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17 February 2004 : Jake The Peg, With The Dodgy Leg
Yeovil striker Jake Edwards may be looking at a four week lay off as a mid-season operation is on the cards. Edwards is thought to be suffering from Gilmore's Groin, a condition that is familiar to Yeovil players as a number including Nick Crittenden and Kevin Gall can testify from last year.

Gary Johnson said : He might need an operation. We are not sure yet, but he has to see a specialist this week. It has been a problem for Jake, because that sort of thing saps your energy.

The Western Dail Press reports : Gilmore's groin - when a player suffers a tear to his abductor muscles. It is a common complaint suffered by players who have stepped up a level in fitness. Several Cheltenham Town players needed the operation after the Robins won promotion to the Football League. Players with the problem usually need four weeks of rehabilitation following surgery.

The best of luck Jake, and hoping you're back fit soon.

Update 18/02/04 : Edwards will undergo an operation in London on Thursday 19th February. He is expected to be out of action for between four and six weeks. Gary Johnson said: Itís a blow for us and Jake, however an operation is needed and we will look forward to his speedy return.

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