (1)
9 Danny Schofield 8 (0)
10 Paul Warne 6 (0)
10 Aaron Brown 6 (0)


Performance: 4.36
Entertainment: 3.82


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