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23 February 2004 : Gary Looks For The 100-Percenters
After holding an hour long lock-in after Saturday's 3-2 defeat at Darlington, Glovers manager Gary Johnson wisely bit his tongue when fielding the following questions from the press, many of which centred on the performance of Oxfordshire referee Dermot Gallagher. Despite the poor officiating, Johnson instead criticised the level of effort supplied by a number of his players when they went behind:

It was a very entertaining game for the neutral but for the visiting manager a very frustrating and ultimately disappointing afternoon.

Yes, it was disappointing and it was frustrating. I suppose the game could have gone either way. We didn’t get much luck and a couple of decisions didn’t go our way. We were down to 10 men and 2-1 down and that’s hard to come back from. But there’s a lot more things in-house that we needed to sort out today. We have got 16 cup finals. We got rid of one last week, we got rid of one today and now we’ve got 14 cup finals left. We’ve just got to make sure that the ones who are not quite 100-percenters, we need them to very quickly become 100-percenters. I thought I had seven or eight 100-percenters out there today and they gave everything for the club. Maybe it is because some are new and don’t quite know our mentality or maybe it’s because some have been around for a little while. But we’ve got to learn to be able to compete when we are behind and go on and win games.

And now is the time to sort out those people who are not 100-percenters because there’s still plenty of the season to go.

Yes, of course there is. As I’ve just said, we’ve now got 14 cup finals. We’re building up to another cup final on Saturday. The things that were said in the dressing room were obviously private but sometimes you have to get at individuals a little bit in the hope that you can help them turn it around. We’ve got a very young, enthusiastic, inexperienced group of players and it was a good day today to throw in a little bit of knowledge for them and tell them a couple of home truths. Some of the boys done their job and some of them didn’t.

A lot of Yeovil fans will go home today talking about the referee and it was obvious that you were unhappy with the standard of Gallagher’s performance, as were Darlington too. Why were you disappointed with the second goal?

One of the reasons why I didn’t come out of the dressing room quickly was because I knew you would ask me that question. It’s not an easy question to answer straight after a game because you don’t want to say things that you’ll regret later on. But I thought that the game had a couple of decisions in it that spoilt the game for both teams. I felt that it was a big game and that both teams went out there not to be silly but to make it a good advert for the Third Division and unfortunately I didn’t feel it was a good advert for the Premiership.

It did even itself out as the Darlington manager was very unhappy with both sendings off.

Yes, that’s how I saw it. No-one is ever biased. They’ll be happy because they won the game of course, but if they’d lost 3-2, then they’d be saying what I’m saying but trying to keep it low-key like I am. But we just have to kick on and hope that we have a better one next week.

Paul was I take it sent off for what was in the referees eyes a professional foul?

Yes. I thought it was a foul and their boy did well to cut across him. But I felt we had a few people back and at that point in the game I felt we weren’t getting a lot of decisions going our way. So that was a bit disappointing. But we’d also felt that for their goal, they had a fellow standing right in the middle of the goal. We believe that is interfering with play, although perhaps I won’t moan if we get given one of them next week.

Are you likely to appeal against the sending off at all?

Well we’ll have a look at it on the video and if we feel that we had people in behind the ball then we will do. We’ll always look at it as you don’t want to lose people like Paul Terry.

You’re clearly disappointed but there is plenty of hope and plenty of life left in this season.

Yes of course there is. I’m paid to do a job and my next job is to root out the people I need to root out, help them during the week by getting into them, coaching them and managing them, including man-management after we’ve lost this game and making them believe that with 14 games left, you only need to win half of them to be in at least a play-off place.

David Hodgson has said that you’re the best team he’s played this season.

That’s very nice but I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve heard that after games where we’ve got beaten. It’s nice to know that but that’s even more of a reason why you have to be that little bit more clinical in both penalty areas. We always play well between both boxes, but the games we are losing at the moment tend to be lost in both penalty areas. We are trying to play football though and if people notice it, that’s got to be good. It was 1-1 when Gavin hit the post, these games are always going to be quite tight. You hit the post, you get a bit of a dodgy decision and the game doesn’t run for you. The teams at the bottom are hitting form – Southend, Carlisle – no-one wants to go into the Conference. We’re looking at the other end, but you can see the passion of those teams that could go down. But how can this stadium go into the Conference – it would be a disaster. They played with a lot of passion, and good luck to them for it.

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